Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 2

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The juvenile court was filled to its capacity. Everyone wanted to know why a sixteen year old would take the life of her best friend. It was quite a story they got there. Stacy and Lucy sat at on corner of the court room. The judge was yet to arrive. Everyone was whispering making the court to be in a murmur session.
Becka lifted her head and gave the courtroom an expert sweep with her blood shot eyes. She spotted her mum at the front of the middle row frantically wiping her nose with her handkerchief . She had failed her so much. How was she to live with the fact that her sixteen year old was being accused of murder? She let her head drop and sobbed silently.
Her dad would never come, she had blemished his reputation. She was surprised he had not disowned her already.  It did not hurt her at all. She was just sorry for her mum and wished she could do something to change her situation. The case was tied up, all evidence pointed to her,
It was her fault Antonina was dead. She deserved to die, not to get a jail sentence. Or even a mere term in approved school. On the furthest corner of the room, she could see Stacy and Lucy. Stacy stared accusingly clearly in anger and blame. Lucy on the other hand was difficult to read as usual. She felt a bit of relief

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. At least she did not have to deal with what she did not know.
All she felt now was the world pointing accusing fingers at her. Oh! Antonina, The memory of her hand turning cold in her grasp would never leave her. Life seeping away from her slowly. Her life had been cut shot, in an instant like a flash. She was not going to be there at the funeral, how could she?  
Kim was not here either and she felt relieved thanking her stars for that. She did not want to face him. It would have killed her.


Everything had been so perfect until now. He had the best family. A loving wife and three beautiful kids. A beautiful career, what more could he ask for?  He never thought about tragedy, certainly not striking his family. Not until now. Antonina her first born daughter gone, killed by her friend. That he could not quite believe, why would she? Becka had been such a darling and he had personally approved the friendship between the two.
The atmosphere around the house had changed since. His wife sat gloomily by the bedroom window, watching the roses they had planted at the backyard. He wished to sit down with her and tell her all would be okay but that would be a lie. Tony was gone, gone forever. He remembered how they had waited for their first born child. Ten years of their marriage they had waited for a child. They had consulted with specialists to see if anything was wrong with both of them but nothing was found. 
And at last that day arrived.
He had drove home from work and found her wife sitting in the living room while starring at the door as if waiting for something to happen.
“Darling, is everything okay?” He had asked.
“I was not sure honey, I had to confirm  ... I still cannot believe it myself.” His wife had responded.
“What are you talking about? Are you sick?” He was not following.
That was when his wife had rose and walked to the window then asked him.
“Do you remember what you said when we bought this house?”
“Yes I do.”
“You can say it again today.”
“But I still don’t understand...”
“Just say it.”
“This is the perfect place to make babies.”
Then it dawned on him. He pressed closer to his wife and gently placed his hand on her belly. At last! She was with child. 
Seventeen years had passed but that moment had stayed fresh in her mind. Antonina had given her the chance to be called a father. A chance at fatherhood. Of course there was Jerry and Minxy but that was different. Antonina was his first born child, the child he had to wait for, for ten years.
He could not believe she was gone. Every now and again the image of her body being taken away kept crossing his mind. Her eyes and mouth shut in silence he could not fathom. He needed to tell her it was going to be okay. That together with mummy they were going to take her to a warm place. But it was a little too late for that.
He hardened his grip around the glass he was holding. His anger rising against the murderer for the pain he had made him pass through. He gulped down the rest of the wine and then hurled the glass against the wall. He did not mind the shattering effect.
“Mark don’t you think you are being too hard on yourself?” It was his wife who had been brought back to reality by the shattering of the glass.
“I don’t know honey, what I certainly know is that Tony did not want a coffin and a grave as a Christmas present.
Christine just stared at him. Her house- hold was going crazy. Who wouldn’t under such circumstances? The burial was at hand. They had not attended the court session and had trusted the work into the hands of their lawyers. The kids were with their aunts. It was quite hard explaining to them that there sister was dead more than she had thought. 


“All rise court in session.”
Becka was brought back to reality. Her doomsday was here. The court process began. She did not ask questions, plead for mercy or try anything.

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. All evidence poured out were against her. The knife had her finger prints on them. She closed her eyes waiting for her judgment.
“Two years and hard work at Kavete Juvenile prison. After that you case will be reviewed and there is a possibility of you being charged as an adult. That being said, it will also give the defendant time to investigate on the matter more before it goes to an adult court. The case can be appealed from both sides. Court is adjourned”
With that she hit her desk rose up and left.
Her bosom heaved, she felt tears rolling down her face, in that moment she felt the whole world weighing down on her. Her wrists were put under cuffs and as she was about to be led away. She opened her eyes only to be met by her mum’s face.
“Don’t forget to pray my child.”
The weight shifted and as she was being led away an old Sunday school verse came to memory

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for you are with me.
Your rod and your staff they comfort me.

Stacy and Lucy stood at the exit of the courtroom watching Becka being taken away by the guards. They were not sure if they felt anger or sympathy for their used to be friend.


Author’s note
This book is meant to focus on true friendship, family that is not defined by blood or society but by true sacrifice.
King David said when he mourned for his best friend Jonathan. “The love of Jonathan to me has exceeded that a woman could ever give me.” Food for thought.
I hope you are enjoying the story.
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