My only addiction - Episode 15

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Arya's POV
I was still not in terms in what had happened between Amy and I....S*x to me was an expression of love, of the bond, an intimacy that is sacred....I always promised myself that I will only have it with a man who is worth it....

At least I thought Pascal was only to end up being a jerk....I am an old fashioned girl who believed s*x should always be done on the bed until today....

I have never had s*x in a bathroom with legs wrapped around a man's waist...Arya you are becoming naughty.....

There is something about Amy that lights me up from inside....One kiss and I was intoxicated instantly....I was ready and willing to do anything he wanted...Truth be told his Arrogant bad boy attitude excited me....

I didn't feel sad or guilty...I would do it again and again...He made me feel in a way that cannot be expressed with words....He made me realise that I have been starved all this time..He woke  this wild part of me that I don't think I could tame again...

I felt like a bird that had been caged...I wanted to explore and know more....For a second nothing mattered to me, I just wanted to feel him again...

I craved his touches to electrify my body...
Wait, but why did he leave???? Maybe I didn't entice him...Pascal always told me I am a prude..

Worry began to wash over me like long slow waves....Insecurity was a bad feeling and I hated Amy for making me feel like that...

I need a drink...What if he didn't like it??? I didn't tell him to rip out my shirt and do what he did...It's not like I held a gun over his head...I don't care what he thinks....He can go to hell...

Arrrrggh!!! Fine you caught me...I care about what he thinks..I am tensed and worried...I don't want him to look at me in any other way...I am not a bad girl and some things are new to me..He shouldn't judge...

I took a quick shower and changed into my black dress...I sat on his bed and continued to drink...I needed to forget my insecurities for a while...

I should definitely talk to him about this matter...What do we define what we have??? I don't want him to mistake me for a hookup...I want to know what it meant to me....

I hadn't realised I had passed out until I woke up and found the whole room dark....I had a pounding headache and a dehydrated feeling...I staggered from the bed and slowly tried to find the door which I later did after so much struggle....

I tapped my hands on the wall until I found a switch....After I switched on the lights, I walked out of the room and begun shouting Amy's name..He wasn't home yet..Was I that bad????

Sulking, I went to my room to get my phone...It was thirty minutes past midnight...Where was this son of his mother???? Let me call him....

I scrolled through my contacts when I realised I didn't have his number....First I don't know his second name, secondly I don't have his number..

"Arya you just had s*x with a random guy..This house might not be his...You never know. Maybe he has HIV, you had it raw remember." My subconscious mind yelled at me...

"Shut up!!!! you are freaking me out..." I rubbed my grumbling stomach...

I went to the kitchen to make myself something to eat when I heard the door been slammed...
That's must be him....

He walked into the kitchen, took a bottle water in the fridge and literally ignored me...It was like I was invisible...

"Are you going to pretend I am not here????"

He paused from gulping the water down his throat and turned around to look at me...
"I thought you are asleep..." He said dryly...
"Why did you leave earlier??? Was I that bad???"
"Arya I don't want to talk about this right now..."

He tried to walk out on me but I was quick to block his way...
"I want to talk about it Amy...."
"I am listening..."
"What do you define what happened between us earlier???"
"S*x..." He said it slowly in emphasis as if I didn't understand....

" I know it is s*x....But what are we after that????"

He shook his head disbelievingly and placed his hands on my arms, "Go sleep...We will talk about this tomorrow..."

He pushed me aside and begun walking away when I grabbed his arm...We weren't done here Mr....
"Don't think you will do that and I will just let it slide...I am not a hook up Amy..I didn't tell you to rip my t-shirt and do all that...So define what that was??? Don't even think you will use me and get away with it..."

"What Ivy????" He snapped at me," Are you going to tell the paparazzis??? Are you going to hook up with your ex boyfriend in a party??? Are you going to threaten me that you will leak our s*x tapes??? What??? Or you think I care....Your model career doesn't concern me...No girl threatens me..."

I wish he beat me up than call me another girl's name....Ivy???? Was he at her place??? Is she his girlfriend??? Who the hell was she???

"How dare you call me Ivy???" My hand comes hard and fast, slapping him across the face...

He stumbled back and look at me shocked...His face was colour drained...He opened his mouth to say something but no word came out...

"You are a waste of human flesh Amy...How dare you do this to me??? I trusted you, I thought we were friends...You have degraded me to a hook up.." I could feel tears prick my eyes...But I wasn't going to cry infront of him...

"Arya????..." He tried to come close to me but I pulled back...
"Don't touch me..." My stomach tightened as I clenched my fists...

"I can explain..." He stammered...
"No need to explain...I am leaving..." I bite my lip to stop it from quivering.....

"Wait???" He tried grabbing my hand but I took the knife that was lazily lying on top of the counter and pointed it at him, "One more step and I won't mind stabbing you..."

