Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 25

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Maribel’s Diary

That was fun.

I mean i would have wanted him sober but i got him all to myself that night. He is a fine human specimen, Kim. Cassie thinks i take too much risk. That might be true but i love my life just that way. A little of adrenaline rush could do no harm. The night was perfect. The pay is ten times over what we normally get at the restaurant . Nick said he is planning to work with us every Friday and Saturday night because the parties just never end in this side. That would mean more money and more handsome faces. Maybe it’s a little bit of a crush but am still hang on Kim. Who wouldn’t? If you see his face you would know what am talking about. Besides he might be an integral part of my plan. Coming to that party has let me into the circles where my “All caring” daddy runs around in.

Am so mad though. Kim must be in love with a girl name Becka. I know because when we were you know…he called her name. I wanted to puke but i couldn’t. It was a bit heart wrenching even for a one night stand. I feel heartbroken now that he has blocked my number. I admit, i am kind of attached to him. It was so weird though when he told me that he has a girlfriend and i asked if it was Becka, he denied. I bet that nigga is in love with another chick apart from his girlfriend

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. I already hate her because i know she has to be gorgeous for her to be deeply embedded in his mind like that.

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. Why am i even giving this Becka Bitch attention in my diary?

Nick is a real nice guy. He gave the best job ever and has promised us more. I bet he is even getting more money than we do but i am grateful. There is a job i need though, that is not part of the Friday and Saturday gig. He promised he will deliver something and i know he won’t disappoint. 

MaryAnn grew soft. She had the perfect plan. Cancer really made her that soft? Me release the prisoner? No way. Am sorry dear sister am going against your dying wishes but am still holding the prisoner for information. I want revenge and i have my dancing shoes on. We going to be dancing on a cold floor. You know what they say, Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Hold on dear daddy I am coming for you






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