Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 20

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Maribel’s Diary

I love music but most specifically I love sad songs because they relate so much to my life. Eight days has passed since my last update and that means my sister Mary Ann is dead. She passed on Yesterday night at 22:02 hours. I spent every day in that hospital. My employer was kind enough to give me such a long leave to take care of my dying sister. At times I found myself crying, knowing that am now all alone in this freaking world . Why was life so unfair to me? Where was this God that Cassie kept telling me about? That everything happens according to God’s plan. Bull shit. If there is a God I want Him to know that I hate Him and resented Him from the bottom of my heart and the world would be a better place without Him.

I held her tender frail hands. Three days after her admission.

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. She looked like a child. Occasionally she would stroke my hair and tell me it would all be alright. I wanted that to be true but there was nothing alright about her dying.

“Maribel you got to take care of yourself when am gone.” She had said.

“I will.” I had responded playing with the edge of her hospital blanket

“I know that look, you can’t face the world with all that resentment choking you.”

“Yeah I know.” I responded

We had fell into silence.

“I need you to take care of something for me.” My sister said. I looked at her face and she held a serious look on her face.”

“What is it?”

“I did something horrible and i want you to clear up my mess.”

When she finished telling me what i was supposed to do i was in shock. 

“Why didn’t you involve me in your plan?” I asked.

“It was a stupid revenge plan based on anger, i did it because I knew I was going to die and nothing would matter anyway

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. But soon enough i realized i was going about it all wrong then I fell sick yet again. Now you have to release the prisoner.”

I had nodded. 

“Only after am done with you and everything.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“And don’t go looking for him, he is not worth your time.”

“But he is our father, he should know we exist.”

“He knows we exist and trust me when i say you are better off without him.”

That night Mary Ann slipped into a coma never to wake again. She had given me the strength to hold on to life. She had been the stronger one but now that she is gone I feel like I also have nothing to live for. A cover song from Chester See kept ringing on my mind.

For years i have been waiting,

For someone to come and,

Tell me it would all be alright,

Now am just waiting around,

To die.

I am going to bury my sister with my uncle as the only living relative but after that am going to let the world know that I also exist. By fire.







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