One Year Gap

"Daada, Maama; Did I for once vowed on what I want? You've always choosed what to wear for me, what I should eat, where I should go, even the environment I should stay in. Doesn't that enough for you to grant my only wish?. It's okay if you don't want to, I might have been a burden on you. I'm sorry," with that, she sprinted to her room, locked it and broke into tears, ignoring their knockings.


"I think I will let you study abroad, but only under one condition; you have yo get married; for I couldn't let you there all by yourself, "Daada spoke haltingly, hoping she wouldn't agree, but her answer made his hope vanished.

"It's okay, Daada, who's the guy? And have you started processing my admission?" She asked, a wide grin plastered on her face, not caring about the marriage thing, she thought it was all a threat.

"It's Sadeeq, Alhaji Mustapha's son . But he studies in Qatar, that means you will also study there," Daada encapsulated, his face deviod of emotion.

Ihsan looked up at Daada, she wanted to bellow the words, but they came out as a whisper " mean Sadeeq? He's just 19 years old. How would I marry him? Who will take care of who? Uhm Daada?" She slurred, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"He is. And would take good care of your health. What's there in marrying him? Isn't he a man?" Daada inquired.

"There is; it's just a one year gap between us. And he isn't a man in my eyes," she reprimanded and broke into tears.

What would happen to Ihsan? Would she hold onto her words of studying abroad? Striving for her health, at the same time marrying the guy she looks down onto? As she would always avow "It's just a one year gap."

It would be a hilarious roller coaster ride. Tag along.

Yours always__AYSHATOU.

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    • One Year Gap - Episode 1

    • She was vacantly looking at her phone, what her bestfriend sent to her has made her up the creek. She felt restless. How could she inform Daada about it? She knew he wouldn't a...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 2

    • Ihsan kept going to and fro in her room, she had been rolling on her bed, sniffling and thinking of what she would do for Daada to let her go. She felt her stomach growled; emanati...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 3

    • Alhaji Mustapha Argungu was scuppering his wife's words about Alhaji Ibrahim's problem, she gave him a solution, of which she thought would be the emulsion to both their pr...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 4

    • Abbu entered the room with a salam, his heart almost skipped a beat when he saw Ihsan crying hysterically. Worriedly, he pranced to the bed and held her hands in his "what'...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 5

    • Ihsan placed back the Diary with a smile on her lips, she ascended the staircases and joined her parents in the dining table. She ignored them and served herself, all in attempt to...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 6

    • They were admitted in the hospital, her doctor was surprised go see them, it wasn't even upto 10hours since they left. But what happened? That's a question for another time...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 7

    • Ummu came inside the room, she held her chin in bewilderment. She wondered what made Ihsan cry. Without a word, she sauntered to the bed and sat beside Ihsan, take her hand in her&...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 8

    • He slowly placed her on the sofa, went to the fridge and brought out a bottle of water; slowly sprinkling it on her face. She laboriously took in a deep breath, which bro...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 9

    • They both stood up, all eyes were on her including Sadeeq. He wondered how she know the result, he knew they haven't opened the result, unless she has something..Ya Rabb! All t...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 10

    • It was the day long awaited. She had being dreading for this day. All felt surreal. She's going to get married to the youngest groom she had ever seen. Daada, Maama, Ummu and A...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 11

    • Ihsan dilated her eyes, her heart pounding in it's ribcage. She wasn't expecting him, but wait___who led hin to her room? Isn't he afraid of what people might say? How ...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 12

    • The photo session was over, Ihsan had been curving a factitious smile on her lips; but deep down___she was so tired of all the smiles and poses. The last picture taken was her and ...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 13

    • She didn't even move an inch, when Maama and her sisters entered the room with their Salaam. She looked up and flashed them a rueful smile, before averting her gaze to the grou...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 14

    • Ihsan wrathfully pushed him, her palm on her lips; as she wiped her lips, scrunching up her face as if it was some sort of stink that touched them.  Long forgetting ...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 15

    • Bamboozled, he stood there and kept staring at her; whilst she was crying profusely. Realizing that they would be late, if he leave her crying like this; Sadeeq tapped her shoulder...
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    • One Year Gap - Episode 16

    • Their flight took off. Ihsan leaned her head on the window and stare at the clouds and the buildings downwards. She let her tears flow freely, cursing herself for being adamant, an...
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