Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 34

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“I will be in my room.” Kim said while mounting the stairs. 

“Dinner will be ready in an hour.” Cindy said.


Kim proceeded to his room. He was supposed to be happy. The love of his life was awake after a month of lost hope. He felt this pit forming in his stomach, of despair and fear . His finger trembled when he touched the cold metal of the door handle. He opened the door and went direct to his bed. He removed his shoes and laid on his back facing the ceiling. He was about to close his eyes when he remembered Cindy saying she was going to do the laundry. He didn’t want her coming to his room now so he picked up his clothes from his bedroom hamper and took them to the clothes basket in the laundry room. 

He found Cindy already there, Giovanni’s clothes at her feet. He places his besides Giovanni and went back to his room. This time he took his album and opened the page that had the photo his brain was trying to unlock. He closed his eyes and tried to remember the face of the mystery woman but all his attempts hit the wall. Instead he found himself being hit by a wave of sadness remembering her mother’s demise. It had been a very rude shock to their young lives

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. A tear left the corner of his eyes. He had grieved for her mum and had moved on but the memory of her loss still brought heartache inside of him. He would never truly heal on that side. Nobody not even Becka whom he loved with the core of his being could fill that position.

He turned and saw his phone blinking. Detective Paul’s name showed on the screen.


“Hello detective.” He responded in an emotional voice.

“Are you okay? You sound strange.” 

“Am okay, it has been a very long day.” Kim offered a line of defense.

“You told me that Becka said something strange to you.””

“Yeah she did, it’s been bugging my mind since. She said that the killer was much closer.” Kim retold.

“Angel seem to think one of the girls is Becka’s sister. I have tried thinking about it but I can’t seem to tell who she means because none of them really resembles Becka.”

“Which of the girls did she say was Becka’s sister?” 

“She said the one that walked out while you guys were inside.” The detective responded.

“All the girls walked out at some point, who in particular was she referring to?” Kim asked.

“Am not so sure, I must ask her again but she is asleep now.” Paul said.

“Quite early.” 

“It has been a long day as you said and she has school tomorrow.”

“I see.” Kim went silent for a second. “I am telling you there was a girl at my mother’s funeral and for some reason since Becka told me the killer was close my mind has been trying to unlock that memory.”

“That’s so strange, your mum death was a fatal accident and not murder. What would Maribel assuming she is the face you can’t see want to do in her funeral?” Paul asked.

“I wish I knew.”
“Once Angel is awake, I will ask her concerning the girl she thinks is Becka’s sister.”

“Alright detective.”

“Have a good night.”

“Have a goodnight too.”

He place the phone on top of his pillow and slowly drifted into sleep.

He stood by his mum’s grave, alone. It was confusing. He had expected Giovanni to be here, his father and friends too but he was alone. He sat by the grave, his knees brought up to his chin to support them. Tears of grief welled his eyes and he let them flow freely. He felt so much heaviness inside. Memories he made with his mum flooded his mind and he felt like screaming to the whole world for he could not contain it inside. 

And that he did.

Getting onto his knees, he held onto the mound that covered her mother’s casket and screamed out of pain. It felt so raw, like he was experiencing her mother’s loss all over again. He cried and was interrupted by a rude laughter. It took a while to register in his mind. How could anyone in his sound mind laugh at his grief? The laughter continue to ring in his ears. He rose and turned around his fingers clenched in anger like a wounded rhino that had just been provoked. He turned to see a lady laughing while clapping her hands.

“You think this is funny?” He asked her while walking towards her. She had a green scarf on. He had seen it before.

“Death, no. Death isn’t funny. But you are.”

“Am grieving for my mother, you think am being funny?”

“Where is she?” The girl asked.

“She is...” He said turning to point the grave which was now non-existent.

“Oh where is mama?” The girl said in a daunting voice.

Without thinking he pounced at her. He felt insulted. 

He was in the ground within seconds.

“You are so foolish, I have given you everything. I have dedicated my time to serve you but all you see it that emaciated piece of trash Becka. I am the only one supposed to love you, not her.” The girl said.

