Love is a beautiful thing......when it occurs in the right circumstances.

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    • Trapped - Introduction

    • *Helo all, I'm back again with a new story, this story is already written so don't fret about late uploads, please give it a fair chance and remember to rate, like and comm...
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    • Trapped - Episode 1

    • My heels made click clack as I hurried to my desk, I was usual "Isabel...Mr Maurison wants to see you in his office...Asap" shit, there went my chance ...
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    • Trapped - Episode 2

    • The next week went pretty much the same except I caught Mr Maurison looking at me not once but twice during the board meeting, maybe I had something in my hair... "S...
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    • Trapped - Episode 3

    • The table was silent as we ate our late dinner, Simon babbled next to us in his high chair, playing with his food "You know at some point you have to talk to me"...
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    • Trapped - Episode 4

    • Sorry about the short episodes, it would become longer with time. I went with Sade and Mr Maurison to Abuja three days later, I had dropped off Simon at my sister's t...
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    • Trapped - Episode 5

    • "you have to tell me all the titbits" Clara slid into the chair opposite me and said, it was two days day after we arrived and I had been avoiding her  until now, I ...
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    • Trapped - Episode 6

    • Sorry about the delay, I posted those episodes but it wasn't approved untill now, I had to wait till they were approved. My son got better and everything returned to ...
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    • Trapped - Episode 7

    • Tony opened the door after I rang the bell, his gateman had told me to go right in, Festus knew who I was but I hadn't told Tony I was in PH so I was skeptical but he did look ...
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    • Trapped - Episode 8

    • My mother had come into my room that afternoon and told me we were having visitors over for dinner, she looked excited but was trying not to show it, she said they were friends in ...
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    • Trapped - Episode 9

    • I stared at my son's picture as I cried in my office, Clara sat there and stared at me "If you ask me, I think it's good news, you were visibly trapped"...
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    • Trapped - Episode 10

    • The Divorce was in my head, I could think about nothing else... "Ma, Simon is asleep, I want to go for tutorials"I nodded at Susan absentmindedly "em ma, a...
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    • Trapped - Episode 11

    • "Where the hell have you been?"Tony blurted immediately I walked into the house, I paused on seeing him because I assumed he must have gone back to PH "I t...
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    • Trapped - Episode 12

    • Tony was still in the house. It was shocking because he didn't usually spend more than three days with us, I almost asked him but I decided to let it go, he sipped his tea as h...
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    • Trapped - Episode 13

    • Mr Maurison ignored me during meetings and was strictly professional at work, we didn't even go to lunch together and I didn't want to admit it but I missed him, his happy ...
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    • Trapped - Episode 14

    • I never knew I could be this happy, with someone and yes I was happy with George, our date that night was perfect, after which we drove a long distance to his apartment, the one I ...
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