My only addiction - Episode 48

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Ethan's POV
After an endless session of pacing up and down in Erastus living room, my lawyer( Matthew Kimono) arrived.
"Finally you remembered I pay you..." I sneered, shaking his hand.
"I had a court hearing Marcias...."
" So how bad is it????" I sat heavily on the sofa beside Jack that it seemed I almost fell into it.

"Good news, she can't trap you legally..." He beamed and sat next to Erastus...
"Care to elaborate????" I asked, grabbing a can of beer from Jack's hand
"That's was mine..." He cried out.
"Shut up and let's listen...."

"Since you two had s*x nine months ago, it will be hard to secure forensic evidence such as semen, bruises or scratches..." Kimono explained.
"But why would there be bruises and scratches, I didn't f*cking rape her...She wanted it as much as I did. Which I know regret wanting it..."

"She thought she was smart but she is as dumb as she can be. . Lucky you, she didn't record your lovemaking...." Kimono added.
"We didn't make love, we f*cked..." I clarified, earning odd looks from  all of them...

"Thanks for clarifying even though it wasn't necessary Marcias.. I hope you have another way to make this go away...." Kimono arched me a perfect eyebrow.

"That's why I have you and Erastus to make this madness go away..." I replied in almost  a loud voice.
"Things aren't that bad.

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. You have lost a few followers which is normal and unless she pressed charges against you, your career as a footballer is still intact..." If Erastus wanted to make me feel better, he failed..

I didn't want to hear things aren't that bad, I wanted assurance that this bullsh*t would soon die...
"Erastus, do you have a plan????"
"No one knows where she is...I have been to her house but no one has seen her for the past four days..."
"And how is that supposed to be of help????" I was losing my patience with these useless people...

"There is actually something that could help..." He passed me his phone and it was a photo of Melanie and Ivy in what seemed like a Cafeteria....From the look on their faces, it seems they were talking serious business...

"And when was this taken????"
"Melanie had posted it on Instagram hours  after her  stupid video  went viral but deleted it minutes later..." Erastus stated.
"So it means that her and Ivy had met earlier on before she posted that madness on her IGTV???"

"Yeah, in both scenarios she was wearing the same dress..."

"What do you suggest we do????" I asked.
"Talk to Ivy and maybe she will convince her to pull it down..." I couldn't believe the words coming from Kimono's mouth..

"I can't believe what you are asking me to do..." I slapped the can of beer on the table.
"She is probably mad because of the silly things you have been posting on Instagram of late.." Kimono barked.

"They are not silly....Whatever I posted is the truth...I am getting married soon and that ring you saw its the engagement ring I gave my soon to be wife...." I said emphasizing each word...

"What!!!! you are getting married????" Erastus' jaw dropped with shock.
"She is so pretty...." Jack added.
"Yeah, in two weeks probably if this crap goes away..." I replied dryly...

"Do I know her????" Kimono asked curiously.
"We will find out after I introduce her to the world..So that aside, is there any way to get to Melanie without talking to my crazy ex????"

"I am afraid No....And you better talk to her fast before she does more crazy things..She is an angry woman who can't accept her ex boyfriend is marrying another..." Erastus cautioned, passing me another can of beer.

"My life is so complicated...My fiancee will be mad if she finds out, I have to talk to Ivy.." I raked my fingers through my hair furiously.

"This is about you as a brand Ethan Marcias so as you manager I would advise you to make your fiancée understand that it's a matter of death and life..." Erastus snapped, slamming  the table..

"But what if Ivy isn't involved??? Maybe she found out about Melanie's plans and was trying to stop her.." I still couldn't accept Ivy would scope so low..I thought what we shared was special and mattered. I helped her get to the top and this is how she plans to repay me. She better not be involved because I won't spare her...I held her hand to the top and in the same way I can push her back down...

"Keep dreaming bro...The Ivy I know would sell her soul to the devil to get what she wants..." Jack has never been a fan oF Ivy Alvaro from day one.

