Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 33

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A whole month of silence in her head.
 To her it had been an endless sleep. Occasionally she would drift into some sort of a dream. Found herself in this grey area, dressed in her hospital clothes. Her bare feet feeling the cold of the marble floor. She would walk for what seemed like hours but never coming to a particular place of significance. Eventually she would go back to the position of dreamless sleep . It felt much better. The grey area held so much hopelessness.

She had felt someone nudging her, she wondered who it was. She hadn’t seen any form of life in the grey area before.

“Wake up, it’s time to wake up.” A deep voice like that of many waters whispered in her ears.

She opened her eyes. She had been lying down on the cold marble floor of the grey area. She lifted up her eyes and saw a man clothed in overflowing white cloth.

“Follow me.” She heard the voice like that of many water say.

Inside she hesitated, she had travelled in all directions of the grey area and had never reached any place of significance. Who was this stranger? And why on earth would she follow Him?

“Do not fear, For I Am with you.” The Man said.

She remembered the verse, wasn’t that Jesus telling His disciples?

“Now come, you need to leave, come.” 

She rose up and let Him lead the way. They walked and they talked.

“My Lord?” Becka asked questioningly

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. She could not bring herself to look at His face, the presence was overwhelming.

“My Lord, is it really you?”

“Look!” He said stretching out His hands, on the wrists were nail marks.

She remembered one of the songs they sang in church. “You shall know Him by the nail marks on His hands.”

She fell on her knees, fear and tears mingled as she touched the feet which also had the same nail marks. 

“My Lord, forgive my unbelieving!” She said yet again.

“Come we have to go now.” He said lightly tapping her shoulders

They walked and they talked. So many profound things. In her heart she wondered why He would choose to appear to her of all the people but she was grateful. 

They came to a golden door.

“It’s time we parted.”  He said.

“I want to talk more.”

“Everything you need I gave to my prophets, you have it all. Though I part with you I Am always with you.”

“Now I go?”

“Yea go and tell them what I have told you, and also tell them about her.”

“Her, who?”

“You know who.”

For the first time she lifted her head to face Him. His face shone so brightly that she had to shield her face.

“Thank you master, may this encounter transform my life forever.”

“You have said it, now go.”

Becka stepped into the door while looking at Him.

“It is well.” He said with the reverberating voice like many waters.

While she passed through the door, she found herself in the hospital ward. She could see her body lying on the hospital bed. Her hair was shaven, her skin pale as death. A guard stood outside. She watched the tubes and the monitor. She could tell her brain activity was low. Seconds later she saw her mum entering the room. Dorcas touched her head then lifted her frail hands and kissed. She could see tears forming at the corner of her eyes. 

The love of a mother.

She levitated into her body and before her mum could put her hand down she called her name.


Her mum had cried like a baby. Praising God for sparing her the misery. She had been such a spectacle. It felt good to be back. She was able to see people again. No more grey areas. She felt renewed. Her body was weak but she felt strong. Rejuvenated. The doctor’s rushed in. She sat up and told them she was fine. She even stood and walked around.

“See am fine. I am healed.” She had said with a simple smile.

Everyone had looked at her like she was crazy. Clearly they had not expected her to recover, at least not to this extent. She was passed through an examination process and they determined that there never existed a tumor in her brain.

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. It was like her skull had not been opened during surgery. Mum left like a crazy woman. 

And then she got the news about her mum dating the cop from her soon to be step sister. She knew he was a good man. She had been instructed by Him to welcome the changes in her life as they were to bring good tidings. Then came Kim, the man who brought all this chaos unknowingly. He had even tried to kill her. She remembered all the times he had tried to lift her spirits when Ian let her down. She did not know what the future held for them but she held onto the string that was told to her. He was hers.

He wanted to know if she was in pain. It was funny watching his face contorting with worry. She was feeling fine but tired.

The rest of her used to be friends came in and she stared at Antonina’s killer in the face. 

Her blood chilled in her veins.






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