Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 3

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As the van sped away, Becka sat there her eyes shut trying not to think about anything. She did not know if the judge had been fair in her judgment or not. She was aware of the presence of other Juvy prisoners in the van.  She reluctantly opened her eyes and surveyed them intently then closed her eyes again. She thought of Lan . He did not bother to come to court. Lan was his lame boyfriend according to Stacy. He was always a pain in the neck but had his ways of reeling you back in like a sea bass.

Maybe she was being too hard on him. She wondered what she could have done if she had been in his shoes. But that was not an excuse. At least he should have shown up even if he did not talk to her. After all talking had not been their favourite pastime lately. Maybe he would come to visit her in Juvy. She often wondered if she was in love with Ian or was just caught up in an infatuation. Ian could be a sweet guy when he wanted to but in a snap of a finger be the exact opposite, which was pretty much all the time. 

Maybe it was a good thing he did not come. She was amazed by how readily she made excuses for his misdeed. Now it felt like a burden she had to carry. It was tiresome, sapping the energy out of her slowly.  It was time she broke free from Ian, from herself but to what? Things were changing fast, faster than she could catch up with. Everything in her life had taken a sharp turn, leaving her gasping for air to breathe.

The van came to a slow stop

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. They had reached their destination, prison. She did not know what to expect. This was going to be her home for the next two years. She looked at the white walls that ran about three meters high with electric fence running around on top of the high wall. They alighted from the van and marched in a single line. They were taken into a room and ransacked for anything illegal. Juvy felt like what it really was, prison. It wasn’t welcoming, it wasn’t meant to be. Two years now felt like a decade.

Would she manage?

Each one of them was given a maroon overall and one blanket. They then filed into a corridor that had a green door at the end. Becka presumed it opened to the place they were being retained. There were guards everywhere.
The door opened and a tall dark lady, with a dark pant suit, hair in a tight burn and arms in upholstered manner appeared.

“You! She pointed at Becka.”

“Yes Ma’am,’ Becka responded stepping out of the line.

“What can you say about me?”

“Depends on the context ma’am.”


“I can say you grew up in a family with boys only.”

“That’s correct.”

Becka did not know the reason for questioning but it felt good being able to answer her correctly. After passing the green door one guard beckoned her to stay behind.

“How did you know?”

“The manner she was walking, the positions of her shoulders and how she clipped her hair.” Becka responded.

“That’s quite intelligent, especially coming from a juvy prisoner.”

“Is that a compliment sir? “I believe so.”
Becka looked at the guard keenly. He did not look like the other guards. Infact he was not wearing a uniform. Normally she would have asked why but this was a different occasion, place and time. She sighed and moved on to the line with others.


The day came,
Kim stood in front of his mirror looking pensive and grim. On this day a church service was going to be conducted in honor of Antonina her girlfriend. Looking at the mirror he did not like what he saw. He looked pale, his eyes red out of crying and lack of sleep. He had spent his nights blaming himself for Antonina’s death, feeling guilty for wanting to break free from her. He should have been there, he should have been there for her. Maybe it would have changed things. Every day he prayed to wake up and find it was just a horrible dream. That Antonina was still there with him. That she was still the only one he loved. Why did things have to go this way? What had he done wrong? It was still fresh in his mind, the moments they once shared like it happened a moment ago. He felt insane.
He hastily picked up a paper from his bed side locker and left for the service.

The church was filled to its capacity.  Just countable pews in the front were left empty for the closest of family and friends. Kim moved forward. He had not seen Antonina’s body when she was taken away. He moved closer to the coffin his mind dazed not knowing what to think or expect. He felt a hundred years old.

Antonina looked beautiful even in death. As he stood there tears cascading down his cheeks, he strongly felt the guilt.

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. It was his fault that Antonina was dead and he had to pay. He had to avenge her death. He stood there for a while then felt someone tagging his shoulder. It was Christine, Antonina’s mum. They sat down and the service began.

He was given a chance to speak. He went in front and stood for almost a minute without saying anything. Clearing his throat, he removed the paper he had and began to read from it.

Time is past,
All the moments and memories far-fetched,
But it all seem like yesterday,
All the smile and laughter you put on our faces,
All the moments we shared together,
But now that you are gone,
All we can say is farewell,

Looking down on the casket which you lie in,
Your body which was once full of life now pale,
Your eyes and mouth now shut,
In silence we cannot fathom,
If only we had known,
We would have said the words that were left unsaid,
We would have shown you what was never shown.

Now that you are gone,
Regret is all we have,
Hope that you fared well with us,
And grateful for the time you shared with us.

With tears in his eyes, he folded the paper and placed it on Antonina’s bosom. One thing was for sure, he wanted Becka to pay for what she had done, that murderess! Christine hugged him before he assumed his seat.

“It’s going to be okay child, just hung in there.”

The priest ended the session with a bible verse.

As for man his days are like grass, as a flower in the field he flourished
For the wind passes over it and it is gone. And its place remembers it no more.

But he would remember Tony always. She deserved it and had surely earned it. Today he would drive up and face Becka.

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I hope you are enjoying the story.
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  • Maame Ama picture
    Maame Ama
    Hmmm so sad
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Emotional, I remember one lady in our church that got drowned last year when they went for a photoshoot for a beauty contest. Hmm! Life!!!
  • Racheal Rakel Namz picture
    Racheal Rakel Namz
    I loved the poem#thanks for the beautiful story
    Thanks so much Rachael, Am sorry for your loss Benedicta. The poem i wrote in memory of my dear cousin who died in 2016 at the age of 12
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    We are following oo. Touching n suspense
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