One girl...

Two brothers...

Can Tricia,the young,beautiful daughter of the rich aristocrats,and honourable owners of the biggest ville in the whole of Hennsen,love them both?Even when she learns the truth?!Well,I guess we'll never know until we read deeper this time.Join us on this fascinating adventure and witness love true wonders.....

A Ciara's Romance

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    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Introduction

    • Hi everyone,the newly edited one is here now.We've got new characters...New words....New adventures....Suspense....Love features...Anything...Anything you can think of ...
      • Views (1,219)
      • Comments (5)
    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 1

    • "Tricia,hurry up.Today's a big day for all of us,"my mum called from downstairs.   Her voice echoed so loudly from the living room,and I fear...
      • Views (1,024)
      • Comments (4)
    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 2

    • Campbell university!Ain't it sweet?!I smiled,stepping out of the car."Dad,do you think the girls over here will be better than ours at Hennsen?"I asked nostalgically....
      • Views (889)
      • Comments (8)
    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 3

    • I ran through the hallway,aiming to get to class before the time clocked eight."Grr!"I groaned."I can't believe I'm going to be tardy."I muttered under ...
      • Views (832)
      • Comments (3)
    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 4

    • I sat deeply engrossed in what I was writing and the loud chattering wasn't helping the situation in anyway.I adjusted myself on the chair,a low moan escaping my wet,gloss lips...
      • Views (814)
      • Comments (1)
    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 5

    •   Days passed and there was still no sign of Derek anywhere. I felt miserable, didn't know why, but part of l wished so much to apologize and make things right once again....
      • Views (416)
      • Comments (2)
    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 6

    • Guys, I'm really sorry for not continuing with this. You know, I started this story eight months ago, and when I was done with all the chapters in the fourth month of writing, ...
      • Views (320)
      • Comments (4)
    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 7

    • DEREK'S P.O.V     I laid in my room, remembering the guy I had seen with Tricia the other day. Who is this guy, and why does it seem like I've...
      • Views (477)
      • Comments (10)
    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 8

    •   I was shaken by the sight, my mouth going dry instantly, as the image of the two hovered in mind. I don't believe this! So Daphne and Philip are together? I breathed hea...
      • Views (164)
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    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 9

    •   Having heard everything Chelsea said, I gave a thought about it and made for my bag, aiming to write in my diary.     I kept a journal; my trus...
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    • MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 10

    •   After that day, Philip and I started hanging out more often. He and I would go to the park on Sundays, stroll the couples' lane; as it was called - a place where coconut...
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