Trapped - Episode 11

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"Where the hell have you been?"Tony blurted immediately I walked into the house, I paused on seeing him because I assumed he must have gone back to PH

"I took some time off, to think" I said offhandedly

"With my son, you left with my son to God knows where, did you even think to inform me?"he blurted

"I didn't think it was necessary"I said pulling my box in

"Are you out of your mind, last I checked I was still your husband" I put the papers in his hands

"Not anymore" I moved towards the room but he followed

"Where were you, a hotel? don't tell me you were with anyone I know because I checked"

"Aww, so shocking that you suddenly care about my whereabouts Tony"I said putting Simon down on the bed

I could visibly see his vein about to pump out

"Were you cheating on me?" he asked

I looked out him"what?"

"You were gone for a week"

"I was alone, with Simon" I didn't think I needed to explain where I was to him, besides nothing had happened"I'm tired Tony, I just need a shower and rest, I don't need this right now"

"Pray to God Is that you are not cheating on me"he said with a vengeance then walked away, I knew I shouldn't have been so defensive but I so did not care anymore, he brought in Simon into the room but I ignored him and went to take my bath, after then I gave Simon a bath and set about dinner, he was still in the house surprising, my Mom called

"Are you back home now?"

"Yes mom got back today"

"I don't know what is wrong with the both of you, you think you are in America, you have to work on your marriage, no marriage is perfect, we all had our challenges, but chose to stay together despite it all"I stared at Tony who looked back at me on the dinning table

"This is different Mom, I've been patient but we both know it's a waste of time"

"I have talked to him, I even called his mother and I'm sure she has also spoken to him, don't give room to the devil in your home, Divorce is not the answer"

what if I care about someone else?! I wondered

"Mom, I've heard, would talk to you later"I didn't want to drag the conversation further

"I am not in support of divorce"she emphasized", Tony is a good man, you just havent brought it out of him and think of my grandson, he needs a father figure, I would call you again Is, please listen to all I have said"

"I will" but I knew I had deleted it all as I cut the call 

" I signed the papers, I don't know if you have seen it" I said to him

He looked at me then continued eating

"I'm going back to PH tomorrow, it won't take long for it to be finalized"

"I know you can't wait to be free" I said acidly, he stared at me

"As long as you don't contest it"

"I'm only contesting the fact that I want full custody of my son"

He chuckled"you know that is not possible"

"I'm willing to consider shared custody but it would affect him psychologically so it's a no brainer"

He laughed"it's funny how you think you can face me in court Isabel, you don't even have a lawyer"

"How do you know I don't"

He chewed on his teeth"I'm not giving you a dime"

"Last I checked, I wasn't broke"

He stood up"This could get bloody, I suggest you back down now before you waste your resources, I'd hate for you to loose all your life savings"with that he left the house and I stared at Simon who was in his playpen occasionally looking up at us, a tear fell and I cleaned it, I decided to call my sister

"Sharon I don't..."I cleaned another tear

"Calm down, what happened..."

"He has another woman , I'm so sure of it, I don't know why this has to happen to me"

"Wow, that escalated quickly, what happened dear"

I told her about his threats and everything

"What are you going to do now"

"I don't even know, the sad thing is Mom still believes he's the perfect man for me and I'm the one at fault"

Sharon sighed"well have you tried, winning him over, seducing him?"

"I don't have to win him Sharon, I'm his wife"

"Let's say another woman is in the picture?"she continued

"What have I not given to him, I even gave him a son" I went back to crying now as my sister listened then she said

"Just try and revive whatever you guys had at the beginning "

"Thats difficult when he's not even here" I took Simon up because he wanted water" but I would do what you said and hope for the best".

I made sure to put Simon to sleep before Tony returned home, I could hear him coming up the stairs as I removed my robe and stood at the door, he came up the stairs and saw me at the door with my lingerie on, after looking down me, he met my eyes"are you blocking me out?"

"What no"

"So what are you doing?" I suddenly felt stupid, he wasn't at all looking at me the way, the way he should look at me, I crossed my arms

"Just making sure you were the one at the door"I said and I didn't know why I said, he looked at me like I was stupid

" I ll get my things and stay in the guest room"he said

"Of course, we being divorced and all" I let him pass

"That's a nice perfume though, you just got it" I wanted to throw my shoe at his face because it was obvious he knew what I was doing but he wasn't falling for it

"I can't wait to be free from you" I said as he smirked but I left him there and went down to the kitchen, I didn't want him to see me cry, as I got water and sipped, tears misting my eyes, I got a call, it was no other than my boss, thinking it was work, I picked up


"Is, you okay? you sound.." I cleaned my eyes

"I'm fine" I said maybe too harshly"what is this about"

He paused"I wanted to check up on you, see if you're fine"

I sighed" This is a bad time, if this is not about work..."

"I would be leaving town tomorrow, going to Abuja to check on the project, so you have to come back to work" 

"Would I be going with you?"

 He paused"No, I get it, I know when I'm not wanted"silence on both ends"so you come back to work and preside over the meetings"


"If you still need Barr James, he would come by the office tomorrow"

"Oh ok thanks" a silence, it was late and I didn't know why he was calling me at this hour, he could have sent a text, I was a married woman, but we both weren't ready to have that conversation, because I still wanted him, I heard Tony coming down the stairs"I have to go" I cut and continued with my water

"Who was that?" I looked at him, what did he care, I rolled my eyes and went to the sink" I asked you a question"he continued

"What do you care Tony?"

"I care because I'm your husband"

"Oh really" he went to the island and took up the phone

"Why is your boss calling you so late at night"

"It's work"

"Don't f*cking give me that"

"Please Tony, I just want to go to bed" I walked past him, but he held my hand 

"Are you sleeping with him"


"What then was the call about?" I rolled my eyes and decided that was it

"Its none of your business" he stared long at me

"Don't make me mad Isabel, you won't like it"

Was he jealous, I wondered as I searched his eyes, wow, an emotion after years of his cold attitude towards me, I decided to goad him

"I'm not, but I'm not saying I won't" he gaped as I walked away" after this divorce is over, goodnight Tony" he stood there for a while before I heard the guest room door slam shut.



What would happen next, find out in the next episodes

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