"How did you not know she was a minor???" Kimono gave a confused look.
"She looked of age to me...All s*xy and beautiful looking at me with a face that screed, I want to be in your bed tonight. I didn't have time to ask how old she was, I just wanted to get inside her panties very fast. I am not sure..."
"Too much information..." Kimono cut me off....

"I hope the girl you are marrying  is different from these crazy women in your life..." Erastus smiled smugly.
"Yeah...She is the perfect woman for a man like me..."

"I guess we are done here so I should get going,"Kimono said, standing from the sofa," It was nice catching up gentlemen..."
"Thanks Kimono, make sure nothing explodes on my face..." I said in more of a warning tone.
"Sure Marcias...."

After Kimono left, we continued having some beer as Erastus tried to force information about Arya out of me using mind tricks.
" Not working bro. I am not spilling yet."
" Is she a model, actress, a billionaires daughter, an influencer???At least that you can spill..."
"She is my woman...That's all I can spill..."

"Before I forget, your mom has been looking for you...She said and I quote 'Tell Ethan to call me back when he can' "

The moment I turned on my phone in the morning, it couldn't stop buzzing. I was afraid of that went on, it would explode . A million and one social media notifications, missed calls and voicemails which I chose to ignore apart from articles about Arya's little dance yesternight.

For her own sake, I hope she doesn't read through them. Some were okay while others were pretty nasty...

"Thanks for the reminder Jack. Do you mind driving me to the Marcias' mansion????I know everyone apart from Jordan is worried sick about me.."
"Sure bro...It's not like I have a choice..."
"I owe you one..." I squeezed Jack's shoulder.
"No, you owe me more than one Ethan..." Jack yelled.
"Okay," I lifted my hands up in surrender," You win, shall we go now???"
"Sure Ethan..."

"See you later Erastus and I hope this stupid plan works..." There was a ton of warning on the edge of my voice.
"That's why you pay me Ethan..."

I quickly gulped down the remaining beer in the can before Jack and I left.

After we got into the Marcias' mansion, I requested Jack to wait for me in the car since I wasn't planning to take long inside there..I would just assure them everything is under control and get going...

It was already six o'clock and am sure Arya is worried sick about this whole madness. The question is, how do I approach her into understanding I need to talk to Ivy for this to be solved???

Should I take her out for dinner??? Should I get her roses and an expensive gift ???? Should I serenade her??? I  am so confused...I can't imagine the look on her face when I mention Ivy..She might even leave me which would break me to a point of no return... What do I do????

I was so lost in thoughts that I hadn't realised I was inside the mansion already standing in the hallway..
"Anyone home????"
"Ethan????" Both Mia and Hope run downstairs and hugged me so tight that I was afraid they would squeeze out my intenstines..
"Easy little sisters before you kill me of suffocation...."

"We have all been worried..." Hope stuttered, the moment they pulled back.
" It's all under control..." I sighed..
"But she claims you r*ped her Ethan, what if you get arrested???" Mia sobbed...
"She is just a lying greedy sl*t, I am not going anywhere..." I hugged them once more to ease their worry...

"So where is everyone????"
"Mum and Granny are in GG's room. She has not been feeling well since she saw the news about you Ethan..." Mia explained.
"Okay, I will go and see her then..."

When I walked into GG's room I found Granny and Mom trying to beg her to eat...
"Hey GG???" I stammered, taking unsure steps towards her bed.
"Do you want to kill me???" My mom pounced on me and began slapping the hell out of me..If not that I had my hands over my head, my face would be full of bruises.
"I am sorry mom..." That's was all I kept saying.
"Do you know how worried I was???? Your GG has refused to eat for two days now because of you. We are your family, couldn't you have called..." She yelled, landing angry punches on my back...

"I am sorry mom..."
"That's enough Ciara..." Granny pulled her from me...
"No, he shouldn't be forgiven for giving me sleepless nights and making me worry so much..."Mom sobbed...

"I am sorry mom..." I dropped my hands from my head, my eyes pooled with tears...
"Come here," She pulled me into her warm embrace and sobbed on my shoulder," I was so worried Ethan Don't ever do that again.."

