Trapped - Episode 10


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The Divorce was in my head, I could think about nothing else...

"Ma, Simon is asleep, I want to go for tutorials"I nodded at Susan absentmindedly "em ma, am I coming tomorrow, you said you weren't sure if you needed me"

I sat on my bed, tomorrow was Sunday and I had planned to go to church to pray for my marriage

"No, thanks, I ll call you if I need you"I said

"Okay ma"she gesticulated and left, I slammed the last cloth I had been arranging on the bed and held my head, how was I going to let goof this, my marriage, my son, I finished arranging and went to the Nursery where Simon slept soundly, I roved his hair, I had to do something, I felt helpless, I still haven't called any lawyer and though Mr Maurison was willing to help me but I knew that came at a cost, I didn't want his advances, I actually didn't want to want it because I did, gosh..Focus, Marriage, the images of us in his office started flashing in my head again and I was instantly turned on, I knew I had to get away, leave, to somewhere only I knew, to think, maybe I would get a Leave off work, take Simon somewhere only I would know, Tony would be pissed but the marriage was failed anyway, I started packing up some of his clothings then went to my room, after packing up my box, I decided to call Mr Maurison and inform him that  I was going away for a while, I never wanted the PA job in the first place,  I was sure he would find a replacement in no time, the place sounded busy when he picked

"Hello...Is"he said and I took a deep breath before replying

"Hi, is this a good time, you sound busy"

"Yeah"he must have moved because it seemed quieter"just at a family function"  it was weekend and I wasn't supposed to be calling him"how are you"he continued"I wanted to apologize for the other day but.."

"That's not why I'm calling"I didn't want to think about it,  or talk about it, he paused

"So why are you calling"

"I wanted to take a break..from work, just for a few weeks,  I'm having a lot of issues and I know this sounds sudden but I need to leave town"

He paused again"you can't leave town, you're my PA"

"Yes but I'm sorry I need to leave"

He paused"where are you?!"why was he asking that"I could come take you to wherever you want to go"

"No, um that won't be necessary, I just wanted to inform you"

Simon woke up and began to cry so he figured I was at home because he said"be there in 10"

What..I stared at my phone, did he mean that, omg I didn't mean for that to happen, I took up Simon and patted him back to sleep before I finished packing the rest of my personal items. My heart pounded in anticipation and it got worse when he called that he was outside my gate, I told the gateman to let him in and next he was at the door of my apartment, my apartment

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. I opened the door and stared at him, he wore a long coat over his grey suit so I believed he had actually been somewhere important, he walked in and looked around my apartment

"I'm guessing he's not here"he said,  I hugged myself

"I just want a little time off"I said, he stared speculatively at me

"Is it me?"I looked up"are you leaving because of me"

"What, no, everything is... overwhelming, I thought if I could get a nice place to chill for a while, get a clear head"

"What about the court case"

"I don't have a court case, I haven't even called a lawyer"

He came and held my shoulders"you don't need to do this on your own" he said"I'm right here"

"I  don't want you to be, you're my boss"I paused"you shouldn't even have come here"

"Well I'm here and he's not, doesn't that say anything to you"we held gazes, he looked away

"If you leave now you would loose your job, you can't just up and leave the company"he paused" I ll offer you a place to stay if you want, you can't work from there"

"I don't..."

"It's not my house, well it's my house but I don't live there, no one would know you're there, except me of course, you can stay there for a week or two, that's all I'm willing to give you, you can sort yourself out then and fight for your son"

"Why are you helping me?"

"So that I can  know where you are"he said but I knew that was not it, he spied my boxes"I can take you there now if you want"

I sighed and walked around"I don't think I'm comfortable staying in your house" what's the catch?, my phone started ringing and it was Tony, it stopped and started ringing again

He chucked"it's not like you have a choice now"

I shut my eyes"Where is the house?" next I was carrying Simon while he loaded my boxes out of my husbands house, I knew this was a hasty decision, not well thought out, but that was what I needed at the moment, somewhere away far from the drama, Simon seemed calm as he stared out the window, Tony was still calling again then he sent a text message saying he was in town to collect the papers

"You should sign it"George suddenly said


"The papers, he knows he would never cope with Simon alone and unless he's going to get married soon after he has no leverage over you"

"Well how do you know.that?"

