Trapped - Episode 2

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The next week went pretty much the same except I caught Mr Maurison looking at me not once but twice during the board meeting, maybe I had something in my hair...

"So we going out tonight"Clara leaned on my desk" there's this club in town, it's not really a club though, it's just a place to hang out"

"Okay, have fun" I continued typing

"You are coming with"I looked up at her

"Clara, I have a child"

"So, you're not fifty yet, your about half that age so you should live your life"

"I am a mother, I can't just up and go out"

"Look for someone to look after him while you're gone, it's just for two hours tops"

"I can't Clara , I'm really sorry" she stared long at me then walked away, defeated, I sighed, I knew I had to unwind but Simon was my life at the moment, I had to do everything to protect him...

"Hey bubu"I kissed his chubby cheeks after I picked him up

"You're late today, this Creche closes by 5pm,"Mary said, she was the Creche supervisor

"I know Mary, I'm so sorry, I had some stuffs to tidy up at the office"

"You should try and relax a bit, you look stressed" I remembered Clara and wondered if I had stress lines on my forehead, I hugged Simon closer

"I'm fine, thanks, see you tomorrow" I tucked Simon in his car seat and drove off.


The next day at work we had a meeting with very important clients, they were investors from a other company and Mr Maurison had warned  everyone to be on their best behavior, the investors arrived and sat opposite us, I thought they looked well and smoking rich , there was a young woman who was introduced as Natalie Bassey, a lawyer, a man in his mid 40s and a younger man who was the main Investor, his name was Joseph Gates and he couldn't take his eyes off me

"How about we start with the proposals?"Mr Maurison began and I snapped back  to work, Sade  distributed the printout around the table and I took mine after which I looked up and met Mr Joseph's eyes, he was rubbing his blue tie

"Issabel what does public relations have to say about this", I looked at Mr Maurison, were they... I had no idea what they had just talked about

"Um .."I swallowed as all eyes trained on me" Lagos is a very industrious state, investing in our company would bring you a lot of profits, we only have to blink and have clients pouring in" I said, hoping that had saved the day I could see Mr Maurisons  glare at me because he knew I had been distracted by our potential client, but Mr Joseph leaned forward

"Give us a week to think about it, I've had good reports about your company, I'm sure we would have a good working relationship" his eyes trained on me again, I knew Mr Maurison did not like that, because his glare continued at me

We shook hands and the meeting was adjourned, Joseph left a card in my palm when he shook me and I looked after him as he walked away with his crew

"Isabel"I heard as expected"in my office" I sighed and followed him up , there was a long silence in the elevator, I shut the office door after me as he went to his desk

"You know why you're here?"

" sir.." I didn't because it was none of his business

He stared at me like I was dumb"this is a well respected company Mrs Wellington, I won't take my staff fraternizing with my investors, if we earn anything it should be by merit" he said

Duh, I hadn't even done anything wrong and I was married, I knew that

"I'm sorry sir, it wasn't my intention"

He sat down and took a file"I want you to be in charge of this"

I took it and looked at it, it was a company project in Abuja

"We would be doing a lot of travels so clear up your schedule"

"Sir I.."he waited"I don't think I'm the right person to for the job sir, I..I have  a son and .."

"Are you saying you can't get a nanny to look after him, your excuses are getting old"

"I..I'm sorry sir but I have to decline"

He stared at me"Do you want to loose your job"

"No sir but I'm sorry..maybe someone single could accompany you"

"I need your head, my secretary cannot handle some of the decisions I might have to take...we would have lots of meetings"

I glared at him then bit out"when are we leaving?"

"In three days"

"What, sir I can't get a nanny so soon besides.."I gulped, I wanted to tell him to shove his job up his ass  but I couldn't, this job was the only thing keeping me sane,making me believe I was finally living..."fine, I ll get a nanny "  I said acidly

"Send me the Save Family account details"he said 

"I think I sent that before"I said going towards his file cabinet, after searching for it, I got it out and turned around to his desk, I dropped it"anything else?"

"No you can go" I went out of his office and slammed the door wondering how I was going to be able to stay away from my son for three days, all because my boss was an asshole.

Tony messaged me"I'm in town, see you at home"

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. Great,  just perfect, he was the last person I wanted to deal with right now.


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