Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 36

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She felt the cold tarmac on her face. Opening her eyes she tried to bring into focus her surroundings. Her head lying on the side-walk, she could see the white patterns of the zebra crossing. It came all rushing back. Maribel had knocked her out. She was a fool not to have followed her instinct when Maribel called. What was she going to tell Nick? His car had been taken by Maribel . She had lied to him about being in contact with Maribel.

Slowly she rose up from the ground and sat. It was dangerous being by the road like that this late in the night. She did not know where she was. She felt something nudging in the pocket. It was her phone. She had switched it off on Maribel’s instruction. She could wait and ask for a lift from passing cars but so far she hadn’t seen any. Besides it was not a good idea.

She moved further away from the road as she waited for her phone to open. Fingers trembling, she typed in her pin and immediately got fifteen missed calls notification from Nick. Her heart thumping against her ribcage, she dialed his number wondering what she was going to tell her boyfriend.

“What is going on with you Cassie? Girl I have been burning my phone trying to call you.”

Cassie started sobbing.  Nick softened his tone.

“Cassie love, where are you?”

“I don’t know.” Cassie said between sobs.

“What do you mean you don’t know, were you not supposed to be at Christie’s place?” Nick asked wearing the hard tone again.

“I was supposed to be, but I got car jacked babe.”

“What! Where are you now? Are you okay?” Nick asked with a worried tone.

“Am okay, I need you to come get me.” Cassie said.

“What do you see around you?” 

“Just a zebra crossing… ah! Wait …I think I hear something.” Cassie said in a hope filled voice.

“A river!” she shouted.

“I think am in Riverside estate.”

“Great, am coming to get you. Stay where you are.”

“Okay babe.” Cassie said.

Nick hung up from the other side.



He felt a burning sensation rising up his throat and he couldn’t find in his mind the reason why his girlfriend was lying to him

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. Christie’s house was ten minute drive from his place and there hadn’t been any carjacking episode within the area. This also meant one thing, his car’s where about was unknown.

He took out his phone and called Detective Paul’s number. He talked to him for a while and dialed Eddy’s number. Eddy was his friend and he lived round the block. 

Ten minutes later, Eddy came around with his car and gave the keys to Nick then left. 

The ride from his place to River Side estate took about thirty minutes. Immediately the car hit the bridge he was able to spot his girlfriend hugging herself by the road side. He drove and stopped the car few steps from her. Immediately he got out of the car she ran to him and buried her head on his chest. 

“Thanks for coming babe am so sorry I was so clumsy with your car.”

“Let’s go inside, is too cold outside here.”

“She opened the door for Cassie then went around and helped himself get inside the car.”

“Tell me what happened” 

Nick removed his trench coat and handed it over to Cassie

“I was on my way to Christie’s place when I saw this small kid standing by the road side. He was alone and I figured maybe I could try talking to him. I opened the car and went over to him and seconds later three muscular men emerged, one holding a gun. They threatened me and made me drive out here and then left me after knocking me out. It is a good thing I still had my phone. Who knows how long I would have stayed here or who I could have encountered?”

Nick stared at her in disbelief. He had never met her lying twin.

“Which road did you take while coming here?” He asked her.

“The Palace avenue one.”

He turned his gaze from her, he knew without a doubt that she was lying. They could not have gone through the palace avenue road because there was a road block in that area. Goons could not take that risk.

“Am so glad you are okay. It would have gone differently.”

“You are right.”

“We should go to the station and report the stolen car.” Nick suggested.

“I totally agree.



“Sh*t!” She said noticing the GPS for the first time. She had been so busy getting away that she had failed to take care of the basics. Stopping her car, she fished a knife from her boots and removed the tracker and disabled it. There was no way she was getting caught. She had come this far.

She rode further and came into a road branching into the woods. She had been so accustomed to this place. Darkness was something she was not scared of anymore She branched and drove to a house deep in the forest. She had wondered how her sister had acquired this hidden and secure place. It was unlike Africans to have cabins in the woods. 

She switched of the ignition. She could still hear Kim struggling to free himself. He also was trying to kick off the trunk.  Cursing she opened the car door. She picked up the gun and headed to the back of the car. She opened the trunk and stared at Kim with cold eyes.
She then hit him unconscious again. Cassie was not here so she had to carry him alone. With him unconscious he was almost dead weight. She had to drag him off the trunk towards the house. Retrieving keys from her trouser, she opened the door and continued dragging him inside. She placed him inside one of the rooms in the house. After locking him in, she went on to one of the other room in the house.

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. The occupant was coiled in one of the corners dead asleep. Maribel smiled at herself. She had done well. It was almost surprise time.

She locked the room and the house then left. She knew she had to ditch the car. Using a different route, she drove back to the spot she had left Cassie. She got off the car. Her hands were gloved so she didn’t have to wipe her finger prints off.

She took into jogging. It was unknown to most of the people around her but she was quite a good runner. Within an hour she was home because she had used various short cuts. She stripped off her clothes and went into the shower.

Deep down, she was satisfied with how the day turned out.








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