Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 9

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Becka woke up from her supposed to be death bed. She was used to coming back to reality with this sickening feeling in her stomach. She had been transported back to the Juvy infirmary after spending a night at the general hospital. Her mum had seen her at the general hospital. 
So much for a first visit. As expected Hazel was there. 

They had some minutes before she would resume duty.

“What were you thinking Becka, you could have died,”

“Yeah, i know, it was the whole point of doing that.”

Without thinking Hazel gave Becka a very hot slap.

“Don’t you dare put me through that again.”

An unbelieving Becka stared at Hazel Grace while rising from her bed then muttered.

“Am sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”

“Yeah right.” Responded Grace.

Hazel Grace paced around Becka’s hospital bed.

“We need a plan.”

“A plan for what Hazel.”

“A plan on how to find who killed Antonina.”  

Becka looked at her cousin sharply . If she was anything like her she knew there was no stopping her till she admitted the truth. Only problem was her silence was the only thing keeping all her friends and family alive.

“Let it be Hazel.”

“You can’t be here and do nothing, someone killed your best friend and whoever that is, is out there still loose.”

“I being inside here is an insurance of the safety of those I care about.”

“Is that why you tried to kill yourself dumb ass?” Hazel screamed to her face

“I know it was a stupid move but what can I do, I did not see who it was, she wore a mask.”

“So you did not kill Tony.” Hazel exhaled in relief

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. “Why didn’t you just say that from the beginning?”

“I didn’t say anything because it’s the only thing that’s keeping everyone safe, so I would appreciate your silence on this matter.”

“But how…why…we have to do something.”

“Becka killed Tony, end of story. Hazel Grace is my tone clear enough?” She had backed her cousin into a corner and was looking straight into her eyes the same coldness she had used before on Hazel. 

“I heard you loud and clear.” Hazel replied breaking the eye contact.



 Stacy had a secret.

She knocked at Detective Paul’s office. 

“Come-on in.”

Pushing the door, she entered the room and made herself comfortable in the chair opposite the detective.

“Good morning Miss.

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. Mwangi.”

“Good morning detective.”

“Before we begin i need you to relax, it’s not as if you are under arrest or anything. I just have some follow up questions for you. We need to determine that the case we built against Miss. Sewe is solid.”

“I understand detective.”

Good. The detective wrote something down on his pad. Stacy tried craning her neck but there was no way she could actually see what he was writing.

“In the previous statement you recorded, you said that at the time of Antonina’s death you were with Lucy at Zuri Park.”

“That’s correct.”

“Why were you guys there?”

“We had made plans to meet at the park, at that particular time.”

“Was it a common occurrence for them not to show up when you guys made such plans?”

“No, not without telling us first,”

Again the detective paused and noted something in his note book. 

“What was your friendship like?”

“Like most friendship, most we do is share all about ourselves without living nothing. We did everything together, shared everything.”

“So you guys really shared a lot?”

Stacy nodded,

“What were your major topics of discussion lately?”

Stacy raked her brain and a surprise expression registered on her face.

“What is it Miss. Mwangi?”

“We haven’t been really able to talk for the past two weeks before Tony died.”

“Why is that?”

“The week before, Antonina said she would be spending time with his boyfriend Kim.”

“Seems normal to me.”  Detective said.

“No detective it wasn’t, whenever Tony ditched girl dates to be with Kim, it would mean one thing.”

“Which is?”

They were fighting or just not okay.

“I see. What of Becka’s relationship with Ian?”

“It was meant to break at some point, Becka mentioned of leaving him several times.”

“Was she talking about leaving the relationship the past week?”

“She did, but you know Becka, one flattery from Ian she falls back to his arms. We never take her seriously.”

Detective Paul could have missed it, but as Stacy mentioned Ian and Becka, resentment underlined her tone.

“That would be all for today Miss. Mwangi.”

Stacy let out a lot of warm air.

Her secret was safe. 






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