"I am sorry mom..." In her embrace, I felt all my worries disappear like rain on summer earth...
"It's okay my son..." Mom pulled away and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Is everything okay now???" Granny asked as I hugged her.
"Yes Granny, it's under control..."
"I am glad..."

When I took GG's hand into mine, she could barely hold back her tears.
"How is my footballer doing????"
"I am good GG but sad because you are refusing to eat.."
"How could I Footballer???" She asked weakly,"When that mean girl is saying awful things about you.."

"GG everything is under control now...What about I feed you and tell you all about my upcoming season???"
"That's sounds like fun..." She flashed me a slight smile..
"Then it's a plan..." I beamed, wiping the tears on her cheeks with my thumbs...

"I will let you two have fun, we will be in the living room if you need anything..." Granny stated before her and mom left...

"Your mother has anger issues. I was afraid she would break your bones..." GG chuckled..
"I can't feel my back, she almost broke my spine..." I faked a sob..
"If I had strength, I would give you a kick on the balls too. We were worried sick even your dad.."

"But I am here now GG, why don't you eat as we talk about the upcoming season???" I helped her sit upright and began feeding her the  Chicken soup with rice,"This smells tasty..."

"You know he loves you right..." GG couldn't see I didn't want to talk about Jordan..
"Did mom make this soup???"
"You two should settle your differences My baby boy..."

It seems she wasn't going to let it slide...
"Okay GG, I will talk to her. Now, will you finish your soup and have some rest..."
"Yes I will since you have made me happy..."

After putting GG to bed, I joined the rest in the living room: Mom, Granny, Mia and Hope.
"She is sleeping..." I stated and slumped on the sofa next to mom.

"Some coffee???" Mom asked.
"Some whisky would do..."

"Can you explain why did you had to sleep with a minor???" Mom asked, wearing a serious look.
"I didn't know she was a minor mom..." I was getting  sick and tired of that question.

"If you ask me I would suggest you settle down. I hope the prayer partner and soulmate caption on Instagram is not a publicity stunt Ethan, you should get married already and perhaps then you can learn to put your thing in your pants." My mom retorted..
"And I hope it's not that Ivy chic." Hope snarled.
"I will settle down when the right time comes..."I sighed.

I wish I could tell them about Arya but it wasn't the right time..
"Finally the prodigal son is home..." Jordan said in a voice full of sarcasm behind me.

I shifted my shoulders back stood from the sofa and turned around to look at him and Troy.

"But he is leaving...."

I approached them and stood Infront of Troy," Nice to see you, the apple of Jordan's eye..."

"We were worried sick..."
"As you can see I am alive and kicking.. I will see you around..." I squeezed Troy's shoulder and walked past them when Jordan held my hand,"When do you plan to grow up Ethan Marcias????"

I tried to twist my hand off his grip only for him to tighten it..
"I don't want to argue with you Jordan..."
"I guess it's time we have a mature conversation son..." He pulled me back that I was standing Infront of him.

"Son??" I laughed at the word, "Since when do you call me that Jordan??"
"You are my son Ethan and I love you..." He tempted to place his hand on my shoulder but I stepped back.

"Don't try that with me. I know you hate me. You have made that clear like always..."

"When will you learn??? After almost killing that teenage boy with your car, I thought that was your awakening call but no. It has been mischief after mischief. I always have to clean your mess whereas you are a grownass man. Now you are sleeping with minors, c'mon you should do better. How do you suppose I make this go away as usual??"

"I didn't know she was a minor..." My voice was rough that I didn't recognise it.
" I regret ever making that case go away. Maybe if I had let you be behind bars, you would have turned out to be different..."  Jordan shifted his shoulders back...

"Then go and tell the authorities that I almost kill that teenage boy Jordan," I snapped at him,"I am sorry that I am not a golden boy like your Troy. If you supported me maybe just once then I would have turned out different. You have always made men feel like a failure Jordan..."

"Don't turn this on me Ethan. Your mom spoils you too much that you have almost turned into a little girl..."

Rage boiled through me and the only reason I didn't plant a fist on his face was because he is my father...

