Have you ever experienced love... that warm refreshing feeling that flows down your soul... you don't want to let go... you never want your love to grow old or start acting cold. And in that instant moment you'll do.... I mean you'll do everything and anything to make sure it keeps going. You'll hold a gun if you have to, kill if you must,cry, lie and even Die . Have you ever felt that way? I wished I have but unfortunately  I'm still searching for that special someone but I did know something  was changing and here's my story... How it all begun .. In FIRESPARKS...

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    • Firesparks - Introduction

    • *if you're love flashbacks you're in for a treat.....* I love you all like Dolapo,kind and the rest of you  who remains unnamed following me in my stories..... ...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 1

    • Sara's p.o.v Fresh air....I try to inhale it down my nostrils down to my lungs....keep calm. No matter what you do... don't look out the window.... you're str...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 2

    • Treasure's p.o.v "Sara here's breakfast please eat something..."I set the tray of rice in front of Sara. "I'm not hungry"she groaned and turn...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 3

    • Sara's p.o.v It came again... the hurting memories.....but they don't come in the form of day dreams but nightmares. The same hurt and pain and i can't believ...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 4

    • Sara's p.o.v "I SAW YOU TALKING TO THE NEW KID"She teased. "Treasure stop it.. I don't like him that way"I s...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 5

    • Sara's p.o.v It was a very cold evening. I lay on the bed covered with my favorite blanket and I'd naturally be longing for companionship but I pushed away the only ...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 6

    • Sara's p.o.v. Someone was in my room.... someone is out to get me. Mom doesn't believe me the room was arranged when we arrived but I saw him... my contests.....
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    • Firesparks - Episode 7

    • Sara's p.o.v "Aiodoooosssss...." She said as she stuck out her tongue. "oh my gosh... Treasure you scared me...."I said letting her enter and ...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 8

    • Ashabi Ola and Dolapo my favorite...your comments inspired me to write this episode.... And my silent least once in a while encourage me...over 100 readers and 1 comme...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 9

    • Sara's p.o.v I held my breath... and walked slowly through the rooms only to see a frustrated Treasure and Dayne.... Dayne! I'm so dissapionted but I can'...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 10

    • Sara's p.o.v I moved backwards feeling suffocated and started coughing. "Are you okay?" Dayne moved closer and brushed his hands against my skin. ...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 11

    • Sara's p.o.v I've had a very stressful day after Treasure and Dayne left...I could not sleep so I pressed the pillows against my chest. I don't feel safe. Someon...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 12

    • Sara's p.o.v "How long is she gonna be asleep"I heard a voice said. "She should wake up anytime." I slowly opened my eyes taking eve...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 13

    • Sara's p.o.v The doctor finally decided that I could get discharged and mom has been looking at me... she pratically shoves my drugs down my throat.... it won't be f...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 14

    • Sara's p.o.v knockkk...knock "Who's there...I'll be out in a minute"I called from the bathroom using a towel to rinse my hair. I looked a...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 15

    • Sara's p.o.v I opened my eyes.... groaning.... and looked around me ..I was attached to drips and I could see signs of different needle. I looked up to see mom cr...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 16

    • Sara's p.o.v "Dayne...what are you doing here....who even let you into an hospital room"I sighed. "Sara I came for you .."He said....
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    • Firesparks - Episode 17

    • Sara's p.o.v "Are you excited"Dayne says holding my hands. "Are you kidding me...I'm going to India....I might live"I screamed. &qu...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 18

    • Asha's p.o.v "Ken....ken....oh my gosh where is that boy"I screamed running around the house. "Mommy can't catch me"He stuck out hi...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 19

    • Sara's p.o.v I tried my best to start a conversation with Winter throughout the entire drive but she just ignored me.... finally I pulled off. "Baby ... w...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 20

    • Winter's p.o.v I think I'm in the principal office because there's this man and his lip is contorted in strange O. "And so she pushed him down" ...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 21

    • Sara's p.o.v I watched Winter angrily...on her first day...she had stolen a pen, pushed a boy, and was rude to her principal. "So... Mrs she claims this is h...
      • Views (3,674)
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    • Firesparks - Episode 22

    • Winter's p.o.v Mom arrived... home....late... well... Not like literally late...late....but late! She didn't even acknowledge me. She kicked her...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 23

    • Sara's p.o.v  **** I went downstairs wearing baggy trousers and a top when I sit down... and see a plate of Food placed at my s...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 24

    • Winter's p.o.v I watched every other kid in the class play together. I want to play with them... but they're all scared of I just watch. "Hey loo...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 25

    • Winter's p.o.v "Are you stalking me?"He screamed. "You got to be kidding me I heard my mom's car..."I said. "You're a liar...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 26

    • Winter's p.o.v I walked away.... No one ever sees me crying. He was just nice to me even though i pushed him down... Everyone hates me...They are all planning to....
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    • Firesparks - Episode 27

    • Winter's p.o.v I open my eyes sniffing dust. Where am I? "Atewwww!"I sneezed. Where am I? I opened my mouth when I realized it was ...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 28

    • Winter's p.o.v I listened intently for a while and don't hear any other noise... "Are we already outside?"I panicked and heard a tumble. &quo...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 29

    • Winter's p.o.v* "Let me go"I screamed trying to free myself from the ropes. "Stop the kid from crying...give her a candy already"The dri...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 30

    • Winter's p.o.v "What the darn is wrong...with you...why did you hit the kid so hard?"I heard a voice and I scratched my head... slowly waking up... I wa...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 31

    • Winter's p.o.v "Once upon a time" the strange man said. "Time....Time"I said. ** There was a boy His name was...
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    • Firesparks - Episode 32

    • ***Winter's p.o.v I shivered the cold night. They have brought food for me to eat...but I simply refuse to eat... I don't want to be poisoned and I...
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