MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 26

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Could Chelsea have been the one I saw? Is she really gone? How will she be now? Where is she? I still couldn't believe that my best friend was gone... gone for good. I was so pained and hurt; hurt that I didn't even get to say goodbye. Oh, Chelsea. Why did you have to leave? Why did you have to leave this world? Millions of tears broke free from their glands as they rolled down my face. I couldn't believe that everything was going this way, and my best friend was no longer with us . Who could have done such an awful thing? What did she do to deserve such a heartless kill? There was no one to answer my questions, not even Chelsea herself. "Oh, Chels, please come back to us. We miss you -"




I'm right here, friend. I'll always be here...






I wiped my tears off and took my gaze off the coffin. "H-hi." I sniffed as none of us uttered a word.


I knew one of us had to be the one to break it, so I began, "Chelsea was one nice girl I'd ever seen. I wonder why someone had to murder her in cold blood." My tears began to flow again as he wrapped his hands around me in a bid to comfort.


I felt comfortable in Philip's arms, his soothing words comforting me but I knew that things weren't going to be all right... not when we had lost someone so dear. 




Deafening noise of gunshots, accompanied by sirens' wail increased the tension on Brooklyn street

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. Facing forward, I began to sprint; my loud grunts filling the air, and tired feet slapping the hard road, as I ran so fast, with the thought of my legs about to explode going on in my mind.


The steady pound of my footsteps echoed in my ears, as beads of sweat that were already gathered on my forehead rolled down my face and splattered to my chin. The fear I had from being on the run, was one that added to my strength - and the soles of my shoes hitting the ground, made me not want to give up. It was one way to release my energy and continue, lest I'll be caught.


Adrenaline coursed through my veins, as a thin layer of sweat covered the nape of my neck. I tried to keep my breathing steady, and I pushed harder, going really fast. The ground blurred below me as I continued to run for what seemed like longer than it should have. I wasn't ready to stop, and I knew what could hinder me from survival were my doubts and limits.


At this great speed I could barely see a few feet ahead of me, not with the smog formed in front blinding me from urging on. Everything became veiled, but still I pounded my feet across the road, my lungs getting strained at the cold air which bit into it. Feeling the wind whip my face, the hair on my skin stood erect, sending chills up my spine. My mind was racing faster than my feet, and my steps pounded in time with my heartbeat; the former remaining frantic with thoughts, How is it that they were able to find me? Has my end come at last?


I felt my whole body working; my leg muscles running warm, as fresh air entered my lungs and blood flowed into all my limbs. I quickened my pace until steps became leaps, and anxious feet flew over stones. I pumped my legs, gaining momentum with each push, as I darted past buildings and trees, with my calves burning, and breath forming clouds in the air.


Gut-wrenching, heart pumping after several thrusts forward, my legs got all weary, and I began to slow down - breath coming in short gasps.


I turned around, knowing that there was no way that I could make it in time, as the wailing of sirens could be heard not so far off.


I looked to my right, realizing that I was on Canary bridge, as it occurred to me that there was no way I could escape... at least not this time. 


I was soon surrounded by the cops, their prowl cars blocking every exit, leaving me with no other choice than to stop at their command.


I wasn't ready to go to jail, especially not after everything. I gathered up courage and made to jump, as one of the cops' voice halted me to stop. "Hands above your head or I'll shoot!"


I panted heavily, getting my eyes closed as I remembered Tricia and how I had hurt her. It wouldn't have been like this if she had not fallen love with that bastard. He's going to pay for everything! I got my fists clenched, rolled my eyes one more time at the cops, and turned to take a final step.






I couldn't believe James was dead. I didn't know the reaction to give about the news but I fell really sad. Why did he have to jump off a bridge? I thought to myself as I tried not to let my tears flow. "S-so James is dead?" I looked at Philip as he broke the news to me.


"We don't know for sure, Trish. His body hasn't been found yet."


"Bu-but what about Chelsea's case? Have they found the killer?"


Philip sighed. "Sadly, no. No fingerprint was found the night Chelsea was killed."


"Oh, good Lord. Why are they finding it so hard to find the killer? He should be found by now, right? They can't just act as if nothing has happened. Chelsea's the one we're talking about here!" 


I wasn't sure if I was bothered about James. I just wanted the person behind Chelsea's death to be found and put behind bars. I breathed again, still lost in thoughts, as I wondered hoe I couldn't see James for what he was. I never knew he was capable of hurting me. And I was so foolish to believe that he had loved me. I was so blinded by lust that I couldn't see what a monster he was. Mum and Dad were right. I should have never gotten close to him - now look what has happened. "This is all my fault." I muttered under my breath, forgetting I wasn't alone.


"Your fault?"


"I... I should have kept my distance from James. I-I'm so sorry, Phil. I'm so sorry that I hid it from you. I'm really sorry." I couldn't stop myself from being sorry for everything - for hurting Phil.


He gave a sigh and drew closer to me. "It's okay. Let's not talk about it. All right? It's a past thing now."


"Even so. I-I feel really bad. I feel really bad for not telling you the truth. I made a mistake. I made a big mistake." I said ruefully.


"Come on, Trish. You don't have to go about that. I've forgiven you. Come on. Stop crying." His response made me feel happy again.





It's being three days and it seemed Chelsea was still with us. Her death was a big blow to not just her family, but to all her friends, especially me. She always knew the right thing to do and the right thing that would make things work.


I had completely forgotten about Derek - it ought not to have been like that if not for what was happening around. I could say I missed him. And I wished to hear his voice again, wondering why he hadn't put a call through ever since.


"Come on, Derek. I haven't gotten all day." I groaned as I stared at my phone, hoping he'd call back.


I tossed my phone on the bed, disappointed at him not doing so, as I made to lie down, the sound of my phone stopping me from doing so. "Well, it's about time!" I answered swiftly as his cold greetings came.


"Hello, Trish." 


"Derek. Oh, thank God. How are you?"


"I'm fine... as usual."


It came again.


Maybe he's just surprised, I thought and sat on the bed, giving no hard thought about it. "Well, what's kicking? You doing okay?"


"Yeah. Uh, we're gonna talk later.

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. I have to go now." 


With that, he hung up on me before I could say anything else.


"How rude!" I frowned at the attitude he had given me, feeling extremely angry and hurt that I wanted to break something.


I looked at my phone, regretting why I had care to call, as I threw it angrily on the bed, cursing under my breath. Goddamn you, Trish! The one moment you care. Just the one moment!" I held myself, wondering what was happening to me, and the same time trying to keep it cool so Mum wouldn't hear.


Mum herself was acting really weird. She wouldn't even come downstairs or even have lunch with me - it seemed like she and Dad were quarreling again. Wasn't surprised, really. Dad was barely there for her and that always got her mad. Guess I took that part from her - always mad when you feel the people you care about... don't care about you.


I wanted to cool off. To not let my mind get disturbed, as I walked out of my room and made to go downstairs, stopping at the sound of Mum's angry voice. 


"She's not your daughter, Patrick. She'll never be your daughter, you hear me? So quit pestering me and go do something better with your life!" 


I froze at the spot. "Not your daughter?"


 ~~~ TBC ~~~ 



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