Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 31

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As she drove towards the church all she could do was count her blessings. 

Her daughter had woken up. She could talk, hear, see even walk. She was not a vegetable or a cripple as the doctors had predicted. She was awake, like nothing serious had happened to her. She had been in a coma for a whole month. 

“Such a fighter you got there.” The doctor had said.

The doctor herself could not wrap her head around the miraculous recovery of this young girl.  With the extent of Becka’s trauma it was almost impossible to get a full recovery. All in all Dorcas thanked her Lord . On top of all that she had done so well in her examination. The results came back the other day. She had gotten straight A’s on everything. She wasn’t sure how it would go on the school card but she hoped doors would open for her daughter after Juvy. 

Poor Tony. She had also passed with flying colors but what good was that to her or her parents when she was dead?  Her parents had relocated to another town with the hope that the change of scene would have a positive impact on their current grieving situation.  Dorcas hoped that they would find peace. During the past month she had gone over everything the detective had and with every bit of clue that dangle, she was now convinced Becka had nothing to do with the murder of Tony.

The relationship between Dorcas and Paul was now even stronger

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. They had bonded over the fact that they were causalities of broken marriages now raising their own kids. Paul had gone out of his way to make sure Dorcas was okay. Angel, Paul’s daughter had got used to his dad’s late coming and at one occasion insisted on meeting daddy’s new friend.

 She entered the church and ran to the altar. Kneeling she cried to her Lord in gratitude. She had not expected this inasmuch as she had prayed for it.

God had given her the miracle she requested for.


Kim watched his little brother floating on the swimming pool. He had grown since their mum passed. He swam to where Giovanni was.

“Little man, it’s time we got you out of water you have been swimming for decades.”

“Go ahead I will join.” Giovanni said swimming the other way.

“Are you a merman? You love water too much... am not living you inside this water.”

Reluctantly, he got out of the water and followed Kim into the house.  They met Cindy coming out to meet them with towels.

“Thanks.” Kim responded while taking a towel from Cindy’s hand.

“Kim can you watch Giovanni while I go pick groceries from the store?” Cindy asked.

“No, am sorry I need to leave to go see Becka at the hospital, unless he wants to come with.” Kim responded.

“No, I hate hospitals. Take me to the market with you.” Giovanni told Cindy.

“At least drop us off.” Cindy begged.


Thirty minutes later they were all in the car going into town. They sat quietly. There was no traffic and within no time Kim was taking the road that leading to the store Cindy. His phone started ringing. It was Dorcas. Figuring it must be important he packed the car while receiving the call.

“She is awake!” Dorcas screamed on the other end of the phone.

“Awake, you mean Becka?” Kim asked excitement building in his voice.

“Yeah Becka is awake and talking, she wants to talk to you.”

“I will be there in the next twenty minutes.”

With that Kim hung up the phone and changed his course from grocery store. 
Cindy did not question him, she knew how exited she would be if someone she cared about had woken up from a comma.


Detective Paul

Dorcas had rushed out saying she was going to church. Becka laid silently in bed being entertained by the ever comical Angel, her daughter. If everything went well soon they would become step sisters. The soldier at the door nudged him lightly.

“Yes?” he said.

The juvy prisoners had to be guarded at all times because there were times when kids tried to sneak out of hospitals. Other times people who had grudges against them could come into the hospital with the sole intention of harming them which was not accepted.

“Could you watch her for me while I take a piss?” the guard requested.

“Of course.” Paul responded while he directed his gaze back to his daughters.

He saw Angel leaning to whisper something into Becka’s ears. With the naughty smile she on had he knew she was up to no good. Becka lifted her eyes and their gaze met then she quickly withdrew. Paul knew Angel had told her about their parents dating. 

“You are so beautiful.” He heard Angel telling Becka while stroking Becka’s shaved head.

“You are too.” Becka said lifting her hand to stroke Angel’s face.

“Is that a burn mark?” Angel asked touching the back of Becka’s hands.

