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"you have to tell me all the titbits" Clara slid into the chair opposite me and said, it was two days day after we arrived and I had been avoiding her  until now, I looked up at her then continued filing

"It was really all work"

"So you mean nothing interesting happened"she sounded disappointed

"I don't know what you hoped to happen but Nope"

"Did you spend some alone time with him at least"I looked at her, I wasn't about to tell her that

"Clara, I'm married" for the upteenth time

"So is 95 percent of the world population but you're miserable as hell"

"So I should cheat on my husband"

"You're telling me it hasn't crossed your mind"

"No, all I think about is my son" Mr Maurison passed with Sade at his heels, guess he was closed for the day, we haven't talked about the Abuja trip and I was glad it had remained that way, professional, everything I did now was centred around my son

I ignored Clara, I didn't get why she was pushing me towards my boss, my boss, at the beginning it seemed like a joke but it was getting serious maybe she just wanted me to get with another man who wasn't Tony, like some crazy love story

"Imagine the beautiful love story you both would create"she said "At least do it for me, f*ck him for the both of us"I gaped at her,  she leaned forward"don't tell me you haven't noticed the way he looks at you"

"How does he look at me"

"Strictly PG-21"

I laughed but I didn't reply, she grew frustrated" do you plan on being celibate for life, I'm sure even Tony wouldn't mind"

"Can you just like focus on your own love life" I blurted then regretted it as the colour drained from her eyes"I'm sorry Clara, I shouldn't have said that"

"Well I don't have a boyfriend but I'm looking, you on the other hand want to die a maiden"

"I'm not a maiden"

"But you get the point"

"Fine let's go out tonight and meet people so you can get off my back"


"I have a Nanny now so it should be easy to leave Simon behind" I had employed one immediately I got back, she was a student who loved kids, her name was Susan and she was an absolute sweetheart, the best part was Simon loved her to bits.

I felt out of place when I walked into the club that night, it had been two years since I went out at all,  we ordered drinks and danced after which we scouted for potential suitors

"I think that guy is looking at you" she said after we had dismissed two others with a laugh

"Who?" I turned and remembered him, it was Joe, he had given me his card but I had left it in my trash can, ow my face heated as I turned away

"you do know him, he's coming this way"

"I need another drink "I said and reach for it

"Hey, fancy seeing you here"


He looked at Clara"This must be your friend, I  came to have a drink with my friends, you should  join us"

"No thanks, we are fine"I said

"We having a girls night out" Clara chirped in over the loud music after looking at me and figuring I did not like him, he still did not take the cue to leave

"I thought you were going to call me"he finally said

"Why because almost every girl does?"

He looked at me and gave me his phone "please put in your number" I hesitated

"She's not interested" Clara chirped in "she's married, I'm single though"Clara said invitingly

"Oh I..I had no idea"he said now noticing the ring"it was nice seeing you again" he strolled away and got lost in the crowd, Clara and I burst into fits

"You are a man magnet"she said

"I swear to God,  I didn't even know what to say to him, why did you tell him I was married"I didn't think she needed to, he was a stranger

"Because you are?"

"But you want me with Mr Maurison"

"Because you both would be so cute together"

I psst"Double standard" I finished my wine and we soon went back home, Simon was crying when I got back

"What happened Susan?"

"He refused to eat, he threw up all the food"

I took him in my arms and rocked him"My cuteybubu, Mommy's here, I'm sorry I left you"he hiccuped then stopped

"Do you still want to feed him?"she asked

"No, I think he wants to sleep, you can go to bed Susan, goodnight"

"Goodnight ma"she tidied up the place and went upstairs to sleep, Simon was soon asleep and I put him in his room and went to mine. He developed a fever at night so I gave him medication but had to take him to the clinic the next morning "I think he caught a cold" I said to the doctor

"No, he has malaria, does he sleep under net"

"Yes he does"

"Well make sure he gets his medications as prescribed" the Doctor said after which she wrote down some drugs

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. I couldn't leave him  with the Nanny so I brought them back to work.

I had sent a text informing Sade that I would be late because my son was sick so I was surprised when Mr Maurison walked into my office pissed

"You're late"he said"you missed the entire presentation"

"I'm sorry sir, I left a message with your secretary that my son was ill, I couldn't have left him with the Nanny" Simon babbled at that and that was when he looked around and saw Simon on his rocker with a very flushed face Susan staring at us, he cleared his throat

"You brought them to work"he said

"I had no where else to put them, I have to monitor his fever..besides you won't even know they are here."

"See me in my office"he said and walked out,  I sighed, after checking on my son again, I told Susan I would be back and went towards the elevator, normally I would be nervous but I knew I hadn't done anything wrong besides I had made it clear that my son came before anything else, including my job, Sade didn't look up from her computer when I passed by her, I was sure she hadn't relayed my message and it was confirmed in minutes

"I didn't receive any message concerning your absence"

"I sent it to Sade I swear, I told you she hates my guts"

He stared at me"These were important people, I really wanted you to be there, you and I are a team"

"I'm sorry about that sir, it wasn't my intention"

"How long are they going to be here?"

"Just till his fever breaks, I never would miss work otherwise"

"I know, just don't let it happen again"

" I can't control such things and I did send the reports to Sade"

"That saved the day though."he sat down"..anyhow you can go take care of your son" I stared"  I mean you can go home"he said looking up at me

"Oh, wow, thank you so much"

"And any more excuses should be directed to me, that way I know you're telling the truth"

I paused then nodded, gesticulated and went to the door, I opened it and in walked a scantily dressed young woman"Hey booboo, I was told you were busy" he looked vexed as she walked up to him but I shut the door behind me and eyed Sade as I went to her

"I'm happy he dumped you for another bimbo, I just wonder what he sees in you airheads"

"Maybe something you can never give him..b*tch"

"Oh he asked and I said no... unlike you I  do have some class"

Mr Maurison walked out, holding the girl who just walked in"Racheal I told you no visiting at work, I'm busy, would see you tonight"

"But I missed you" she pouted, Sade eyed her up, if looks could kill she would be dead and buried, oh so Sade was his office sl*t while this was home. She kissed both his cheeks and eyed the both of us before she walked away, Mr Maurison turned to  Clara as if we didn't just see him with a bimbo"are you done with the accounts?"

" I mean yes, I just need to print"she replied

"Good"he walked past me and away towards the elevator, I took that as my cue to leave but I wasn't about to be stuck in an elevator with him so I waited for the next, my phone rang

"I've been trying to reach you, you didn't see my missed calls"I said to my husband

"I was busy, what's the matter, you need more money"

I sighed"your son is sick"

He paused"well, you do know what to do"

"Yeah, I just wanted to inform you"

"Lemme know when he's better" he cut, I wanted to kill him and bury him where no one could  find him, I didn't know what I did to deserve this treatment, I  knew I deserve more out of my marriage than this, there was  surely another woman so I was just going to find out who it was.


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