Hey guys. I'm a newbie and here's my first story. I just hope you all will enjoy it. Thanks in anticipation

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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 1

    • I wriggled and turned restlessly from one end of my bed to another, I just couldn't sleep again. I have been awake since 4am when I woke to urinate and now I couldn't bring...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 2

    • Gregory OlaJumoke International Airport is situated at the central state of entry. It was really at the centre of the state and the biggest International Airport ever. It ranked th...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 3

    • "So you think you can come to work anytime you want!" He thundered. "This is not your father's house, and remember, I make reports on the performances of ever si...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 4

    • A young man in his late twenties; Light skinned, clean shaven save for a little beard. His cologne filled the air as he stood talking to the secretary. His blue long sleeve shirt w...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 5

    • My manager had slumped down earlier today when I went to collect a file from him. I was on my way out when I heard a loud thud! I turned around looking at a huge man lying helpless...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 6

    • The whole place was in the normal chaos when I arrived early today. As I was walking to my office, I was scrolling through my emails and responding to my messages when an envelope ...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 7

    • This episode is dedicated to Dolapo and Fiona... Thanks for your comments and kind words. ************************ I opened my eyes as I stretched carelessly on...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 8

    • This episode is dedicated to Ciara Jessy and the rest of my ardent readers. I appreciate you all! Love love! ********* ********* ******** Dave has been with me ...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 9

    • Sorry for late posts, my readers....  **********************************"********* Today was really a good day after I had disgraced myself last night...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 10

    • Hey guys, I just noticed that I made a mistake, naming Episode 9 as Episode 8 whereas I've posted Episode 8 earlier. I'm really sorry about that... You all should follow th...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 11

    • Click to read Episode 9 if you missed it I cried out my eyes trying so hard to recall what had happe...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 12

    • It's been a week since I came back from Abuja. I had never been myself; from midnight cries to endless thoughts getting me all wearied to taking sleeping pills just so I could ...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 13

    • Hey guys... I'm really sorry for the delay... So here it is, let's go ************************************************** I opened my wardrobe ...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 14

    • I knocked recklessly on the door banging and kicking at the same time, I just wanted someone to show up and open up for me. Yes, I came back really late; it was a crime in my house...
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    • HUMMING ROSE - Episode 15

    • Hello guys, Sorry for the sudden disappearance, I was really occupied with a lot of things. Hope,I'm forgiven? *Lol* Let's go! ****************************...
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