Trapped - Episode 3


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The table was silent as we ate our late dinner, Simon babbled next to us in his high chair, playing with his food

"You know at some point you have to talk to me" he said, I have been giving him the silent treatment since he arrived, he had hugged and played with Simon for long before dinner but I had looked on like an outsider, I sipped my water now and kept it, he wanted conversation, he got one

"I don't know what to say to you" I said

He stared long at me" I thought you wanted this, the space, I didnt want to make you feel uncomfortable"

"Uncomfortable" I looked at him"I am your wife"

"On paper, thats all there is to it, we just have an arrangement"

I looked at him "I don't care what you do, you can gallivant around Nigeria and do whatever you like but your son needs you" I need you, but I didn't say that, he already had an overinflated ego

"I do my best to be here when I can and give you all you need" he said

"Does it ever even occur to you that we need you to stay together in this house"

"My company is in Port Harcourt Isabel, you don't expect me to leave it and stay here"

"Well  I can come over there"

He looked at me" no, that's not a good idea"

I knew what Clara had speculated was stupid but I had to know"Are you seeing someone?"I suddenly asked 

"What" he looked at me

"Do you have someone there with you, attending to your needs" he hit the table then stood up

"Don't ever say something like that again" he walked away

"Are you insinuating that I'm cheating on you"

"I'm asking" I bit out waiting for the worse

"That's such a stupid accusation and it's expected, coming from  you" I winced, he just called me stupid"Isabel, I'm not in the mood for your nag, so quit it

"he went to the sitting room

"You never answered my question Tony, you call it nag? Am I so stupid as to keep waiting for my husband, wondering what he's doing , where he is, who he's with" Simon had stopped eating and was now staring at us, I knew he would soon start to wail, he usually did that when we quarelled which was quite often

"You don't have to worry about any of that, we had an agreement years ago, you take care of your own side of the bargain and I take care of mine"

"Bargain, that's what you call this, well I can't anymore, I want out"

He stared  long at me after I said that

"What had gotten into you, you were never this stubborn, all of a's that friend of yours."

I took up Simon and walked away to clean him up, tears fell as I heard him go into the bathroom and start a shower,  I gave Simon a bath then joined him in the bedroom, he on his side, me on mine, he was typing on his phone possibly talking with his mistress

"I'm going to get a Nanny for Simon" I began

"No, I don't trust these Nannies" he said, he was abused when he was a baby by a nanny so I understood his fears

"I would  do a background check and conduct the interview myself"

"The answer is no, what's the problem, can't you take care of him anymore?" he looked at me

"It's tough, with my job and all, besides I have to travel with my boss for a project, I need to keep him with someone"

He stared at me "Where's that and why are you going?"

"Last I checked I'm the company's Publicist, we just going to check on the Abuja project"

He continued typing on his phone "How long would you be gone?"

"Two days tops, I don't think we would stay more than that" I had no idea if he wanted to stop me from going or if he had a right to, I didn't know anything about our marriage anymore, I had no Idea why he was still married to me if he won't even touch me

He acted  like he wanted to say something else but instead he turned away and put off the light. No nanny, the only option now was my sister because Clara was not an option, she didn't like kids, I hoped to God Sharon didn't say no.


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  • Quadri Ganiyu picture
    Quadri Ganiyu
    Very interesting?? Keep it up ???
  • Shugabherry picture
    Can’t Isabel just tell her husband to take care of their kid while she’s away?? He’s his kid too right??
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