"Maybe I wouldn't have to turn into a little girl if you were there for me. Every damn day I used to pray that you would come to at least one of my games. That you would support my dreams and be my father and not Jordan Marcias..How do you think I feel that Mom and Jaxon used to come to my games and all school functions and not my dad while he has never missed anything that involves Troy??? Do you remember that day you cancelled your trip to China to go to Troy's prize giving day ??? But when it came to me, you always had endless excuses...If you didn't want me to be born then you would have told mom to abort me??? I am like this because of you. You turned me into an angry bitter man whose aim was always to prove you wrong but not anymore.." My voice was so rough that I couldn't recognise it...

"You two stop fighting!!!" Hope pleaded, taking hold of my hand but I drew back.

For once in my life, Jordan was speechless...

"If you ask me, my father is dead...There is no difference in having you for a father and been fatherless..Or I needed was for you to hold my hand and guide me like you did Troy. But no if you aren't scolding me, you are looking down on me. I just wish you dr....."

Before I could say drop dead, I felt a hot slap on my cheek...
"How dare you say your fatherless???" Mom cussed out.
"Because I feel like that. You can hit me as much as you want but that's how I feel..."

I hadn't realised that my cheeks were wet with tears.. I vowed never to cry Infront of Jordan but I guess I couldn't hold the pain in...

"Ethan that's enough..." Troy places his hand on my shoulder but I pushed it away.
"So you know on that fateful day, we had argued in your office. It was the day you threatened to disown me if I don't stop playing football and focus on my studies... I went to drink away my sorrows and forget those harsh words...I knew I had drunk too much and couldn't drive but I didn't care... I will make your dream come true today Jordan." I found myself stepping towards him until mom came between us. I felt the emotions I had being hiding been dug up with a sharp knife cutting through my body  weighing me down once more.

I have always being obsessed with proving him wrong that I lost myself..That obsession was the reason I loved  the wrong things. I couldn't stay away from the limelight something  which I have realised wasn't what I always wanted. All I wanted was someone to love me for who I was.

"I disown you Jordan Marcias...From today on, you are no longer my father. And so you know I am getting married soon to a woman who taught me that life is more than proving you wrong. That life is more than fame and football. With her by my side, I don't need anyone...." I said in undeniable emphasis and satisfaction...

"Okay..." Jordan said in a whisper, closing his eyes as if absorbing my words and when he opened them they were filled with tears..

Read " Binded by friendship " by the same author ( Fideh Mwangi )

. Something I had never seen before.
"You two can't do this. You are father and son.." My mom tried to talk sense to us.
"It's already too late..." I pressed a kiss on her forehead and looked at Granny's direction...

She seemed devastated as tears uncontrollable flowed down her cheeks...
"I love you..." I mouthed her and she just nodded.
"Bye small sisters, take care..." I hugged both Hope and Mia before turning my attention back to Jordan,"And so you know we have this in common, we settle with the best women..The girl I am marrying is a smaller version of mom.."

I began walking away towards the hallway when I felt Hope's arms wrapped around my waist from behind,"I am coming with you. I choose you Ethan..."
"Little sister, mom needs you. You can come and visit me once in a while.."
"It non negotiable.." I dropped her hands from my waist and began to walk hurriedly towards the door ignoring her cries.

It broke my heart seeing her like that but maybe it was time I came in terms with the fact that Jordan and I can never have a good father and son relationship. It was time to let this part of me go.

When I walked out of that door, I felt weak and drained. It's like I had left my life in there.. I had the urge to drop on my knees and scream my lungs out. I should be happy I disowned Jordan but I felt far much worse than before .

After I got into the car, Jack didn't need words to know that things didn't end well inside there...
"So which bar do we go to???" He asked, starting the car..
"Tribeka is fine by me."

I won't throw myself a pity party. I won't let myself drown in sorrow and regret. Right now all I need is a way to make Arya understand why I should talk to Ivy for one last time.

Ethan Marcias, get ready to get wasted..

A/N Hey smile squad, few chapters remaining then we can say goodbye to my only addiction. This chapter had me crying..

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