Ultimate Sacrifice - Episode 1

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The computer lessons were working out much better than she had expected. Mr. Lui their Chinese instructor had a sense of humor none of them could hold themselves from. She felt a bit sad that she had one month left to finish that basic course.
“How is the unit Stacy” Mr. Lui asked.
“Its fine …actually much better than i had initially anticipated, am considering taking an IT course in the University.”
She then packed her bag pack and after bidding her instructor goodbye left for the park.
It was a fine afternoon and they had arranged with the girls to meet at the park. She checked her watch, it was 15:09 . She could check her email in the nearest cyber café before meeting the girls. They had made it a routine after sitting for their final high school exams. All of them were waiting for the results that were going to be released the following year.
So far they had come with their friendship and it had been all good. They were always together shopping, talking about the prospects the future held for them. Ten years had gone by. Every time she thought the friendship would break into pieces, it found a way to make a rare bloom.
She quickly branched into Mash cyber café swearing under her breath because she could have made her work easier by checking her email in class.
Nothing new. She sighed

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. It had been a week since she applied for the job. She paid for her services and headed for the park. Maybe the delay was for her to hook up with her friends for the last time.
And little did she know how probable such a thought was.

Kim was a very handsome, tall dark teenager. Young girls were constantly fighting for his attention at school, at home and everywhere. He always found it overwhelming but at the same time it worked to his advantage when he needed stuff to be done his way. All his life he had gotten, all he wanted, all he had to do was ask. Sometimes he did not have to. That was the case with his girlfriend Antonina. 
Antonina was a beautiful girl. She made him laugh, was intelligent with the promise of a good future. For the most part, she was all a man could ask for. Lately he had been obsessively going over their relationship. He did not want the promise of a good future. He wanted to live in the present. He could feel his love for her but could not quite place the origin of his misguided thoughts. He tried to tell himself that it was all going to be okay. He loved Antonina, she had all it takes. What could be possibly wrong with him to want to break loose?
He recalled the first time he met her at the swimming pool 5 years ago. She still in grade school then. Their friendship had grown steadily and here they were dating. He could not remember wanting to break loose so badly that he would rather sit alone in his room than go hang out with his friends.
The feeling had been there, every once in a while. He had dismissed it and now it has come back stronger than before wanting to be dealt with once and for good. He knew he had to make a decision that would set him free or make him a slave for life. He had tried to talk to his best pal Ian.
“You have to choose between Antonina and whatever is making you have second thoughts bro.’ that’s what he kept remembering from what Ian had said.
Kim sighed and sank deeper in his bedroom couch. He wasn’t sure if breaking up with Antonina was going to make Him feel better. Infact it would make him feel worse. Staying in it made him feel like a slave, wanting to break free. He was man, he could handle it. He was weighing all options. He thought about Antonina and also went over what he thought his friends would say. He felt so lost and wished his mum was there, maybe she would have helped. 

His dad was always working and his little brother always playing. He really wished her mum was alive. She certainly would have listened. Kim knelt down and crawled towards his bed. He felt tears coming to his face and his cheeks burning up. Soon he was sobbing uncontrollably. Of late this was how he was man handling the situation. This time round he did something he never did before. He prayed.
He was so absorbed in his crying and praying when the phone rang. The maid called.
“Kim it’s for you.”

Stacy headed for the park. From a distance she could see Lucy with a bowl of ice cream busy watching the birds. She was the only one who had arrived as usual. She went and settle down beside her and joined in watching the birds. 
“Any luck with the mails?”
“No, non-so far.”
Lucy was the less talkative one. Stacy felt content enjoying the silence. Her mind wandered off again. She kept thinking about their friendship. Antonina for instance, beautiful and intelligent. Such a combination was rare to find. Especially one extended with sense of humor. Antonina had all her future mapped out. She would go to the University, get a degree, get employed then marry Kim. The two had been together for a while and it was adorable seeing the turnout of events. She was not sure if it was love but whatever it was it seemed to be working out pretty well. 
Becka on the other hand was a different human species. She had such rare beauty, the kind that made you a bit inferior. She was the most intelligent of the group. It was amazing how her brain worked. She always had solutions for every problem. It was a pity she landed on a dummy boyfriend Ian. Always insisted it was love. What intrigued Stacy was her intellect. The way Becka handled herself, it was like she was a calculated experiment of sorts. She walked with calculated grace. Everything she handled came out exact as she wanted it to. She always got it right. The character made other people feel demeaned especially if you did not take time to know her. Even though she had such a character, Becka had a complete opposite reaction to emotions. Everything affecting her friends or anyone close affected her more than them. She felt everyone’s pain in an odd way. It even tampered with her regular behaviour. She took everyone’s problem as hers and that’s what made her outstanding.
Lucy on the other hand was an unsolved mystery. A nut left to crack on its own. She was less talkative, mostly listening. Interestingly enough she was funny and had an odd sense of humor. Always found something to laugh at when no one could. You could hardly read Lucy. She was weird but they all liked her. She was a good friend.
Stacy assumed the leadership role in the group. She was the one who understood every person’s behaviour and to crown it all, she was a good listener.

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. She managed to calm down her friends when tempers were raging.  Being plus sized gave her an extra badge on the leadership role. 
“I don’t think they are coming.’”
“Mmmmm.” Replied Stacy not wanting to be interrupted in her thoughts.
“I think something is crawling on your trouser.” 
Stacy jumped screaming leaving Lucy bursting in fits of uncontrollable laughter.
“Not cool Luc.”
Stacy Lunched and gave her a soft friendly punch on the shoulders. 
Stacy promised to give Tony and Becka a call to check on them. She remembered Becka saying she had issues with Ian. About it not working out and wanting to finally get rid of him. At last! She wished all the junk was true. She had heard that so many times. She had nothing against Ian but Becka deserved a better guy. She also hoped that one day she would meet someone who would turn tables for her. For the mean time she did not have time for love, if it even existed. She loved her life the way it was. Stress-free.

Author’s note.
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Lotsa love, Toda.

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