Without Bridges

Aisha Narudeen got r*ped at the age of fourteen by Mr. Titus Coker- a man of influence. Life proved unfair when she got pregnant afterwards with him denying ever meeting her. Several trials by human activist proved futile as manuevered and manipulated this way  out  of the  case

Aisha is now left alone with burning desire to take revenge against the man who forcefully defiled her.

Will she rise out of the ashes or completely wallow in her ruins?

Lets find out.

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    • Without Bridges - Episode 1

    • Mother sent me on an errand to get a pack of cigarette for father. It was drizzling but yet I still walked in the rain in dire search for a pack of cigarette; I was only fourteen. ...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 2

    • “No” I replied moving back. “I don’t like it and I don’t want it” I answered and he grabbed me by the waist while I tried to struggle ...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 3

    • I was released from the hospital the next day. Dad didn’t take the news of me being pregnant well. He was about to beat the hell out of me when mom took it all on my behalf. ...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 4

    • While I walked back home, it started raining. I was completely drenched. I slowly walked home panting as I felt dizzy even  more, I kept on telling myself, "one more step...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 5

    • "Aisha" Mom called out my name in shock. "What have you done?" She asked a terrified me. "Mama I couldn't bear it, you were helpless what if he had kil...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 6

    • "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Ho..Hope, happy birthday to you" everyone chorused and Hope gave me that familiar look. I knew what h...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 7

    • "You look amazing" Dave commented smiling at me. It was his sixth time saying it. "You're saying it again" I complained giving him a cold stare and he chuck...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 8

    • My lips were still locked in Dave's, while he slowly glided over them. I didn't want him to stop neither did I intend stopping him.  I have never felt like t...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 9

    • Later in the day while I went out to get lunch at the cafeteria, I saw Dave walk up to me,he looked really worried. "Hey babe" he called out while I looked left and right...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 10

    • "Would you be the mother of my three other kids?" He asked which had me giggling. I didn't see it coming so soon. "Yes I will" I replied and he fixed...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 11

    • My heart was literally bleeding, how could life be so unfair? Making me fall in love with my r*pist's son.  I felt like my life was entangled in one telemundo soap ...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 12

    • "Hope...." I called after a brief pause, I felt horrible. "It's not what it is" "I heard all your conversation. I'm tired of being in the da...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 13

    • "I don't want to see you" I said to him, turning my back against him. "I'll die if I don't see you" he replied in tears. "These few days...
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    • Without Bridges - Episode 14

    • This is the final episode of Without Bridges. It has been a wonderful experience with Ebony Story. I want to thank everyone for theirmotivating and encouraging comments and contrib...
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