I ran out of the kitchen to my room, no his room in his apartment probably where Ivy has also slept before...I took my purse and wore my heels..

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. I held the tears back as much as I could but they begun to run freely.....I felt like a wh*re...

I dropped the knife as soon as I got to the door and walked out....I begun to make my way to the elevator when a pair of familiar hands grabbed my waist and spinned me around..

"I won't let you leave me like this...Nobody dumps me..." His cold eyes were something new to me..He was always kind, loving and sweet .

"I will never forgive you for this..." I cussed out between closed teeth..
"Please we can talk about it Arya...Let's go back to the apartment and talk..."

"If you don't want me to create a scene here then let me go Amy...I can't believe I trusted you, all you rich people are the same...Selfish and disgusting.."

"It's not what you think...You got me wrong..."

"Wrong??? S*x tapes, modelling career, paparazzis..You were definitely not talking about me..Do me a favour and just forget about me.. "I twisted my arm from his grip and walked into the elevator...

There was this sharp pain in my chest...
After I got to the ground floor, I wiped my tears away and walked to the security guard...

"Can you call me a Taxi please???" I said in a choking voice..
"Are you okay Madam???"

The tears wouldn't stop falling down no matter what I did....Each tear came with a surge of sadness, I thought he was different....

"Just call me the damn Taxi!!!" I said in almost a loud voice.
"Okay madam..." He nodded.....

I waited for what seemed like an hour, getting madder and madder by the second when he finally came back...
"Your taxi is here madam...".
"Thank you..."

I felt so weak on my knees that I could barely walk...So I took off my heels and the security gurad helped me into the taxi....

"Where to Madam???" The driver asked...
"It's so risky and dangerous right now, you will have to pay double..."
"Just take me home.."

Just thinking of Amy made anger swell within me....Finally when I thought I had met someone different, he does this...What difference is there between him and Pascal??? Pascal is even better, he always respected me when we were together....

He broke me  and my self respect in ways no one has ever done before...The pain felt so raw like there was on skin over it...How am I ever going to overcome this????

A/N The surprise turn of events that will unravel in this novel, makes me so excited....You never see what's coming....

#The author full of surprises....I am still waiting for Ethan and Arya's nicknames...

. .

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  • Priscy Ohene picture
    Priscy Ohene
    I'm sad and disappointed in Ethan.. How can he do this...Excellent piece Fideh
  • Olarinre Mobolaji picture
    Olarinre Mobolaji
    Wow this story has been so interesting please fideh don't make this story so long like attitude meet arrogance plsssssssssssssssss but Ethan you are in a big soup
  • Loveth Dennis picture
    Loveth Dennis
    Wow it getting messy
  • Adekanmbi Aderonke picture
    Adekanmbi Aderonke
    Go girl.... Kudos Anticipating more episodes please?
  • Har Ke picture
    Har Ke
    Nice episode I feel for arya she definitely forgive him noatter what cos that's the definition of true love
  • Modupe Gbolagun-Bello picture
    Modupe Gbolagun-Bello
    Pls send more o This suspence is much o
  • Omobola picture
    Nice one Fideh...pls more episodes oooo this suspense is way killing ooo, I didn't see this one coming either
  • Esther Mensah picture
    Esther Mensah
    Wow , i am wondering how ethan is going to get out of this one. Nice one fideh
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Arya put yourself together, things will turn out perfectly in your favor, more episodes plss
  • Busola Bolaji picture
    Busola Bolaji
    Pls curiosity is killing some1 here,I need to read d next episode I can't Walt pls fideh
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    She's still grieving..and hanging out with the likes Ethan was such a bad idea,she needs to lie low and think things through b4 jumping into a relationship!
  • Cecilia wangeci picture
    Cecilia wangeci
    Ethan is not that different after all from Jordan.... An apple doesn't fall far from the he be so stupid... I feel like slapping sanity to his head..
  • Besong Faith picture
    Besong Faith
    Wow Ethan Ethan I don't think He will get Arya at the end oh. Serves him right anyway and I wish Arya never go back to him again. Please for the next Episode ohhh. The suspense is wild.
  • Rùthanne Njokì picture
    Rùthanne Njokì
    The suspense is killing me ooh next episode please
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    Waow!!! Thanks so much but pls don't keep us waiting.
  • Dammyzee picture
    Nice 1 bt we still der wait oo abeg
  • Dammyzee picture
    Nice 1 bt we still der wait oo abeg
  • Aishat Ayub picture
    Aishat Ayub
    Nice one next episode pls
  • Ajayi Modupeoluwa picture
    Ajayi Modupeoluwa
    Please oo next episode
  • Omobola picture
    Fideh happy new episodes plsssssssss
  • Michael winful picture
    Michael winful
  • Samuel folashade picture
    Samuel folashade
    Wow..this episode surprise me
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