MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 20

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  "Commence CPR. CPR - clear!"

  I watched the doctor try to revive a patient, as no one paid attention to me. I had no idea what was going on, and I was eager to know what was happening. 

  I drew closer, seeing the young brunette on the bed, as I gasped in shock. "I'm dead! I really am." I pushed forward, trying to get back with my body. 

  A gust of wind came blowing from nowhere, and I struggled to not let it take me away.

  I cried bitterly, realizing the painful truth, as I wished there was something I could do to make things right . You're stronger than this, Tricia. It isn't your time yet. "It's not your time!" A loud scream erupted in the air, and everything became still.

  "We were able to keep her stable," The doctor spoke, not taking his eyes off the file.

  "Stable?" Mrs. Parker clasped her hands together on her chest. "D-doctor, will she be okay?"

  "Yes." He gave a straight answer and adjusted his glasses. "But I must say that we had some complications -" He stopped peering into the file and looked up at them.

  "Wh-what complications, doctor?" Mr. Parker asked with worry.

  "You see, your daughter wasn't able to withstand the shock the concussion had on her," The doctor explained.

  "And what's that supposed to mean?" Mr

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. Parker cut in.

  "It means she'll be needing a heart transplant immediately." He broke the news to them, and Lucille's heart felt heavy.

  "Doctor? No, no, no. It can't be my own Tricia. What does she need a heart transplant for? Isn't she young for that?" Her face got wet with tears.

  "I'm sorry, ma'am, but that's what we need to do," The doctor said.

"Or else what?"

  "Or she dies," Raymond uttered in a low tone. "Doc, what do we need to do? Where do we sign?"He said to the doctor, who went by the name Henry.

  Mrs. Parker turned to her husband, surprised at his easy giving-in. "Raymond, you can't let them do this to her. Our daughter is so young."

  "We have no choice, Lucille. It's either this or nothing," He bit his lower lip in pain.

  "But Raymond, no. We can't let them operate on our little girl. We can't let them!" Mrs. Parker objected, clinging to her husband. "Why can't we just take her to a better hospital? What if things go wrong? I'm so scared." She shook doubtfully.

  "Lucille, can you please be positive for once? The doctor has already made his decision. What else are we going to do? You think I'm not worried about our daughter, too?"

    "Don't worry, Mrs. Parker. My team and I will try our possible best." Doctor Henry assured, and the worried couple thanked him. 

  Mrs. Parker, already relaxed on hearing the doctor's words, wished for nothing else but to have daughter back in her embrace... again.



  I was still worried about Tricia, and wished she'd just wake up. It's being three weeks, and yet she didn't utter any word. I was starting to miss her, and I wished  she didn't have to go through all this trouble.

  The monster that was responsible for this, was no where to be found. I wondered why the cops were taking really long, and hoped they'd be able to catch him in time, so justice will be served! 

  The day was bright and sunny, and the warm summer air which hovered in the light, swayed the blue curtains back and forth, making the curtain rings dangle from their poles.

  It wasn't so exciting for me, as I was completely lost. I left the window side, absentminded still, and walked back to the bed. Taking Tricia's hand in mine, I rubbed it gently, brought my head down and took a deep breath. 

  I let go of her hand and took a quick look at my watch. Seeing the time clock three, I gave a fast look at Tricia, though piteous, and made to leave.

  The moment I headed out the door, I walked downstairs, hoping to reach the vending machine in no time. I felt really hungry, so I wanted to have Smucker's and a bottle of mountain dew, but since it was a hospital, and there was no way I could get the latter until I walked a bit further, I just had to stick with what the vending machine gave me.

  I slipped in my coin and a cheez-it snack came sliding out.

  I picked it up and made back upstairs. On reaching the private room Tricia was placed in, I noticed the door was partly open, meaning someone had gone in. But who could that be? I stood alerted, wondering how someone could have tampered with the door so fast. "Oh, no!" A frightened image struck mind. "Tricia's in there," I hurried toward the door.

  I peeped inside, catching not a glimpse of anyone, as I fully stepped inside.

  I moved to Tricia's side, and made to sit at the sofa just by her bedside, as my eyes sighted the hospital thingy on the left.

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. Thought this was on? Why isn't it showing anything?" I examined closely.

  I moved backwards, turned around, and made to call the nurse.

  The nurse came and fixed it up again, and once again, I was relieved that something bad hadn't happened.

  I watched as the nurse walked out the door and shut it for us, as I looked to where Tricia was and gave a weary, but hopeful smile - one that comforted me with the hopes that one day Tricia will wake and I'll have no fear of losing her.

  I breathed a sigh of relief and slumped onto the couch - giving one last look at her, I arched backwards and my tired eyes wasted no time sliding on each other.


  "Phil... Philip, wake up!"

  "Tricia?" My eyes stood open. "Tricia, how are you..."

  "There is no time, Philip. I want you to promise me something," Red liquid dropped from her eyes.


  "Phil, promise me that whatever happens, you'll never let go."

  "Whatever happens? Tricia, I don't understand."

  "I'm so sorry, Philip. I'm so sorry I have to let go."

  "Let go? Tricia, where are you going -"

  "I... I..."

  Her speech was withheld, and I saw no one again.

  "Tricia!" I got up, sweating profusely.

  Rolling my eyes at Tricia, I realized that it was only a dream.

  I wiped the sweat off my face and pulled closer to her. Happy that she was still here, I took her hand in mine, and made sure it was actually real. 

  I smiled inwardly, still not letting go of her hand, as I felt a wiggle on my palm. "Tr-Tricia?"

  Her eyes slowly opened, as my heart danced with joy.

  "Oh, thank God. Thank the Almighty for making this day come." I praised highly, looking down at her, as she turned to me.

  "Wh-who... a-are... you?"

  ...Her question came like a bombshell...

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