“No it’s a birth mark, my dad has it too.”

“Cool, it looks like a tattoo.” Angel said beaming.

He heard noises and turned to look the other way. Kim, Giovanni and a young lady came into view. Following them was Stacy, Ian and Lucy. They must have heard the news too.

“Is she truly awake?” Kim asked his eyes sparkling with anticipation

Paul nodded.

“But before you enter, you need to sign this. Juvy rules I guess.” Paul said giving them a sheet the guard had left him with.



His heart was beating fast against his chest as he approached Becka. He couldn’t believe it. Day by day his hope had withered as the color on Becka’s face drained little by little. Cindy had been the one encouraging her not to lose hope for Becka’s sake. She was awake. She really was awake. He did not blink or divert his gaze. His eyes were fixed on Becka’s eyes. They looked tired and a bit sleepy but intense as always.

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. He smiled and she smiled back.

It felt like ages before he finally reached her. 

“Becka…” He stated while touching her face and hands.

The girl who had been inside had given him space and was now standing beside Paul by the door.

“Love I have been waiting for you. I was here always. God really does answers prayers, I can’t believe you are awake.”

“Believe it.” Becka said.

He continued touching her.

“You are not feeling any pain?” Kim asked.

“No not really, am just tired. I could sleep all day.” She said while breaking into a weak smile.

Before he could say anything, Stacy, Lucy, Ian, Cindy and Giovanni joined in. 

He could have missed it but he noticed sudden uneasiness on Becka. She tightened her hold around Kim’s hand.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to them, I will ask them to leave.” Kim said while touching her bald head.

“No, no, its fine. At least they came.”

“I think I will wait outside and give you space.” Cindy said while take Giovanni’s hand. “Becka am happy to see you awake, we were all praying for you.” She added while flashing an apologetic smile.


The atmosphere remained tensed though Becka had relaxed his hold on Kim.

“On my part I am sorry, I know there is no excuse I can give but I am sorry.” Ian started.

“Its okay, I don’t know if I would have done anything different. It’s all forgiven guys.”

Ian rushed to Becka’s side, Stacy sighed and walked out while Lucy stood smiling at Becka.

“Am so happy you are back.” Lucy said.

“Me too Luc.”

After some minutes both Lucy and Ian left the room leaving Becka and Kim alone.

“Am so glad you are back.” Kim said slowly stroking her cheek.

“Me too.” Becka said.

They sat quietly while Becka played with the protruding veins on Kim’s hand.

“I am sorry for what I tried to do, I don’t know what I was thinking. I love you and to think I almost killed you …”

“Hush Kim, it’s okay.”

“So are you going to tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Becka asked.

“I know you probably don’t want to talk about it but I have to ask. What happened that day? Who really killed Tony?”

Becka remained silent.


“You are right, I don’t want to talk about it, and can I sleep now?” She asked yawning.

“Alright babe.” Kim said while helping her with the pillows.


“Yes love.”

“Be careful, the killer is much close.”

With that she turned to her side and closed her eyes. A startled Kim walked out pausing briefly to look at her.

Did she just say the killer was close or was he imagining things in his head?







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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Wow! Thank God Becka is awake. God has given you a second chance Becka, use it wisely. Say the truth and free yourself
  • Sara Jehana picture
    Sara Jehana
    Thanks tho you have been lost for a while
  • linda hayford picture
    linda hayford
    It's getting hotter. Happy Becka is awake. We thank God
    I will try to update much more frequently Sara. Its getting hot indeed.
  • Racheal Rakel Namz picture
    Racheal Rakel Namz
    Yes It was awesome but what happened to the 3episodes per day
  • Maame Ama picture
    Maame Ama
    I hope Becka open up to at least her mom and Kim
    Rachael my dad was ill and i got distracted helping my mum take care of him, he is now recovering atleast i can get back on track.
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Okay now I just can't figure out who's the suspect Stacy or Maribel or they're in cahoots
    You will find out soon enough.
    You will find out soon enough.
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