Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 22

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Lan looked at his friend Kim. He looked like a woman in labor. He rushed to the door that opened to the driver’s seat. Kim looked at him bewildered.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“To drive us.” Ian responded.

“Am going to do that.” Kim said.

“Well. I insist because I love my life, you can’t drive like that,”

A frustrated Kim went over to the passenger seat . Ian was right. He had been planning to drive at a neck breaking speed. He buried his face and thought about the exchange they had with Ian. He thought no one knew about the girl he slept with at the party. He vaguely remembered the experience himself. He had blacked out after that.

Two years ago.

The part was going on well. Kim disliked parties but had attended this particular one because of his friend Ian. It was some sort of high school fare well party and Ian had insisted it would be an offense for him to miss after being invited. He also knew Antonina disliked this too but once in a while a man had to break free. What he didn’t do however was to drink.

“Come on man you should try this.” His friends urged.

“You know i don’t do that.” He responded and avoided the alcohol.

In his entire life he had only attended birthday parties. While Ian and many other guys would sneak out to go clubbing he preferred to stay at home and follow movies

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. He would always compete with Becka on who was the first one to watch the latest movie series.  He found her fascinating. He was glad he had met her through Antonina. She was a good friend to both of them. Over a month had passed since his mum passed and he had willed himself to go on with his final exams. Most of the teachers supported him but mostly he did his best in the exams in the loving memory of her mother.

He casually strode to one corner of the room. There was some sort of game going on there. A game known as ‘spin the bottle’. He sat at one of the empty chairs and joined in the game.
When his turn came, he span the bottle and it settled on Joseph one of Ian’s all time party friend.

“Truth or dare?” He asked.

“Dare,” Kim responded.

“I dare you take five shots of this.” Joseph said lifting up a class of alcohol that Kim knew nothing about. He motioned one of the waiters to bring the shot-glasses and they poured out the liquor on them Kim was exasperated. That was not the kind of dare he had expected. He had wanted in. He looked at the occupants eagerly waiting for him to carry out the dare.  Anyone who did not follow up with the plan would be taken to the pool and be whisked in with his clothes on. It was quite chilly outside and he was not in the mood for swimming. He knew little about drinks. Deciding to carry on the dare, he swore softly under his breath and lifted the first glass.

“One! ...Two…Three……..Four…….Five…!” The group cheered him on. That did it. He felt like he was soaring high. High above the clouds. Whatever it was it was acting fast and it felt amazing.



Cassie stared at her best friend ogling at one of the guys. She knew her too well not to warn her.

“You know the money we getting today is half the salary we get working our day jobs in a month, let’s just be satisfied with that.” Cassie said to Maribel who was busy putting glasses on her tray.

“Come on Cassie what’s wrong with admiring God’s creation?”

“Nothing’s wrong but i know you and what you thinking. I bet you thinking about going over there and starting a chat.”

“You guessed right.” Cassie said balancing her tray and walking out exaggerating her steps.

She served drinks but her eyes were on him. She made her way towards him and noticed the guys he was talking to had drinks on their hands while he didn’t. One of the guys after noticing her urged him on.

“Come on man you should try this.” He said.

“No guys, you know i don’t do that.”

Maribel was forced to move forward to serve other people but she kept watching him, waiting for a chance to make a move on him. She noticed when he moved to the truth and dare corner and was near enough to hear the dare he was given. Rushing back to the kitchen she found Cassie loading a tray of cookies.

“Cassie can you cover for me?” She begged. “Please, please …..Please.”

“Alright, we got everything covered you go but i must say, whatever you are up to it’s probably a very bad idea.”

“Cut me some slack, it been a while since i had any kind of fun after MaryAnn.”

“Fine, just be careful out there this rich boys can’t be trusted.”
“I’ll be fine i promise.” Maribel said leaving the room. She went into one of the bedrooms and changed into a simple but cute dress. She also touched her face with make-up and re-emerged a new person. 

The alcohol already had huge effect on Kim. She could tell it was his first time drinking. He was on the dance floor. Maribel joined in and they danced closely or should we say bumper to bumper. She moved closer to his ears and whispered.

“It’s hot in here can we find some quite place.”

“Sure baby, anything for you.” Kim responded in a slurry manner while stroking her face.

Maribel took his hand and led him out.

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. She knew his house was somewhere around because he had seen him come by foot.

“Maybe we should go to your place, am going to show you some good time.”

“Sure, let’s go. “Eager Kim said.

Like a bull being led to the slaughter house Kim gave Maribel’s direction and soon enough they were in his parent’s house and in his bed.



The next morning he woke up with a huge a hangover. He swore softly when his cellphone rang. It multiplied his headache a hundred fold. He vaguely remembered the events of the previous night. He remembered being at the table then the dare. He also remembered dancing with a girl.

How he got into the house or on his own bed was a mystery. He cursed Ian’s name and swore to himself again. Stretching his hand he picked up the phone.


“Maribel, do i know you?”

He paused for a while then exclaimed.

“Oh my goodness.”

He could not recall anything that girl was saying not even giving her his number.

“Am so sorry Maribel, i was drunk. I don’t remember anything at all. I am sorry i had sex with you, it wasn’t my intention.”

He heard the sigh of frustration on the other side.

“Am really sorry Maribel but i have a girlfriend.”

“You mean Rebekah?”

“What!  No.”

Kim found strange that she asked her that.

“Do you know Rebekah?”  He inquired.








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