Ultimate Sacrifice

Blood is thicker than water. A statement that Stacy, Antonina, Rebecca and Lucy proved wrong by their outstanding girlfriend bond that has gone on for years. But something drastic happens, something that upsets this beautiful piece of human friendship. 
Dive in to experience this intriguing story.

Author’s note
Welcome back y’all to another one of my stories.
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Lotsa love

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    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 1

    • The computer lessons were working out much better than she had expected. Mr. Lui their Chinese instructor had a sense of humor none of them could hold themselves from. She felt a b...
      • Views (832)
      • Comments (9)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 2

    • The juvenile court was filled to its capacity. Everyone wanted to know why a sixteen year old would take the life of her best friend. It was quite a story they got there. Stacy and...
      • Views (678)
      • Comments (4)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 3

    •  Becka As the van sped away, Becka sat there her eyes shut trying not to think about anything. She did not know if the judge had been fair in her judgment or not. Sh...
      • Views (610)
      • Comments (4)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 4

    • Becka It was quite difficult settling in. Becka had never been the one to follow routine. She was time cautious but did not like doing the same thing over and over again....
      • Views (588)
      • Comments (6)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 5

    • Becka “You know of all the things you could have been i never figured you out as a murderer.” Said Hazel. Becka calmly stood up from her bed then wi...
      • Views (521)
      • Comments (0)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 6

    • Dorcas Dorcas was having a rough time. Her only child was in Juvy. Her marriage had hit a major rock and was slowly sinking in the abyss of despair and colossal rejection...
      • Views (651)
      • Comments (4)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 7

    • Hazel Grace She kept rubbing her neck as she walked away from the infirmary. That was one move that was capable to send her to the pits of darkness. She had been terrifie...
      • Views (492)
      • Comments (7)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 8

    • Kim If I could tell time to stop, To stop there for a moment, And let me have those moments, Just for a little while longer, Maybe I could und...
      • Views (643)
      • Comments (3)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 9

    • Becka Becka woke up from her supposed to be death bed. She was used to coming back to reality with this sickening feeling in her stomach. She had been transported back to...
      • Views (475)
      • Comments (2)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 10

    • Maribel Diary Entry Totally not my idea.  Cassie seems to think am a good writer and her secret wish is to read my diary. I laughed at that ...
      • Views (433)
      • Comments (1)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 11

    • Detective PAUL. All the pieces did not add up. When the police arrived at the crime scene Becka was found holding the knife. The victim, Antonina was stabbed repeatedly o...
      • Views (317)
      • Comments (0)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 12

    • Becka Becka walked towards the library. Hazel Grace silently in tow. It’s been a week since she entered this place. After her recovery from the overdose, she had be...
      • Views (426)
      • Comments (4)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 13

    • Dorcas When she got home that evening, she found Chris waiting for her in the living room. “Where have you been?” Came the greeting. After...
      • Views (345)
      • Comments (0)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 14

    • Maribel’s Diary What doesn’t kill you make you stronger, Stand a little taller Doesn’t mean am lonely when am alone, What doesn&rsq...
      • Views (389)
      • Comments (1)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 15

    • Chris. He had not expected the reaction he got from Dorcas. She did not protest or beg her as usual.  That was not the Dorcas he knew. He had really hoped to see the...
      • Views (360)
      • Comments (0)
    • Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 16

    • Kim “Are you sure about this?” Kim’s dad asked ‘Yes dad, going to school now is impossible i have decided to defer a whole year.”...
      • Views (494)
      • Comments (4)
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