"Because I know" I paused then sighed, I didn't know why he wanted to help me, a used good, when he could get any woman he wanted

"Thanks" I said and swallowed "whatever this is, thank you" he glanced at me then drove on, I stared out the window as we drove into another part of town, next we were in the apartment gate, I looked around as I thought that this was where I would be for the next two weeks

"Have you thought about your family, friends when they look for you"he suddenly asked as the gate was opened

"I ll text them I'm fine"I said, I wouldn't be needing a nanny when I'm indoors so that too was covered, I stared around at the neat apartment after we got in, it was small but it would do

" I have a housekeeper coming to clean every now and then, I don't use the place but you let me know if you need anything, everything is stocked up for now but you can send her to the supermarket for anything else you may need"

"Thanks so much" he waited and I waited

"I ll be on my way, call of you need to talk" I knew I needed that as he left and I looked around, I settled in two days after, I made do with what was in the fridge and made myself at home, I knew I was running away from my husband and this was not the lasting solution but I needed it now, it wasn't until my phone started blasting with phonecalls that I rethought about my decisions, I had to text Clara that I was fine, but she called me back

"So where are you, everyone's been calling me, Tony's in town, he said you packed your bags"

"I don't pack anything, just some personals"

"But where are you, a hotel?"

I signed"you can't tell anyone but I'm somewhere safe, please don't tell Tony"

"You know I hate that bastard, but where are you though"

I sighed"Mr Maurison lent me his place"

"What..Omg, no wonder he's so calm about your absence, he's  got it bad for you, so tell me, how did it go from I don't like him to this"

"Clara I don't like him, he just lent me because I was in distress"

"Really"she laughed and I knew I had missed her" Miss damsel in distress, how's my baby Simon"

"He's alright, trying to adapt"

"So what exactly is the plan, you can't hide forever"

"Yes"I paused" I've decided to fight him in court"

"That's my girl, you have nothing to loose, he just wants to scare you"

"Even if it kills me he can't have Simon, I feel so used"

"This is not the time to get emotional girl, just do everything you can to win"

I cleaned tear"Thanks dear, would call you back" I cut and went to check what I was baking, the door of the apartment opened and closed before I figured of course he had a key, I put off the oven, and brought out the cupcakes to cool then I removed my apron as he walked in

"Something smells nice"he said

"Um, I was bored so I decided to bake"

"I didn't know you baked"he said and leaned on the island

"Well I do"I moved out of the kitchen to avoid him, I had called him because I wanted to discuss the details of the court case, this was a week of thinking and I was ready

"We missed you at the office"he said joining me in the sitting room

"Well I'm sure someone isn't one of them" I meant Sade, and he moved away and sat down

"you called"

"Yes I ..wanted a lawyer, you offered me once remember"

"Yes i.did but what exactly do you want to do?"

"Um."I wriggled my fingers"I want to divorce him but have my son with me"

"It's only going to be difficult because he has the resources but I'm positive you would win"he said and  I smiled

" anything?"I asked and he looked at me like we both knew what he wanted but I quickly said "there's wine and cake.." he smirked and  nodded and I went to get it while he made some phonecalls

"Your husband has been coming to the office"he said and I relaxed until he said"watching me"

"Uh?!", He took my hand in his and pulled me to him, I suddenly was scared

"Don't worry, you both are safe here for now"he saidI"It's not like you're running away from him are you"he chuckled

"Well I am" I twisted my fingers"I'm scared of what he might do now, he must be very angry"

"Well he did serve you papers, his loss", his finger roved down my spine, I stared at down at George as he looked at me

"I don't know why you want me, I'm used good"I said and stood up to move away buy he followed

"No you're not" he said as he pulled back my hair"you're perfect"he said, he always said the right thing which made me skeptical as to think he was too good to be true, I wanted him, it wasn't my fault that I was s*x starved, but I wanted to kiss him again and I knew he wanted me to, as we met lips and began to kiss again and deeply, I m*aned out as he kissed down my neck and clenched my b*tt, it was only the cry of Simon that brought me back to my senses, this was George, the professional play boss, and I was about to be one of his conquest

"No, stop please"I pulled away and saw the look in his eyes, he wanted me"I need to go, I need to go back home'"


"No, I don't want to be one of your latest conquests, would be too hard for me to bear"

"Isabel you're a lot more than that"

"How do I know that, forgive me but Tony was nice, just like you..until he changed"tears fell now, he tried to move closer but I moved away

"You know I'm nothing like him"he said almost convincingly

I shook my head"I need to go"I went to respond to a wailing Simon then began to pack my bags, he wanted in my pants and I was a fool to think I could run away from one man into the arms of another.



Do you'all think George is genuine??!

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