Trapped - Episode 9

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I stared at my son's picture as I cried in my office, Clara sat there and stared at me

"If you ask me, I think it's good news, you were visibly trapped"she said

I looked at her"I don't want to loose my son, I can't go against him in court, where do I even get the money and a good lawyer"

"You're not going to loose Simon, who chooses a father over his own mother and you have been such an amazing Mom"she praised

We went silent as we contemplated our next line of action

"I just feel used you know, he didn't even try to make it work"

"You think, he probably has a woman he's banging in PH, men"

"I don't know, I feel maybe it's me"

"Dear, it's not you, he won't recognize a good thing even if it's staring him in the face"

" now?"

"Smile, live your life normally and watch him go to hell"

I smiled in spite of myself as I got called to Mr Maurisons office on the intercom

"Now that's something to talk about" she said, She had never liked Tony and I shook my head as I headed for his office, he was busy with something but then looked up when I said 

"You sent for me sir"

He seemed to notice my mood but ignored it

"I can't seem to find any of the documents I stored here last week" I walked over to him to help him with the search on the computer, I clicked on the folder where I taught it might be it opened

"It was in a hidden file"I said then looked at him and discovered our faces were close together, our gazes held as he rolled on his chair then he looked away to the computer

"Have you had lunch, I was about leaving for lunch"

"Uh" I pulled back my hair, wondering if to tell him no

"I've noticed you don' lunch when I don't excuse you to, so from now on we would have lunch together"he said resaving the file then he looked at me

"Sir, I normally have lunch with Clara"

"Who's Clara?"

"My friend, she's in human resources"so he didn't know everyone in the company by name

"It's also a way for us to discuss business outside the office"he said

 I needed a break from Clara and the thought of Tony so I nodded, it wasn't a bad idea and I was starved

"Great, be ready in 5" he said

Five minutes later we went down to the elevator together, Sade glared when we passed by her but I wasn't in her mood, the valet brought his car around and I gaped at the black Porche, he had a different car everyday but this was his favorite, he got in and I followed, I shut the door and he drove away leaving me wondering if I was making a mistake

"Do you want to take it off?"he suddenly asked after five minutes in the car


"Your ring, you keep twisting it around"

I discovered I had been playing with my wedding band based on my thoughts, so I stopped and touched my hair instead staring ahead of me, he turned back ahead when I didn't say anything further.

We got to the restaurant which wasn't so far from the office and sat at a table, after we ordered, I stared away

"I noticed you are in a sour mood lately"

He noticed, he noticed everything about me, I  looked down "I'm sorry if I'm not meeting up to par sir"

" No it's not...I discovered we don't know anything much about each other, we only just discuss business"

"That's basically what we should discuss"I said wonderingly, I knew where this was going and I knew about his history with women and I wasn't about to be one of them

"You wanna tell me what's bothering you?"he asked

"Nothing , nothing you should concern yourself about" I said

The food arrived and I dug in while he watched me

" I do not like it when my staff is not up to par with work because she's worried about something she doesn't feel the need to tell me about"

"You only concerned about that because that staff is me" I said and raised my wineglass to him before sipping

He was silent then as he cut his meat

"am I a bad boss?"he asked

"No...sir, don't get me wrong.."

" I'd like to know what they say about me behind my back and I think we are passed the level of sir, call me George"

I swallowed and kept my napkin on my lap

"They think you're pretty amazing"

"You just saying that to make me feel better"

I laughed, hard, I haven't laughed in days

"There it is" he said"I haven't seen that in a while" we got silent, then

"Do you have siblings, I only just see you and your Dad"I asked

"well I have two brothers, I'm the eldest, one is a doctor and the other is an artist, both are in Ghana".

"Wow, I..I didn't know that" another silence" so why are you single?"I thought to ask

" I haven't found the woman who deserves to be my wife"

"Deserve, hmm, you sure are very picky"

" No, I don't think so, I just haven't found her".he insisted

"What exactly do you men want, aside from finding a woman to deceive and bed"

He laughed and I noticed he had a dimple on his left cheek"is that what you think men want?".

"Isn't that what you want?" I asked

We stared at each other and he said"No, I want so much more than that" and I knew he was talking about me, but I decided to change subject because I was already in one complication and wasn't about to enter another

" We need to go, I still have some work to tidy up at the office"

"And am supposed to be the boss, but if you insist"he stood up and I took my bag, he cleared the bill while I tried to get a Lawyer online though I didn't know anyone who would be willing to go against Tony Wellington. We got back to the office and  then to a meeting,  I called Susan to check up on Simon, the day ended and I went back home.

My sister was very pissed with Tony when I told her

"Do you want me to talk to him?" She asked

"No, I don't think he would listen to anyone right now, I might have to call Mom tonight" I said

I told my Mom and she got very angry, with me I guess

"Did you do anything wrong?"

"Mom you know I have been enduring this marriage"courtesy of you

"Yeah well Divorce is not the answer, we have to talk to him, I would call his mother, what in the world is he thinking?" she cut the call and I rolled my eyes, she had to get me out of this mess she out me in, but I was foolish then, I didn't know what I know now and men are all roses and pearl when they want something.

Mr Maurison and I continued out daily lunch and I knew we were raising some office gossip but I didn't care, I enjoyed the chats and It took my mind off the current situation so it got me shocked when Friday afternoon found us kissing in his office, I couldn't remember how it started or who started it but I knew it wasn't me because of the way he dug into my hair and ate my lips after which he kissed down my neck and clenched my br*asts, it was after I m*aned that he stopped

"Oh god Isabel, I'm so sorry but I've always wanted to do that" that poured cold water on my body,  as I recalled where I was and who I was with and what I was  doing, I was married with a son, I jumped off his desk

"I have to go, I.

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. I'm sorry this ever happened, can we like pretend it didn't"

"What do you mean...pretend?"

" I'm.married with a son sir, I couldn't risk losing my son for anything, if my husband finds out I...."I looked down

He looked confused"what do you mean risk losing your son"

I was silent as I stared away" My husband wants a divorce" I looked at him, he put hands in pockets as he moved here and there then he chuckled

"Can't say I'm not happy about that"


"Come on, I want you and you're married, do you know how disappointing that has been"

"What exactly are you saying?"

"I can get you a lawyer, you divorce him properly and we can get together".

"I do not want to divorce him" I said"I haven't even looked at the papers, I want to make my marriage work, I don't believe in divorce"

He chuckled"Okay, so what does that mean for us"

"There is no us"

"Don't say that, we have something and you know it" he said

"...I am married" I said again  for the uptenth time maybe to convince myself"I'm sure you have your pick of beautiful women, so just leave me alone" with that, I walked out of his office.




**Is George going to fight for her or leave her alone??

. .

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