Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 10

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Diary Entry

Totally not my idea.
 Cassie seems to think am a good writer and her secret wish is to read my diary. I laughed at that mainly because i don’t keep a diary but she doesn’t know that. I think diaries are for sentimental people but I wouldn’t consider myself as a. I can be emotional . That’s how I felt when my dear mum passed. She had meant everything to my sister and i. It was really hard being left alone as orphans. We had no idea who our dad was. Mum always said he died but I know he didn’t. He must have walked away when she was pregnant fearing child responsibilities, or mum never told him she was expectant or maybe he had another woman. Whatever reason mum never really told us. She stuck to the lie that my dad was dead.

Anyway it had been really hard but mum did try to give us the best till she couldn’t. I had to drop out of school and now am stuck doing odd jobs just to get my life going. My friend Cassie and I work at a local restaurant. It’s hard but it gets the bills paid so. Sometimes I wonder who my father could have been. How could he have walked away on us like that without looking back? Now that mum is not here anymore we will never be able to determine that.
Funny story, Yesterday a frequenter at the restaurant asked if we would love to work at night for some extra cash. At first Cassie and I were a bit skeptic but agreed he explained it involved catering at a high school leaver’s party

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. That will be a month down the line. We agreed to join. Some extra cash is always welcomed. I hope i will bring in some interesting update for my diary next time am tuned in.
Night night.



He walked briskly crossing the town square heading to the place he was to board a bus home. His hand buried deeply in his trench coat pocket because of the chilly atmosphere.

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. He felt a tender touch in his back and turned calling Becka’s name in the process.


He turned only meet a disgusted looking Stacy. 

“Sorry, i thought you were Becka…stupid I mean ... it felt like her.”

“Last time I checked she was in jail are you sure you are okay?” Stacy asked now having worrying creases over her face.

“Yeah sure.’ Ian said opening his arms to hug her. 

“Can we have a seat over there?” Ian proposed.


The sat with their backs facing the stage in silence. 

“How are you holding up, with everything?” Stacy asked Ian.

“Not so well, I feel so guilty over not going to visit her. We might have been in a lousy relationship but she was my girlfriend now my ex.”

Stacy breathed out and slightly parted his shoulders.

“I kind of miss her. I fear that things maybe spoilt between us beyond repair. I don’t think it can be mended.”

Stacy stayed silent not knowing what to say.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself Ian nobody expected Becka to be such a monster.”

“You believe she did it?” Ian asked

“Yeah, am a logical person all evidence point to her. Why else would she plead guilty?”

Ian held his chin and shook his head.

“I don’t believe she did it, the reason why I miss her more is because of her undoubtable ability to see the good in me though i was a screw up all the time she wouldn’t hurt a fly if she wanted to.”

Stacy kept silent. As much as she wanted Becka to be guilty and all locked up she knew the friend she had known was not capable of murder. She loved Becka alright but Becka was standing in the way of something she wanted. When the murder happen she had been all too eager to label her guilty. So much for being a good friend. 

“Mhhhhh.” Ian said squinting his facial features 

“You are right, the Becka we know is not capable of murder.”  Stacy agreed though with every word she mentioned she felt like her plan was being backtracked.

“I owe it to her to find out what really happened.” Ian said

“Is that even possible.”

“Maybe, maybe not but we have to try.”

“So where do we start?”

“We start at Kavete Juvenile prison. Visiting Becka.”




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