Today's World

When different family members are entangled in the love of worldly materials which lead them all to their doom.

Meet Yasmeen Bashir Sale, a mother and also a wife, who indulge her kids into getting whatever it is they want from a guy, with or without any consequences.

Meet Amirah Ahmed Madugu, a mother and a divorcée, who even though has two grown up kids still chase men around, either young or old men.

Join me in this bumpy ride, as i introduce other characters. 

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    • Today's World - Episode 1

    • GOMBE, NIGERIA 12:07AM Her wide luscious lips spread apart with a smile, giving her full attention to the phone, Zara looked at the image displayed on her phone...
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    • Today's World - Episode 2

    • IBADAN, NIGERIA. The room held an awful smell due to how dirty it was. Plates were piled up in a corner of the room and some already have fungi on them, some plates conta...
      • Views (9,011)
      • Comments (17)
    • Today's World - Episode 3

    • GOMBE, NIGERIA Zara quickly hide the picture she was holding in her clothes when she heard footsteps approaching her room. It was a picture of her and Kabir, smiling wide...
      • Views (8,242)
      • Comments (13)
    • Today's World - Episode 4

    • Am introducing a new character at the beginning of this chapter, don't get confused readers. ADAMAWA, NIGERIA. Hafsah rolled to the other side of the bed, glar...
      • Views (8,284)
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    • Today's World - Episode 5

    • GOMBE, NIGERIA. Nasir looked at Zara with cold eyes. His stare burning right through her. What is wrong with his wife? Why? Just why will she even think of aborting the p...
      • Views (7,410)
      • Comments (1)
    • Today's World - Episode 6

    • I mished you all ADAMAWA, NIGERIA. "So? How do you like the new change around you? Lots of money and fame?" Halima asked. Hafsah adjusted he...
      • Views (6,081)
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    • Today's World - Episode 7

    • *_TODAY'S WORLD 7_* MURJANATU ALAKLI (MJAY)   *GOMBE, NIGERIA.* "W....w..what is this? Zara what is this? This can't be___...
      • Views (6,701)
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    • Today's World - Episode 8

    • ADAMAWA, NIGERIA. ''Pay before service Malam'' Hafsah grumbled, pulling the bedsheets beside her up around her body. Sh...
      • Views (6,534)
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