The wife - Episode 22

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"They met in their other life, Only this time they might live."

Ema gaped at the subtle dressed man.

He was clad in a white shirt and black jeans also sporting a timberland.

Of the Jean was pencil, it would have suited him better. He ran towards her with the glee of a child, his eyes bright like a child that just saw his best friend after a long night.


He said again.

Ema studied him.

He had the joy only a child could have.

He also acted immature.

He was literally playing with her hands and his voice it was just oddly childish.

"Do I know you?"

Someone ran towards Ema breathless.

"I'm so sorry."

The woman apologized and grabbed Nathan by the arm.

"Let's go."

She spat in between her teeth.

She seemed irritated with the man.

"But if I leave her, The bad man will kill her again."

He refused to let Ema's hands go. 

"Leave me!"

He snapped at the woman.

Ema saw it as a sin to leave before it got messy.

"I'm sorry. I'm not Adriana."

"No you are!"

Email felt his grip tighten around her thin wrist like a python.

Too late.

Now it was weird.

"Let me go you creep!"

Email yelled, trying hard to get loose.

"No! The man snapped

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. He'll kill you again."

The man snapped back as tge maid made a double effort to get him off Ema.

"Let her go."

Mr Contreras intervened, pulling away the creep from his daughter.

"What's your problem dude?"

"He'll kill her again. You have to let her stay. She'll be safe here."

He stuttered.

"Stay away from her. Let's go Ema."

What just happened? Email quizzed herself when she was outside.

The city was really messed up.

Ema watched her father get into the truck and start it, a scowl on his face.

She joined him knowing how rash her father could be when he was disturbed.

"What was that about?"

Me Contreras quizzed his daughter.

Ema didn't even know herself.

Everything was so messed up right now.

"I don't know Dad but they all seem to think I'm Adriana like your boss called me. It makes me wonder who the girl was."

Her father gripped the wheel and swerved it slightly making the truck turn where he directed.

"Aren't you going to say anything?"

Ema quizzed, seeing how quiet her father became.

"I'm just as shocked as you."

The car started, making it's way slowly out of the building, first slow than slowly gaining momentum.

Suddenly a man crossed the path the car was headed at.

"Father stop!",

Ema screeched, closing g her eyes from the horror that was sure to follow.

The brakes didn't fail this time though.

The Tyre made a scratching sound as it slowed down.

The man who would have died, looked at the windshield to see his saviours.

He gave a smile and went on his way like nothing happened.

He didn't leave everyone the same though, Ema was terrified seeing that man. Flashes she could not explain came up and her head throbbed. His scar, His smirk.

It was part of that nightmare she had each night.

She felt her throat tightening.

The lack of pxygen to her lungs made her gasp for air.

More flashes.

Her eyes blurred and the darkness enveloped her.

"Ema! Ema!"

Mr Contreras stooped the car to aid his daughter. She was unconscious.


"How is she?"

Mr Contreras asked the doctor in a white coat.

"She's fine Mr Contreras but I'm worried about her. She seems to have a brain lesion. Did she have an accident?"

"Hmmm. Yes. She fell from a cliff but she survived."

Mr Contreras replied, running his hand through his thick grey hair.

"Well did she lose any memories after the incident?"

The doctor was really getting Mr Contreras disturbed.

"Are you sure she's ok?"

The doctor nodded affirmatively.

"She is. She only fell unconscious beacuse well her memories are returning."

"Wait what? She's going to remember everything."

"Yes Mr Contreras, albeit slowly."

This was bad, very bad.

"Oh. Where's the hospital telephone? I need to call someone."

"It's over the counter outside."

The doctor answered.

Mr Contreras tool a second look at his daughter.

It was good her memories were returning but he didn't know how she would react.

Could she be the Adriana everyone seemed to be so interested in? He had to call his wife.


Rodriguez was on edge hearing Miranda on the phone.

"He met who?"

Rodriguez demanded, almost praying to the almighty it wasn't that girl.

The line seemed to be static for an eternity before the receiver said,

"He said he saw Adriana and the maid confirmed it.

I just showed her a photo of Adriana.

For the first time, I think he's getting better.

He remembers how they met."

No! This was bad.

This was very bad.

"Wow that's awesome. So what do you plan on soing now?"

He hoped she would spill enough to let him plan how to get around this sh*t.

"I never believed in lookalikes but maybe she is one. If I can find her, I'd hire her." Oh sh*t! Could it get any worse?

"I'll try to help I'm any way I can Mrs Tocci. Goodbye."


Now that that girl was a threat.

She has to die.

All he needed was proper planning.

He knew where she was.

He'd just send an assassin after her when he knew enough about her.

Read " Demigods(book one) " by the same author ( samuelade. )

. Too bad you were born with the wrong face.


Mr Contreras ran his hand through the telephone wondering what he would tell his wife.

After the death of their Ema, That girl.had been their redemption.

A gift from the river goddess.


He placed the phone to his ear, praying he had the courage to tell his wife what was happening.

"Who's this?"

She asked.

"It's me honey. I have to tell you something."


Her voice sounded dire. Can I go on?

"It's about Ema, She fell unconscious..."


His wife voice rang repeatedly in his ear,

"What happened to her?"

"The doctor said she has a brain lesion apparently from her accident and it might be healing so"

"So what?"

"Her memories are coming back."

"What? No! We'll lose her."

She was hysterical.

"We won't."

Mr Contreras assured.

Wait till you hear this.

"And she might also be from here. She's met two people today who called her Adriana. I think it triggered her memory."

"Then get her out of there. We are going to lose her honey."

"Calm down. Don't exaggerate. She's still resting. We'll get out as soon as we can."


Mr Contreras placed the telephone back and sighed.

Could he continue this lie? He didn't know what was wrong and what was right.

He knew he was denying the girl her truth but he was only doing this to please his wife.

He could only ask for courage and her forgiveness behind closed doors.

(What is this now, My book sanctum somewhere else, I'm tired oh. Reporting is not a small task. if you won't write, why steal?)
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  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    At least her memories are coming back! I'm sorry about your book man,hope you reported the person?
  • samuelade. picture
    I did. Thanks Pamela
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