Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 16

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“Are you sure about this?” Kim’s dad asked

‘Yes dad, going to school now is impossible i have decided to defer a whole year.”

“But son this is your future you are toying with, you are a medical student.”

“Dad i have to take care of things, plus am not in the position to be in school right now.”


“Dad my inside is a train wreck.”

His dad clenched his jaw. He wanted none of this.

“Dad i have to go to the police station and report to work.”


“Yes dad, i am a librarian now.”


Det . Paul

He looked at Kim. He was a very handsome young man in his prime. Doing a good course in the campus.

“Did you always want to be a doctor?” He asked him.

“Excuse me?” Kim responded not expecting such a question from him.

“Did you always want to be a doctor?”

“No not really a very good friend of mine noticed my interest in crime and medicine and she suggested maybe i should do medicine in campus. That was it for me, i have not regretted that decision

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. She was right and i enjoy being a medical student tremendously.”

“She must have known you well.” 

“I guess so.” Kim said nodding his head and smiling as if going over a much cherished memory.

“Those are friends worth keeping.”

“Indeed they are.”

“So Mr. Karugu I wanted to ask a few more questions.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“I want you to be sincere with me.” He paused. “Were you and Becka a thing?”

Silence stood between them for a whole minute.

Kim nodded his head.

“Had Antonina known?”

“I had not told her yet, neither had Becka. We hadn’t done anything. We were still grasping what all that would mean to us, we never did anything to formalize our feelings.”

“To your knowledge did Becka get the chance to confess to her best friend that she had feelings for you?”

“I would have known.” Kim said

“That would be all for today Mr. Karugu, have a great day.”

Kim stood up and left.

Paul remained seated while tapping his note book. He tried imagining what might have happened. Maybe Becka was feeling guilty and wanted to unburden herself to her best friend. She went there tried talking to her friend. Antonina couldn’t understand and she was furious at her. An agitated Becka saw no way but to take her out. That would only make sense if the crime was not premeditated.

He dialed a number on the office telephone.

“Detective Paul speaking.”

“Yes hello, how can i help you Paul,” a feminine voice responded on the other end.

“Oh, Sandra. i have a question about one of the autopsy you did over three weeks ago.” 

“Is this about the young girl that was allegedly murdered by her friend?” Sandra asked.


“Cool, shoot.”

“How many stab wounds were there on the victim?

“There were twelve stab wounds and another thing detective.”

“Yes Stacy what is it?”

“The killer was left handed.”

“What?” Detective Paul asked surprised. 

“Based on the angle the knife penetrated the body the killer had to be left handed.”

“Wow Casandra thank you so much for the information, if you find anything let me know.”

“Will do detective.”

He hung up the phone.

It dawn on him slowly. She was positive Becka was right handed. He had seen her write on the in –Juvy files.
So the hard evidence against Becka wasn’t hard at all. He had not seen the issue of left – handedness on Becka’s file. She could not even get the number of stabbing right. Who was the detective in charge of this case? An innocent person could be sitting in Juvy right now and a murderer could be roaming around. He could not determine which one was worse.
Of all the families nobody had real enemies. Take Antonina’s parents for example, they were highly paid civil servants with few business here and there. Dorcas was sitting on top of her late parents’ fortune. Sure she could have enemies but there was no one that came to mind. Chris was an arrogant human being, he could easily create enemies. Did he owe someone money? It’s was hardly possible that they would have gone to the extent of killing Antonina to teach anyone a lesson. Kidnapping made more sense.

A rap came on the door and Mrs. Sewe walked in.

Paul quickly rose up from his seat. He had not been expecting her.

“Please sit down Mrs. Sewe he said pointing the seat.”

“Dorcas will do, thanks detective.”

Dorcas made herself comfortable.

“Am sorry Mrs. … Sorry Dorcas i have not been able to update you on the case...”

“Actually am here about something else.” Dorcas interrupted him.

“Oh okay…why are you here then?” He asked a bit confused.

That morning Dorcas had realized Paul had moved a huge chunk of money from their joint account. He had not mentioned that he needed any form of money.

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. Why would he anyway? It was their joint account and he had cleared three quarters of cash that was in there. No incident like this had occur before. She had imagined they would have split the money in half. That’s what the divorce papers said. She had money, but wanted to know what he needed such a huge sum for. She also wondered how he had acquired divorce papers without involving her with a divorce lawyer.

‘’You see detective, i want to know where he took all this money. Could you help me? I know you are swamped with a lot of work.”

“Of course Mrs  ….i mean Dorcas, i will look into it.”

It was the least he could do. This woman had been through a lot. Having to keep up with his husband and now his child was locked up in Juvy. His heart went out for her. Poor thing.

“I should go now detective.” Dorcas said standing up.

“Thanks for stopping by.” He said offering his hand for a shake.

Dorcas nodded with a smile while shaking his hand.







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