Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 13

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When she got home that evening, she found Chris waiting for her in the living room.

“Where have you been?” Came the greeting.

After the day she had just had, she was in no mood for this man’s none-sense.

She entered the living room only to find Chris lying clumsily across the sofa. On top of the coffee table was a brown envelope . She stood over Chris and stared down at him, unnerved. Chris slowly seated up and tap the brown envelope.

“This is our divorce papers so sign up.”

Dorcas removed the documents and read the contents intently. He wanted his business untouched though it was run by Dorcas’ money. Funny.  She signed the paper and relief she had never felt before swept her whole being. Just this morning she had been worrying on what people would think of her if she divorced her husband. Now he had divorced her, what an irony? She couldn’t care, she was free at last. For all she knew Chris must have been holding on to the marriage to get access to her money.  Dorcas was from a very wealthy family and before her parents died all their wealth had been placed on Dorcas being their only heir.

Over 17 Years ago

She met Chris in college. Chris was one of those gentlemen everyone wanted in Campus

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. Problem was, she was just a normal girl. The only special thing about her was that she was from a filthy rich family. She had her own Chauffer who drove her to school and back. Sometimes she would play tricks on him in a desperate attempt to get a life but most of the time she was just that. The rich kid in college. 

Dorcas was an attractive young lady then but did not stand out because she hardly used makeup as was the trend. Her parents did not allow her to rent university hostels arguing that other students would have bad influence on her. She imagined how protective her parents were, they wanted an assurance that they had brought up their daughter in a responsible manner.  She never really had friends, well except for Maggie. When she met Chris for the first time, Maggie had been quick to notice that her friend had a crash and advised her against doing anything stupid. 

Well luck, as one might see it came to her side. On the day after graduation Maggie organized a party. Both Chris and Dorcas had been invited. That day she did extra, using all sorts of facial makeup and complimented it with a very beautiful and expensive dress. When she looked at the mirror, she knew she was dressed to kill.

Maggi’s place though not fanciful as their own was a few meters away. She decided to take a walk there. A red car passed her on the way then reversed back and the occupant, Chris offered her a ride. Of course she pretended to be shy at first then she later obliged and rode with him.

At the party Chris did not leave her side. Clearly her going the extra mile to make-up had quite the effect on Chris. He also knew the right things to say to make her laugh. He brought her drinks and they conversed the whole time the party ran. She could say with conviction that she thoroughly enjoyed the party. When it ended Chris offered to walk her home. Astonished she agree wondering why he chose to walk instead of driving her there.

It was a beautiful night with the moon shining down on this beautiful young souls. On their way, Chris took her hands into his own and maintained that till they reach the gate of her parent’s mansion.

She could have never pictured a perfect unorganized first date. This opinion was made strong in her mind when Chris pecked her lightly on the cheeks and said.

“Goodnight angel.”


The traps set had worked well and in the same evening they had burnt bodies of an uncountable number of rats.

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. They were now pushing boxes to one corner of the room so as to make work easier when they resumed the following day.  The guard had insisted they wanted the place ready within the two days before the arrival of the new librarian. 

Hazel watched as her cousin Becka pushed the last box to the corner. She then picked a book that was on top and started reading the synopsis. Since her mum’s visit in the morning she had been all moody.   Hazel only got cut answers for questions she asked and Mmmmm to her attempts to start conversations. During lunch one of the juvy mates had informed her of the exchange between Becka and her mum.  Bringing up the topic now was not even an option.

Becka kept going over the exchange with her mum earlier that day. She had gone way out of line.  She should have not reacted that way. 

She had asked her if she did it!

She could expect such a question front her dad or anyone else but from her mum it felt like an insult. She had felt pain in her chest when the question rolled out from her mum.  She regretted her lash back though. Someone had to tell her right? 

There was no point of staying with a cheating and lying husband. Her mum had suffered a tone at the hands of her dad.  Memories she had of her father while still a small kid were now tainted with the real father she had come to learn about. All the good moments were gone with the wind like a smoke. She really hated having to grow up and seeing her mum being constantly humiliated, harassed and hut by her uncaring father.

Her mum was the only person she could count on in the whole world.  She was her family.







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