The Honeymoon

It is the pride of every woman to  wear the beautiful white gown on the wedding day! It is the expectation of every bride to enjoy her honeymoon in a moon filled with honey! And it is the joy of every newly wedded couple to look forward to a marriage of 'living happily ever after!"

Foluke weds Oladayo!!!
It was a beautiful wedding, graced by several friends and families. They had a smooth courtship, their love for each other was genuine.

But did all their expectations and dreams come true?
The couple never knew there are lots of surprises and shocking discoveries awaiting them in their married life...

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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 1

    • "What a glorious day!" Dayo sighed as he led his newly wedded wife into the elevator that would take them to the room they booked for their honeymoon in one of the finest...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 2

    • Foluke met Oladayo during her third year in the University.  She was the kind of girl that almost every guy that came in contact with will never want to let go. She is of an a...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 3

    • Foluke ended the call before her mum could question her further. She jumped out of bed, changed into a short gown and walked out of the room in search of her husband. Immediately s...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 4

    • So sorry for the mix up in episode 3. Have uploaded the right content please click to read episode 3 if you h...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 5

    • A tall pretty lady in her late twenties walked into the restaurant. She was such a beautiful figure to behold that those who were in the restaurant couldn't help but stare. She...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 6

    • "Did you just slap my bride?" Dayo thundered. "Yes I did and I will do it again" Faith retorted, not bothered about the damage she just caused for the new coupl...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 7

    • Dayo got to the door of their hotel room but just as he was about to knock on the door, he heard the voice of his wife from within. He sensed she was speaking with someone on phone...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 8

    • Dayo moved quietly to the bed side where Foluke knelt. He sat on the edge of the bed, folded his arms across his chest and sighed deeply. Deep inside him, he felt a bit of relief t...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 9

    • Faith laid on my bed stark naked! She had not a single cloth on her. She was probably listening to some music on her cell phone because the earpiece of her phone was fixed to her e...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 10

    • I got to the school where I worked, only to see Faith speaking with some of my colleagues, two ladies and three guys. They were all Corp members too in the same school. I actually ...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 11

    • I lost the zeal for work that day. I couldn't even face my colleagues anymore. All I wanted was to be alone, alone with my God. I knew I had made mistakes already, I was too ca...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 12

    • Still in my astonished state, I invited them into my room. Though it was a small room, it still managed to accommodate my unexpected visitors. Some sat on my mattress, someone sat ...
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    • The Honeymoon - Episode 13

    • I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "that is because you people chose to believe her. I tried to explain myself that very day, but you were not ready to listen to me, she lie...
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