Trapped - Episode 14

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I never knew I could be this happy, with someone and yes I was happy with George, our date that night was perfect, after which we drove a long distance to his apartment, the one I had previously stayed at and had s*x in every room, I knew what I was doing was wrong but I so did not care, there were speculations in the office that we were dating and I didn't know how I felt about that , most knew I was married and I was termed the boss's new plaything, but there were others who were envious of me, I didn't even know what the future held for  the two of us but I wanted to remain in the present.

"I think you should take that off"he said on our way back, I looked at him, he meant my ring


"It makes me feel like I'm dating a married woman"

"Well you are.." I paused "the divorce is not yet over"

He drove on "Do you feel guilty?" he asked


"Are you still in love with him?"

I was silent, it was hard to tell, sometimes I wanted to hang him and other times...

"You are..."

"What no...he's the father of my child, of course I would feel some remorse, but you don't have to worry, it's over between us" I said and with that I removed the ring "I told you I had some baggages"

" I'm in love with you Isabel, I don't care about that", a silence after he said that, I had wanted us to take it slow but he seemed to not be having any of it

"I wonder what your mother would say, you know, about me being a divorcee"

He paused then"I think my mother is only concerned about my happiness" he said and I stared at him, what about his father, was I going to loose my Job when he found out, I discovered I had a lot to loose if this didn't work out, I could loose my son, Tony, my job and my money...he  took my hand in his like he sensed I was worried

"It's going to be fine, everything's going to work out" he kissed my palm and held it for the rest of the ride.

Tony glared at me across the table during the meeting that Wednesday, I had come in late because I had to leave work and had apologized to him and his lawyer but it was like he knew something I did not know...

"Now we all are here, I would like both parties to state clearly the grounds for the divorce" Barrister Brown said, she wasn't our family lawyer and I wouldn't put it past him to get another lawyer because he could...

"Well he filed for it, I think he should go first"Barrister Thomas said

"I'm no longer in love with her" he said plainly"That is enough reason", that actually hurt more than I thought it would

"Let's not pretend there was any love in the first place"I said

"Mrs Wellington,  let's exercise some decorum, is there a reason you would like to divorce your husband"she asked

"Well he's never here, if he hadn't filed, I sure would have, we have been living apart for over 2yrs"I paused"we don't sleep together when we get to see, and I don't see the reason to stay together"

"Have you both tried counselling?"she asked

We looked at each other then 

"I think it's way past that" Tony said

"Okay" the lawyers jotted down"do you have anything to say to what your wife just said"

Tony paused then"No"he said sitting up"let's get this over with" why did he seem so hasty in getting rid of me..I sensed there was something else

"Okay so we would go ahead with the petition" they exchanged papers"let's go on a break, we would recovene after 10 minutes" the lawyers left while we sat on opposite sides of the table, he didn't want to look at me but I stared straight at him

"You must be so happy, using me, and getting away with it"

" I'm sure you can't wait  to jump into the arms of your lover" he spat out

"What did I ever do to you Tony"he stared at me"that you want me away from your life"

"Well why do you want to be in it, you just said you.were never in love with me"

"Well I wasn't, but why the divorce'

"Because that's what we should do, for the sake of our sanity, for the sake of our son"

"Don't even bring Simon into this, because you  are not thinking about him when you trying to take him from his mother"

"Trust me, I am, I want a better life for him" 

I chuckled dryly"you just want a chance to go and be with your woman" I said and he didn't say anything to that

"It has nothing to do with you, it's me and if you don't contend for my son like I asked we would do this peacefully and get on with our lives"

"You have another woman...right" I asked again, he sighed "you have been cheating on me and you can't even look me in the eye and tell me"

"I don't have another woman, stop with your speculations"he blurted

"Then what the hell is going on Tony, we had a good marriage"

"No, we had a failed marriage and I'm trying to right my wrongs"

"Fine, let's just get this over with"I said giving up

"I've not been with any woman since you"he said and I wondered why he suddenly decided to give me that info"but I've been with a man" I gaped, wait what

"You''re gay?"I gawked

"At least that's lesser than you sleeping with your boss"

No, nothing was lesser than that

"Do you have me followed?"I asked

"I just need my son Isabel, I discovered I couldn't keep being with you when I could never make you happy, I need to go and be with Adam"

I gaped at him, he was g*y?, Was that a thing?!

"My mother wanted me to get married, get a heir possibly, she was devasted when she found me with Adam at my apartment in london"

I gawked, so I was the scape goat, the uterus that was used to carry their baby, I felt so devastated...

 "I'm so sorry"he said and walked away.

Tears threatened to fall as the lawyers returned with him 10 minutes later

"We have decided that you both would need counselling before doing something so final"

Tony was shocked"I thought we already discussed this, this is way past..."

"Mr Wellington I'm sorry but it is procedure, we would need to present that to a judge that you have both gone through counselling, tried to make it work and failed before he or she would grant you a divorce"Barr Thomas said

"I thought that was supposed to be our decision"I said, I was tired and just wanted to get this over with

"How long is this counselling supposed to take"Tony asked

"About a month and you have to live together"his lawyer said

I cleaned away a tear, they were kidding

"Barr Brown I thought I hired you to be my lawyer"Tony said flabbergasted

"After a month and you still remain on the same decision, we would proceed"she said, this was only going to make matters worse, and elongate things

Tony surely wanted to punch something and the lawyers face was close by

"We would adjourn this meeting for now and recovene in a month, good day everyone"She stood up and left with Barr Thomas with me wondering why they were working together to prolong my misery.


"He's g*y, he's f*cking g*y, how couldn't I have seen the signs" I said to my sister who gaped shocked at me at her house that weekend, I  had spilled everything to her

"How did you find out?"she asked now

"He told me, he freaking said it to my face, he just wanted a son"I cried now as my sister held me"I'm so stupid, here I was blaming myself"

"You had no idea and it's not your fault, Wow, I'm shocked, what do you plan on doing?"

"I would never give him his son even if it kills me"

She paused"you think that it's a good idea to keep dragging this"

"Can't you see that's what he wants, to just use and dump me"

Sandra was silent"But if you don't divorce him you can't be with George"

"That's what I'm thinking, I feel trapped" I hugged myself" I feel so trapped

" I think you should just let him go, it's for the best"She insisted

"Yes, but I'm not going to make it easy for him"

She thought confused"what do you mean?"

"We are supposed to get counseling before the divorce proceedings so I have ample time to plan my revenge"

Sandra sighed"I really do not know what Mom was thinking, but you have to decide if purnishing him is worth loosing George".

At work I had decided to tell Clara as well because I was so confused on what to do, George had wanted to know what was wrong but I didn't give him details, I didn't want him to start a fight with my husband

"I can't bear to loose Simon to him",  I said now to Clara,she had been really shocked as she hadn't seen it coming but she said

"Would that be such a bad thing?"


"Loosing Simon, I know it's hard but you've given that bastard everything, your life, your time and a son, maybe it's time to let go of all that and start afresh"

"I can't just let it go, what are you saying"I said, it not something I could just format

She held my hand in hers"Mr Maurison loves you, at least I think he does, you can start a life with him, and forget Tony"

I thought about the sacrifices and pains I had endured these past years, hoping and praying he would come back to me someday but it was too late now.

"I'm not ready to give him up" I said.


******So sorry for the delay in upload, typing is not easy.

So who saw that coming,  I need your comments and likes below...peace

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