Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 11

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Detective PAUL.

All the pieces did not add up. When the police arrived at the crime scene Becka was found holding the knife. The victim, Antonina was stabbed repeatedly on the same spot around the stomach area. It was done with rage that’s for sure. Given a knife was brought to the murder scene, it was safe to assume Becka in this case had gone to Antonina with every intention of killing her. An autopsy report showed that Antonina died due to excessive bleeding from the knife wound . Something peculiar also showed up in the report. A protein that is a major component of the human tears was found on Antonina’s eyelids. They had no way to test who those drops belong to but his best guess was that they were Becka’s.

Why would someone murder her friend then close her eyelids? Was it out of remorse? She had to have planned it, otherwise it would make no sense why she would bring a knife to the crime scene.

He let out a sigh and leaned back on his chair.

The crime would make more sense if he could get a hold of what the motive was. Those girls had known each other for ten years. He remembered what Stacy had said in the interview. The past two weeks Antonina hadn’t showed up for the girl dates and that meant that her relationship with Kim was not stable. Was Kim leaving her for another girl? Was the other girl Becka? Had Becka felt like Kim would never leave Antonina and thought she could just kill her to clear the way? That’s too much even for a sixteen year old

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. Unless she was simply a psychopath. 

Stacy also was hiding something. She had studied how she was eager to get the interview over with. Either what she was hiding was related to this case or it was too important and would hurt her reputation. Either way, he had to find out what it was. He had to find out if Kim was interested in Becka or any other woman for that matter. He couldn’t rule out anything that had the potential of exonerating the accused.

He was trained to follow leads and evidence, which all pointed to Becka. He had a gut feeling that there was more than meets the eye to this case. 

His gut was always right.

“Daddy, Daddy.” Her daughter nudged from the back of his arm chair.

“Yes, Angel.”

“Daddy, do you know the meaning of your name,”

“Already done with your homework?”

“Yes dad.”

“Now tell me what my name means.”

“It’s derived from Greek name Paulus, which means small and humble.”

“How did you know all that?” Paul asked obviously impressed by her daughter’s effort to know the meaning of his name.

“Our teacher of religion was teaching us about the importance of naming and on the process I wonder what your name meant since mine is pretty obvious.”

“That’s really nice, you had to search for it though.” Detective Paul said.

“That was easy, I used your tablet.”

He kept staring at her daughter. Angel unlike him had a lighter complexion. Her mum being white had left them not being able to handle the prejudices of choosing to go African instead of white. Even in this century it was unbelievable how people were ignorant. He was now a single dad.

“Am proud of you sweet heart.”

“Me too.”


The door opened.

Becka was brought in and she settled on a seat opposite him. She recognized him from their meeting when she was being brought into juvy for the first time. 

She was smart alright and he knew it was not going to be easy to coerce information out of her.

“Good morning Miss. Sewe, I am Detective.

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. Paul the officer in charge of reviewing your case.”

“Good morning.”

“Miss. Sewe i understand that you pleaded guilty on account of first degree murder of Antonina, we are just going over your statement and i will be recording. Is that clear?”

Becka nodded.

“Miss. Sewe am going to need you to stop using gestures for recording purposes.”

“Yes, that’s clear detective.”

Paul placed the recording device halfway between Becka and himself.

“In your previous statement you said you were guilty of Antonina’s death, is that because you actually drove the knife inside her stomach or you were involved in the events that preceded the murder?”

Becka leaned forward placing her mouth near the recording device.

“As said in my previous statement, I drove the knife inside of Antonina.”

“I believe you Becka but i must ask what your motive was?”

“Antonina was standing in the way of something valuable to me.”

“So the only way to deal with that was to take her out of the way?”

“Yes Detective. The most easy and efficient way to deal with the problem.” 

Det. Paul looked at her. Her eyes were cold, betraying nothing except that of a psychopath if not a good actress.

“What was the valuable thing she was standing in the way of?”

“It’s not important.” Becka said casually.

“It is if someone had to die for it.”

Becka swallowed hard, irritation written on her face.

“Please take me through what happened that evening.”

“I had gone to Antonina’s place to talk her out of trying to stand in my way but she wouldn’t listen to me. She left me with no choice but to kill her.”
Detective Paul looked at Becka. It was insane that his gut was telling him Becka was lying herself out. He went on with the inquiry.

“But she was your best friend couldn’t you just warn her and let her be.”

“As I said before, she was the only thing standing between me and what I needed.”

“I see, how many times you stabbed her.”

“I stabbed her seven times.” Becka said with conviction.

“May you repeat that for the recording pleas?

“I stabbed her seven times.”

“The victim eyes were closed after she died, was that done by you.”

“Yes detective, i did that.” Becka responded.


“I didn’t like the way they stared at me.”

Cold and funny at the same time.

“That will be all for today Miss. Sewe, thanks for the information.”

Becka nodded and gave a dutiful smile.



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  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Whoever threatened Becka did a good job coz it doesn't look she'll expose them anytime soon...Det Paul still has a long way to go!
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