Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 18

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Detective Paul had succeeded in tailing the money. Dorcas was here for the news when the call from Juvy came in.

 She received the phone only to be met by the word murderer. That wasn’t Becka’s voice. It must have been someone in the background. She was torn between going to the juvy and waiting for another call when Becka‘s line went silent.

Paul was telling her something about the money and she was barely concentrating.  Another call came in and she received it while trying to walk out of the room. Paul looked at her and she could see she was clearly disturbed.

“What is it Dorcas?” He inquired.

Dorcas looked at him and started sobbing as the phone fell of her hands, she made for the chair but instead fell luckily on the detective’s hands . He held her while she cried for almost a few minutes not paying attention to the fact that she was dampening the his shirt. The sobs slowed down and the detective released her but gave her some tissues which Dorcas took gratefully.

“Detective i need to go to the hospital.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“It’s Becka she fell and hit her head, she slipped into a coma not a while ago.”

She started sobbing again. Paul could not let her drive in such a condition plus he also wanted to see Becka’s condition so he offered to drive her to the hospital.

The doctors were waiting for Dorcas

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. They needed her consent to proceed with the operation. Dorcas quickly signed the documents before demanding to know what happened. All the while she was in tears. The nurse explained that Becka had fell and hit her head causing excessive bleeding and swelling on her brain.  In addition to that she had cut an important vein on the neck and had lost a lot of bled. Also the flow of oxygen into the brain had been tampered with hence causing trauma to the brain.

“It was a good thing they brought her when they did, otherwise she could have died.”

All they could do now was wait and pray for the surgery to go well. Dorcas could not believe all this things were happening to her daughter only within two weeks of her being in Juvy. Would she survive now let alone two years? Detective having no pressing case phoned his assistant to let him know he wouldn’t be in the office for the rest of the day. He also asked Melissa his sitter to pick Angel from school. 

They sat in the waiting room for a while then Dorcas left to catch some air outside. Thirty minutes passed and she had not returned.  Paul picked her handbag and went out in search for her.

She was sitting in a bench outside her head supported by her two hands. Paul moved closer then tapped her shoulder saying.

“You should stop crying.”

“I wasn’t crying but praying. Would you like to join me?”

Paul wasn’t the religious type. Even though he believed in God. He wasn’t sentimental on religious things or even prayer. But got touched by the woman’s faith in such a circumstance.

“But why Dorcas?”

“If the nurse is right, Becka’s condition might be really serious and she may not pull through. I have to believe there is a God up there who can help my child. It’s the only hope I have now.” Accepting her explanation, Paul sat beside her and they held hands while praying. 
Later when the surgery was completed doctor said it was a miracle Becka didn’t die on the table. She was still in a comma and they were not sure when she would come to be. He also informed them that Becka had high chances of becoming a vegetable.  In other words she may lose her sense of speech, earing and eye and also be paralyzed unable to walk or do anything for the rest of her life.

Dorcas took all this calmly and Paul cited this later while driving her home.

“I have prayed to God to protect my child detective, all i have to do now is believe that He will.”

The rest of the journey was silent, each one consumed in her own thoughts. In no time they reached Dorcas’ compound.

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. She thanked Paul repeatedly till it was embarrassing. They said their goodnights and the detective called for a cab. His car was at the station. 


Detective Paul

It was not until ten pm that he arrived at the house. He opened the door quietly so that he didn’t disturb his daughter who was a light sleeper. Melissa had already left. 


Paul looked up only to see her daughter smiling broadly on the coach. Her hand was folded in the shape of a gun. 

“Honey, why aren’t you in bed?”

“I was waiting for you dad and wondered all this while who kept you this long.” She had a mischievous look on her face. 

“That’s it, let’s get you to bed.” He held her hand and they climbed upstairs.

Gone were the days he could effortlessly carry her up the stairs. Next month she would be turning eleven and her mother would not be here to see it. 

When she left, she never looked back. She had sent a card once but after that nothing. It was like they had been a very big burden to her. He could not wrap around her head why things changed so much so fast after marriage. Why did she agree to a marriage she could not fight for? Even if she fell out of love, what kind of mother was she?  Not wanting to see her child.






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