She was wealthy, maybe extremely wealthy especially after building her company with her dad. She returns to take over after her dad begun suffering from stroke but her step siblings-half siblings won't allow her. 

Her stepbrother won't allow her and her best friend betrayed her. She had to escape death only to meet the demand himself.  Both their lives took another turn.

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    • FIONA - Episode 1

    • “Am sorry sir, but I don’t think you should put in for the deal with Sash Brothers. The cooperation seems to have some very bad reputations” Michel’s PA mut...
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    • FIONA - Episode 2

    • “What did the doctor say about her?” Michel asked his PA. “She said the lady is still in a very critical condition due to the excessive loss of blood sir. ...
      • Views (1,259)
      • Comments (4)
    • FIONA - Episode 3

    • The drive home irritated Michel so badly. She could not stop weeping and he wished he could just kick her out of his car. Jimmi seemed to be very patient trying to council the lady...
      • Views (1,257)
      • Comments (3)
    • FIONA - Episode 4

    • “Good Morning Angella, how are you doing today? Lola greeted immediately after entering the room of Angella. She could not speak but nodded instead with a warm smile to welco...
      • Views (1,226)
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    • FIONA - Episode 5

    • “Did someone enter my room?” Michel asked the four ladies(Angella, Jojo, Kisha, Lola) sitting in the lounge. They all nodded saying no. “Someone better answer me ...
      • Views (1,208)
      • Comments (7)
    • FIONA - Episode 6

    • “It's okay grandma, don't cry. Angella is with me.” Kisha spoke up. “What, you know where she is” Lola asked immediately. “Actually, I took he...
      • Views (1,502)
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    • FIONA - Episode 7

    • “You remember,” Michel asked her in a low tone. She shut her eyes to find her voice. After a few seconds, she replied: “Yes...everything.”...
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    • FIONA - Episode 8

    • Both Kish and Lola stood in the pool with shock on their faces, thinking of what Michel's reaction was going to be like. They certainly expected the worst from Mic...
      • Views (1,647)
      • Comments (8)
    • FIONA - Episode 9

    • “You know you are supposed to be to the hospital today for your final checkup before your departure,” Gramma Mia said to Fiona who nodded affirmatively. “Do you n...
      • Views (664)
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    • FIONA - Episode 10

    • Both Michel and Fiona stood by the roadside trying to get a Keke to come over.  “You look so beautiful, are you a goddess” an ageable dark male v...
      • Views (820)
      • Comments (1)
    • FIONA - Episode 11

    • “You are awake,” Grandma Mia said immediately Fiona came down from her room. “Good morning grandma” Fiona greeted and immediately Jojo, Kisha, and Lola join...
      • Views (470)
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    • FIONA - Episode 12

    • They made their way to the other side of the pool, under the Pallava hut. “By morning, I would be gone. I wanted you to know that I am grateful for everything you and ...
      • Views (610)
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    • FIONA - Episode 13

    • Jojo left the restroom and headed to the bar where Olivia was having drinks and chatting with a strange guy. “Hey, hope you are having fun and enjoying the party,&rdqu...
      • Views (375)
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    • FIONA - Episode 14

    • “Is she going to stay with us?” Olivia asked, pointing to the girl in the back of the seat. “Yeah, at least for a while. Michel thought it would be a good idea to...
      • Views (379)
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