“Who the hell are you?” Kim asked trying to remove the scarf from her head,

She laughed.

“Am going to kill her.” And with that she released him and took to her heels not looking back. Kim tried running after her but for some reason he couldn’t move as fast. His feet felt a hundred pounds heavier. 

Strong wind blew and took the scarf off her. She did not turn. The scarf landed on his face blocking his site but he didn’t miss the perfume that permeated the scarf. That he knew too well. 

He woke up with a start breathing heavily. He reached for his phone and scrolled for detective Paul’s number.

He was about to ring it when he heard a female voice talking in a deep baritone.

“What do you think you are doing?” The voice asked.

He turned to face the woman. She was not the same person in his dreams but from the look in her face he knew he was doomed.

She held a silencer gun on her hands.


She watched as Nick ate all the remaining meat in the bowl with the mokimo she had prepared. She smiled at him with satisfaction. 

“I still have some of that in the kitchen I can bring more.” She said.

“Did someone send you to kill me with food woman?” Nick asked laughing in the process.

“Am not eager to be left alone, so no.”

“Baby this was delicious and am so full, thanks babe come here.”

Cassie went over to where Nick was and he gave her a light kiss on the lips.

“Let me clear the table.” Cassie said.

“I am helping with that, just sit and relax.” 

Cassie tried to protest but she felt his finger against his lips.

“Just sit and watch some T.V, I will be back.”

He took away the dishes and Cassie went on flipping through T.V channels trying to find something interesting enough for her to watch. She got a channel that was showing one of the channels, ‘keeping up with the Kardashians.’

She was into watching it for five minutes when her phone beeped.

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. It was Maribel calling. 

“Hey Mary, it’s been a while since you called.”

“You know me, I have a lot of work to do all.”

“You never told me which work you do.”

“Oh yeah I didn’t but I will but now I am calling because I really need your help.” Maribel said.

“With what?

“Just come over to my place, the address is.” Maribel went on to recite the place.

“Maribel it’s kind of late and I can’t ….am with Nick I can’t just come over.”

“You are with Nick?” Maribel asked genuinely surprised.

“Yeah am sorry I know you were kind of into each other but after you left things kind of happened.”
“Ooooh.” Was all Maribel said and then some seconds of silence passed.

“Are you coming or not?” This time irritation was clearly written on her voice, Cassie had known Maribel from before and she did not like upsetting her.

“Am sorry if the news about Nick and I upsets you, it’s just...” Before she could finish Maribel interrupted in her usual calm voice.

“I totally understand and you are like a sister to me. If you are happy am happy besides I turned Nick down.”

“You cool?” Cassie asked.

“Yeah, am just disappointed that the surprise I had for my boyfriend is not going to work as planned.”

“Wow what’s the occasion?” Cassie asked.

“His birthday.”

“If it means much to you I am coming to help.”

“See you in the next hour.”

Nick walked into the room just as Cassie hung up the phone.

“Babe Christie just broke up with his boyfriend and she is having a meltdown can I go check on her please?”

Nick sank beside her girlfriend.
“Do you really have to go?” he asked grudgingly.

“Babe I’ll be back before you know it. Give me two hours.”

“Okay. Be safe outside there.”

“Can I use your car?” Cassie asked.


Nick watched as Cassie left. He felt his heartbeat speed up a bit. He must be crazy but he was sure his girlfriend just lied to her. He had heard her calling the name Maribel a number of times not Christie, He couldn’t believe Cassie had lied to her about being in contact with Maribel. What were they up to? He did not think Cassie understood what a psychopath Maribel was. He went and brought his phone that was in the bedroom. He tried calling Detective Paul’s number but he didn’t pick up. 

He started passing around the room. Maybe he was just worrying too much, Cassie would be back in the next two hours and he would inquire about Maribel,

He sank in the couch and let out a sigh.

“My Cassie why do you have to be so dumb around someone like Maribel?” He asked himself softly.






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