Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 23

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Detective Paul.

She stared at the tiny girl sitting across him. She was so small Lucy. It was hard picturing her as one of the ‘Pack’. Lucy sat there unreadable.

“Miss. Nabwire thanks for coming down to the station, i have a few routine questions and that would be all.”

Lucy nodded in understanding.

Quite a silent one, detective thought to himself.

“I understand that you had already given a statement to the police but am going to go over some of the things you had recorded.” Paul clarified.

Lucy nodded again without uttering a word.

“What time were you guys supposed to be meeting at the park?”

“15:30 pm.”

“Only Stacy showed up?”

She nodded.

“To your knowledge did Stacy have any motive to want to kill Antonina?”

Lucy seemed to be in deep thought. Paul stared at her waiting for an answer . He did not anticipate what followed.

“Its true Stacy had a crush on Ian. Kim and Becka were falling in love leaving a heart broken Ian and Antonina, but none of those things was strong enough to lead to murder. If anyone of us committed the crime he or she must have been really good at hiding their true-self

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. It is my assumption that we could have seen that side because the time we have been together is just long. I could be wrong i know. My suggestion detective is that, Kim is somehow a motivation to whoever the killer is.”

 With that Lucy fell in silence like had never spoken a word in her entire life.

“And how would you know the killer has such motivation?”

“It’s just a gut feeling and my gut feeling is always right.” Lucy said.

“So is mine.” The detective said inaudibly. It was time he stuck to follow his gut. The answers lied between Becka and Kim. One had seen the killer and one was in touch with the killer somehow. 

After seeing Lucy out, he settled on his chair and rang Kim’s number.

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. It rang for a while before Kim picked up.


“Yes, Detective.” Kim’s voice sounded on the other end.

“I have a question for you Mr. Karugu.”

“Couldn’t it wait?” Kim asked.

“No.” Paul replied.

Silence fell in between.

“Okay shoot.” Kim gave the go ahead.

“This may require you to think a bit back in time. In your time of dating Antonina have you met any girl who loved you but you didn’t reciprocate her feelings?”

A blanket of silence fell before Kim responded.

“I wouldn’t say that someone actually fell in love with me but…” He fell into silence again.

“But??” The detective asked his ear itching.

“There was this party i went to two years ago, i had too much to drink and ended up having a one nightstand. I don’t remember anything about that night but the lady didn’t get over me. She kept calling my cell number till i had to block it a week later.”

“Do you remember her name?”

“It was Maribel.” Kim responded with surety.

“Do you have an idea who she was?”

“Nope, but my friend Ian would know, It was an invites only party.”

“Are you onto something?” Kim inquired.

“Am not sure but i will keep you posted on what i find.”

“Sure detective.”

“Have a nice day.”

“You too detective.”

He hung up. He buried his face on his palm and let out a breath to calm down his nerves. He was chasing a wild theory now. He hoped it was not a dead end.

None of the pack could have committed the crime. All of them were right handed except for Stacy who at the time of murder was at the park. She also had an alibi. Going with Lucy suggestion, which reaffirmed his suspicion about the killer being somehow involved with Kim’s life, he was now going to chase the Maribel lead.

He would be one lucky champ if this angle led to something.







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