Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 12

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Becka walked towards the library. Hazel Grace silently in tow. It’s been a week since she entered this place. After her recovery from the overdose, she had been assigned to clean the Library. The new librarian would be arriving in two days’ time. The library had to be ready for him.

She silently marveled over her luck. If it was another person who committed suicide, the guards and even the head of Juvy would have handled her with contempt . But they treated her with compassion. It felt like someone was really watching over her. When the guard opened the library, a group of rats left the Library and immediately disappeared to the nearby bush.  The place was in a mess and they needed more than a day to put it in place.

“Sir, we will need to set mouse traps before we proceed.”

The guard nodded. Hazel left to bring all the things they needed for the rats, while Becka and the guard and Becka accessed the extent of work that was needed.  Within an hour they were all done.

Now they had to wait.

The guard still outside, Becka leaned against the wall of one of the freer parts within the library and silently communed with the Invincible.

‘I really don’t know if you are here with me but I feel your presence in the very way this guards have been treating me. I just want to say thank you

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. Also wanted to say I feel helpless. Am not sure if I can keep up with this anymore, please give me wisdom on how to go about it. This is a potentially dangerous place. Protect us ooh Lord. Amen.’

In time.

“Becka it’s time to go.”  Hazel called out to her.

As they were led into the juvy open square the guard informed Becka that she had another visitor.
Wondering who that could be, she headed for the visitor’s room.



Dorcas was a complete sham. Becka had drove the last nail into that coffin of a marriage. Chris never bothered to come home. He had been there once to pick a change of clothes and to hurl insults towards Dorcas and her ‘good for nothing’ daughter as he termed it. He was the very definition of a vain man.

This particular morning she was watching a movie series known as Once upon a time. In this particular episode Regina the evil queen, had gone in search for her ‘happy ending’ with the help of a fairy. They had gone to search for a potential soul mate with a lion tattoo in one of his hands. She had reached the tavern the man was drinking in but was unable to open the door out of fear of what laid on the other side. She had turned her back on the happiness that waited on the other side, if only she opened the door.

It got her thinking. What if she divorced Chris? Would she be able to get a happy ending? What would people think of her? Having a murderess for a daughter and soon later divorcing her husband. Joanna her mother in-law would laugh at her. After watching for about two hours, she prepared herself to leave for the station. She had an appointment at 12.00 am with the detective, Paul. He was the officer in charge of reviewing Becka’s case. 

She did not know what to believe. Becka was her daughter. The possibility of her turning into a murderer were as real as her not being a murderer. Personally she held onto the latter. She had to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Instead of going to the station she drove up to Kavete Juvenile Prison. She drove up the parking lot and parked her car. She then walked along the white hallway signed the visitor’s book before being led to where Becka would see her.

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. She waited for about five minutes before Becka showed up.

Looking at her daughter, Dorcas sighed softly to herself.  At least she had more life than when she last saw her.



Becka walked towards the visitor’s room wondering who had come to visit her. She walked in to see her mum hugging herself while adorning a pensive look on her face. She gave her a hug and settled opposite. The air around them gradually warmed up to a conversation between a loving mum and her daughter.

“Honey, I have to ask you something.” Dorcas said as the conversation progressed.

“Did you do it?”

Immediately the words left her mouth, she regretted every single one. Becka sat there at first tears starting to form at the corner of her eyes.  Then she leaned forward making a desperate attempt to explain it to her but again changed her mind and leaned back on her chair. Staring blankly ar Dorcas she said.

“I did it.”

“I didn’t mean it that way honey.” Dorcas leaned forward placing her arms on the table between and opening her arms so that her daughter could hold her. She didn’t.

“You know mum, it’s probably best if you leave.” Becka said slowly rising from her chair. The tremor in her voice betraying the fact that she was angry.

“Instead of fixing your life of having a lying husband and trying to be a good mum to me, you drove all the way here to ask me if I did it?”

Tears started flowing freely from her eyes as she backed away slowly.

“You should just forget me and move on with your loving husband. Okay! You really need the time. You could take a plane, go to Dubai, and go for the honeymoon you never went because of me.”

Becka was now sobbing uncontrollably. She turned and headed out of the visitor’s room.



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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    I'm still wondering why someone will plead guilty to a case she knows she didn't commit, causing loved ones pains and agony. Nice story dear
    Thanks Benedicta
  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Hmmmmm...... Probably she was threatened not to disclosed what she witnessed at the scene of her friend's murdered
  • Amma picture
    hmmm sorry for Dorcas
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