Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 35

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Cassie found Maribel waiting for her, wearing a black hoodie. She parked Nick’s car and had to cross to meet Maribel. She hadn’t seen her for over two years now. They embraced and Cassie stayed in for a while. Maribel waited for the hug to end so that they could proceed to doing the other thing that brought them there. 

“Long time.” Cassie said disengaging from the hug. “It’s so good to see you.”

“It has been a long time.” Maribel added smiling . “It’s good to see you too.”

“So this Kim guy. He must be really handsome and loaded.” Cassie’s eyes trailed on the mansion that stood before them.

“You will see him in the next few minutes he is quite the catch.” Maribel said cheekily.

“So what do you want me to do?” Cassie asked.

“I want you to pretend kidnap.” Maribel said in a serious voice.

“You want me to kidnap a grown ass man are you crazy? How am I going to get past the gate?”

“The help and the younger brother are in the kitchen preparing supper, he is asleep upstairs. He can wake up anytime now

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. You will go inside through the backyard and you are to climb up his window with a ladder I already placed there. There is a back door that is undetectable from the kitchen area. You will use that door coming out then we will drive to the party area where the most amazing surprise is waiting for him.”

“How will i convince him to come with me? I mean it’s not like I can kidnap a man with bare hands”

“You will need this.” Maribel said fishing out a silencer gun from the back of her jeans.

Maribel hesitated.

“If this is a prank, why do you need a real gun?” Cassie asked.

“To make it real, besides its not loaded. Come on Cassie I can’t kidnap him myself.”

“Okay, take me through the plan.”

“You go climb the ladder from the backyard. You have to be quiet else you can easily get caught. Climb and enter through the window and wait. If he delays to wake up you will have to do it yourself. Cuff him with this and tell him to follow the other route. I will be waiting outside here.”

Cassie nodded and opened the back yard door. Rich people gave the security companies too much credit. The ladder was on the wall and she climbed it stealthily. Kim was asleep. She stayed hidden within the curtains and studied the room. It was a large room. Kim laid on his king sized bed facing the ceiling. He could see from the scowl on his face that it was not a restful kind of sleep. Before she could do anything he woke up with a start breathing heavily. This was the time to make her move.

As Kim reached for his phone Maribel emerged from behind the curtains and asked in her deep baritone voice,

“What do you think you are doing?” Aiming the silencer directly at him

The phone slipped from Kim’s hand landing on the bed.

“Place your hands where I can see them.

Kim obeyed and lifted his hands on the air.

A wicked smile played on Cassie’s lips. She was beginning to enjoy this. 

“Turn and face the wall.”

Kim turned while Cassie edged closer, placing the gun on his back. She took a pair of cuff Maribel had given her and cuffed Kim. She them leaned closer to his ear.

“Try anything both the help and your little brother are gone.”

She moved away from him and pointed with her gun towards the door.

“Move, take me to the other door.”

Kim moved and within no minute they had gone out of the house without raising any alarm. Once they reached outside, Maribel emerged, went behind Kim and hit him unconscious.

“What was that for?” Cassie asked alarmed.

“Making it look real.

Maribel fished out a duct tape and placed it on Kim’s mouth. She also bagged his head.

“Are you sure this is your boyfriend?” Cassie who had been keenly watching her asked.

“Help me place him in the trunk.” Maribel said ignoring Cassie’s question.

He was heavy but they managed to place him in the trunk of Nick’s car.

“Can I have my gun back?”  

Cassie eagerly handed the gun back to Maribel.

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. She took it from her and corked it then aimed it at her.

“Now am going to need you to drive.”

“You said it was not loaded.” Cassie said pointing at the gun still not believing the turn of events.

“You want to try your luck?” Maribel asked sarcastically.

A scared Maribel opened the driver’s door and got in while Maribel got in the back.

“Drive!” She screamed at her.

Cassie drove while Maribel gave directions. She was scared out of her mind. What had she gotten herself into?

“It isn’t your boyfriend’s birthday, is it?” She asked Maribel when she finally gathered the courage.

“Nope.” Maribel answered casually.

“Is he even your boyfriend?” 

“Not yet.” She said.

“What’s going to happen to him?”

“The same thing that will happen to you if you don’t shut up and drive.

They had been riding for a whole twenty minutes when they felt Kim banging on the trunk. 


Cassie brought the car to a halt.

“Move!” Cassie got out. Her held in the air.

“Give me the keys.”

She moved closer dreading on the process.

Maribel took the keys with the right hand and with the left she grabbed on Cassie’s hair. She pressed the gun on her temple.

“Count yourself lucky I am letting you go, Nick does not deserve a dumbass like you.” With that she gave her a heavy blow and left her unconscious by the road.

She got into the car and drove off.



He tried calming down for thirty minutes but he knew deep down once Maribel’s name was mentioned, nothing good followed. Forty five minutes after Cassie left his apartment he called Christie’s number. 

“Hello Christie?”

“Hey Nick?” He could hear a surprise tone on the other side. He had never called her this late.

“Has Cassie talked to you this evening?” He went direct to the question.

“No, I haven’t talked to her since work. Is everything okay with you guys?”

“Yeah… yeah I will get back to you.”

He hung up the phone and rang Detective Paul’s number. This was the fifth time he was calling. He picked up.

“Hey Nick, it’s late.”

“I know detective, I wouldn’t be calling if it was not important.”

“Alright, talk to me.”

“I think my girlfriend has been in contact with Maribel all this while.”

“Are you sure?” 

“Yeah, I heard her calling her name while on phone and when I asked her she told me she was talking to Christie, one of our employees.”

“Where is your girlfriend now?”

“I think she is meeting up with Maribel.” Nick responded.

“And you are telling me now?”

“If you had answered your calls you would have known sooner.”

“Have you tried calling her?” Paul asked.

“Yeah, her phone has been switched of.” 

“How can we track her?” Paul asked.

“Maybe using the GPS in my car.” Nick suggested.

“I will have to go down the station because the technician won’t be there. I will call you once am there.”

“Okay detective.”



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