My only addiction

"Just leave me alone Arya!!!!!" Ethan pinned me on the wall and came so close to me to my face...
"I am never going to leave you....Because you are my only addiction...." I whispered before I leaned in and gave him a punishing desperate kiss... His mouth was hot and needy against mine...

The best Love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected times..Arya's ex made her feel that he really loved her and then just left like nothing happened...He had her at a point where she would have left the entire world behind for him..Ethan was an eligible bachelor to the world who had everything he wished for but only him knew the longing,sadness and pain in his heart..He was homesick for a place where his heart is full,body loved and soul understood...What will happen when two broken meet?????

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    • My only addiction - Introduction

    • Hey everyone, I am so excited about the journey we are about to start together in my new book... My only addiction.... Thank you for your suppo...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 1

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    • Ethan's POV I was drinking in silence by the counter when the girl from earlier came and sat beside me...She folded one leg over the other dangling her ...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 4

    • Arya's POV I felt like I was lying on top of something warm and cossy which for sure wasn't my tiny bed...I opened my eyes only to find myself in a ...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 5

    • Arya's POV Chapter song: Brokenhearted by Beyonce I got back to sleep after he left only to wake up with the sound of the doorb...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 6

    • Ethan's POV After practice, I couldn't help but laugh remembering the crazy night and morning I have had...For once in a while I was excited to go h...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 7

    • Ethan's POV I felt my heart skip a beat...How was I going to get myself out of this one???? "Amy I asked you a question???" She aske...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 8

    • Arya's POV I tried not to think how dumb and embarassing that moment was...There was no way I was ever going to forget it... "I am so sor...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 9

    • Arya's POV I couldn't hide my smile after he called me beautiful....I lifted my eyes from his chest and found him looking at me.... I don&...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 10

    • Ethan's POV I woke up, switched on the lights and turned around to check on Arya only to find her space empty..... "Arya???" I calle...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 11

    • Ethan's POV It felt really awkward and I didn't know what to do....So I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.... "You are a bad act...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 12

    • Arya's POV My eyes were stuck on the window but I was lost in thoughts....I couldn't get the scene from earlier from my head.... I felt a ...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 13

    • Ethan's POV I couldn't help but feel guilty...She didn't deserve all the lies I have been telling her...But at times you need to be a little sel...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 14

    • Ethan's POV One moment I am looking at her and the next I am pressing my lips on hers....I grabbed her body as we kissed and I couldn't get enough o...
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    • My only addiction - Episode 15

    • Arya's POV I was still not in terms in what had happened between Amy and I....S*x to me was an expression of love, of the bond, an intimacy that is sacr...
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