Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 26

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Paul stood in front of the Muga’s mansion. It was huge, almost the size of the Karugu’s. He stood patiently at the door. He waited for some seconds and rang the bell again. The door opened and an annoyed looking face emerged from behind it closing the door behind him. He looked like an older version of Ian and detective Paul immediately guessed that he was Ian’s father.

“How can I help you sir?” 

“Am here to talk to Ian?”

“What’s this about?” He asked.

“I just need him to answer a few question relating to Rebekah Sewe’s case.”

The look of annoyance was quickly replaced by a streak of worry.

“Is my son in trouble?”

“No sir, I just want to go over few things to ensure no ends were left lose.”

“Come on in.” He said while letting Detective Paul pass. He then proceeded to call Ian who emerged less than a minute later.

“This detective is here to talk to you.
Ian walked to where the detective was and shook his hand before settling in a couch opposite him.. . Mr. Muga stood arms crossed eying the detective suspiciously.

“Dad I will be fine, let me talk with the detective.” Ian said

“Are you sure son?”

Kim nodded.

Mr. Muga exited the room giving the detective space to ask the set of question he intended for Kim

“This will be quick.” Detective Paul assured Ian. 

The detective fished out his note pad.

“I have a few questions about a party you both attended two years ago, you and Ian.”

“A party, am sorry does this relate to Becka’s case?” Ian asked puzzled.

“It may be related am chasing a lead and your co-operation will be much appreciated.”

“Whatever you need detective.” Ian said.

“On the night of the party, I understand that Kim spent the night with a particular girl who wasn’t his girlfriend.”

“Yes he did.”

“Was this Kim’s habit?”

“Sleeping around? No, not really

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. He was drunk because of a stupid dare and if not for me he wouldn’t have attended the party in the first place. It was the last and the first time something like that happened.”

Paul nodded and jotted something down.

“So this girl, do you know her?”

“Not really, it was an invites only party and Duke who organized the party asked me to help with the invitations. I would remember if I invited her most especially after she slept with my friend.”

“You never so her after that?”

“No I wouldn’t remember because I really didn’t get a good look at her face the first time.”


“I understand it was a party and you had people waiting at the bar and serving you, it would only mean you hired someone.”

“Yes we did. There was this guy Nick…. we would always tell him what we need in terms of food drinks and decors and he would make it happen, he had his crew to help him. We did a lot of parties together after.” Ian responded.

“Is there a possibility that Maribel, the girl was part of Nick’s crew?” Paul asked eagerly waiting for an answer.

“A possibility yeah totally…it happens all the time…the crew can join the party without getting noticed especially the ladies…the more the merrier.”

“Do you know where I can get this Nick guy?” Paul asked.
“Last time I heard of him he was staying the other side of town, I can give you the address, I used to go there all the time.”

Paul opened a blank page on his note book and gave Ian to write on. He watched him as he jotted down the address. He was right handed. He already knew that but he felt some kind of a relief confirming it. As a parent he wouldn’t wish that any of those kids be involved in something as seriously evil as murder.

“Thanks so much Mr. Muga. The information you have given is really helpful.”

“It the least I could do detective.” Ian responded while shaking his hand.

His dad appeared a minute later and saw the detective to the door.



Dorcas sat looking outside the window. She had this faraway look in her eyes. It had been over two weeks since her daughter’s surgery and she was still in a coma. She trusted that God would make the best out of this situation but once in a while she would falter and jump into the lake of worry. She swam but the lake was endless having no shores within site. She was now all alone. A tear left his left cheek.

“Dorcas are you okay?” Paul asked.

He was driving, his eyes focused on the road.

“Yeah….yeah am fine just thinking about stuff.” Dorcas responded.

“Oh. Stuff.”
Dorcas laughed lightly.

“Yea stuff.” She said.

“I did a bit digging on Abigael.”

 He noticed Dorcas demeanor changing. It was a sensitive topic. Dorcas had been so sure Abigael was one of Chris’ mistresses. Why would he have a joint account with her? He had taken all the money they saved jointly and placed them with her. He knew it hurt her deeply because once upon a time they had been in love and on top of that he was the father of her only child.

“Dorcas.” Paul said softly.

She didn’t respond, instead she turn her head to directly face Paul whose eyes were focused on the road.

“Am afraid I have bad news on that angle.” Paul continued.

“I don’t think there could be news as bad as what is currently happening to my daughter, so bring it on.”

“Their wedding is set for two weeks from now.” He dropped the lethal news.

Dorcas kept quiet for some seconds.

“Stop the car.” She ordered.

Paul knew too well not to obey. She opened the door and immediately threw up on the sides of the track, worry written all over his face he ran to his side.

“Dorcas are you okay? What was that for?”

“This is how I feel inside.” Dorcas responded pointing the vomit. “He drove me to this point.”

Paul didn’t know what to say, he brought out Dorcas’ water bottle and some tissues for her to use. 
They both leaned on the car.

“I gave him everything and you know what he did with my heart?” She stopped waiting for Paul to join in the conversation. 


“He snatched it off my chest, took it and cut it in smaller bits while I watched but he couldn’t stop there. He then stuffed it back into my chest. The betrayal is so deep.

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. My mind struggles to understand how one human being is capable of so much destruction.”

“You never know what they are capable of until they carry it out.” Paul said from a pit of his own.

“Oh goodness here am I wallowing in self-pity like am the only one who has ever been heartbroken in the whole world.Am sorry for being in considerate.” Dorcas said looking at Paul who now had the far-away look.

“Mmmmm... it’s not like that Dorcas you getting it all wrong.”

“Tell me about Hazel’s mum.”

“I met her fifteen years ago while working on my first case. It was a case of an ex who could not get over her and kept following her everywhere. He even sent threatening letters to any guy who he felt could be a potential boyfriend.”

“Wow that’s a crazy stalker right there.” Dorcas said.

“You could say that. We obtained a court order commanding him to stay away from Eva but he didn’t and in one incident he ended up stabbing one of Eva’s work mate who had been dropping some work files.”

“That some real crazy stuff you got for a first case.” Dorcas said

“One afternoon she came to thank me for helping her with her ex and I ended up asking her out for coffee.”

“Aren’t you not supposed to date people you are helping in a case?” Dorcas asked jokingly.

“Yea but once am done I am allowed to pick any pie.” Paul responded with laughter.

They fell in to an awkward silence.

“What happened?”

“We dated for over a year but she kept it quiet. She said her parents would worry being her ex was a black guy. They wouldn’t take well the fact that he was dating another black dude.”

“So much for not being racist.” Dorcas said 

“I get the part of them wanting to protect their child but I wish they would have taken their time to know me better. We got married and six years later Eva left. I don’t know if she finally listened to her parents or it was my work that pushed her away. All I know is that she left me with our four year old daughter and she has not bothered to come see her.”

“Am sorry.” Dorcas said.

“And I worry that I am falling again and I can’t help but wonder if she will treat me the same way. Use me and leave like I meant nothing.” Paul said.

“Wait what? Are we still talking about Eva?” Dorcas asked turning to face Paul.

He pulled her to himself and gently planted a kiss on her lips.






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