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Arya's POV
I threw myself at him and he tightly wrapped his arms around me.
"What's wrong Arya????"

" I just want it to go away..It hurts..." I said between choked sobs.

"Tell me what's wrong???"
"I just don't want to see him...."

He pulled me back and held me at shoulder length.
"Did anyone hurt you,molest you or do anything stupid to you???Tell me and I will deal with whoever is making you cry..."

There was something about his gaze that made me feel safe..
"I think I need black coffee..." I forced a smile...
"Here, wipe your tears away..." He took a white neatly folded handkerchief from his denim jacket and gave it to me...
"Thank you..."

We sat at the corner near the window and the classical music in the background was soothing. I think it was a clear guitar sound performing a slow nursery rhyme.

The air was filled with incredible number of coffee aromas mingled in an unforgettable mixture of nuances..The smell was so sweet that I felt like having a honey bath.

I looked around and noticed a not so  good looking young man groaning at his messy paperwork on the table . I guess I am not the only one having a rough morning..

But the morning wasn't rough to everyone

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. There was a group of young people whispering to each other with smiles. I really envied them. I would do anything to put a smile on my face, I am so sick and tired of heartache..

I have conflicting thoughts that are driving me crazy..My heart is bleeding just thinking about Ethan and Ivy. I want to leave but at the same time I don't want to since I love him so much.

What do I do??? How can I simply have Ethan without getting heartache as  bonus???

"Arya, you can talk to me..."
"I just had an argument with my boyfriend this morning..." I dabbed my cheeks with the handkerchief, the tears couldn't stop wetting my cheeks no matter how much I fought them back.

"You have a boyfriend????" He asked in a surprised tone.
"I said yes to him yesterday and I am partially regretting that now. He keeps hurting me and I keep forgiving him. I feel like a helpless fool in love..." I slammed the table earning weird looks from the table around us.

"Easy Arya,"Malcolm took my hand and squeezed it,"Calm down before you burn this place down..."

"I just can't help it. It hurts so much that I want to rip my heart out..." I said between clenched teeth.
"Why don't you tie him on the bed and whip him so hard with a belt???"

I laughed unexpectedly, feeling a tiny bit better too.
"That seems like a good idea..." I continued laughing, imagining myself whipping Ethan's naked ass with a belt...
"I am glad I have made you laugh...Tears don't look good on you..."

We were engrossed into our conversation that we didn't realise the waiter was standing there..She was intensely assessing the fine specimen before her who bluntly ignored her.

"Hey Sir, we......"

"Cappuccino is fine with me. What about you Arya???" He interrupted her.

"Black coffee would be great..."
"C'mon Arya, life isn't that bad. Get her a Grande Mocha..."

The waiter nodded and left.
"So where were we Mrs Almasi???" He beamed.
"What are you doing at Sakwa???I was surprised to bumped into you here..." I decided to change that super draining topic.

"Even the boss need a vacation once in a while. But I am glad I bumped into you, I can't imagine a stranger wiping those tears from your eyes...."

Before I could answer, my phone began blaring with music again. This was the seventh time Ethan was calling since we got into the Java coffee shop.
"I think you should answer it...."

"No Malcolm, I don't want to hear his voice...I guess I rather turn it off..."

"As you wish Mrs Almasi. That guy must be a fool, does he know how many men wish they were in his place right now???" I could feel his gaze piercing right through me in an uncomfortable manner.

"You never know how precious something is until you lose it..."

"Why don't you leave the jerkass??? It seems he still isn't ready to be a man..."
"It's not that easy Malcolm. I love him but I think he still loves his ex..I know it's stupid to hope that one day he will be able to say the three words...."

"What!!!! He has never said he loves you???" Malcolm almost choked on his Cappuccino.
"It's embarrassing right..."
"No it's so brave of you..Being with someone who you aren't sure loves you needs alot of courage. But what can I expect from a girl who leads a riot, gets shot and almost jumps on her MP on live television???"

I giggled under my hand feeling so embarrassed.
"Do I know him???" I shook my head in disagreement.

Yes, you do Malcolm. But I am not ready to tell you that yet.

Tell him someone needs to beat that Ethan up. He is still a boy in a man's body...My inner goddess rolled her eyes at me.
Shut up, it's not your business... I rolled my eyes back at her.

"Is it Ian???There have been numerous stories and blogs about you two..."
"No,We are just friends.." I rolled my eyes at him.
"I am sorry if I offended you...." He tried to reach for my hand but I drew it back.
"It's okay...I just hate it when people think there is something more than friendship between us.."

I tasted my coffee and savoured the warmth of the chocolate..It was dense and creamy.. I loved it.

"So do you have plans or will you join me for some little fun???"
"I think I need some little fun...."
"That's more like it..Be ready to experience Sakwa in different amazing way..."
"Can't wait, to shake it off..."

As we walked towards his Mercedes Benz , he draped his arm around my shoulder and I was surprised. Wasn't he worried that someone may see us together or even worse the paparazzis...
"Aren't you scared someone might see us????"

"Who cares???" He shrugged.
"Bloggers, paparazzis anddesperate reporters..."
"Dear Arya, it would be more than happy to read an article about us..Any man would feel privileged, I know Ian can explain the feeling..."

Malcolm winked at me as he held the passenger's door for me.
"You are an asshole Malcolm..." I rolled my eyes, sliding in.
"Thanks for the compliment..." He smiled and buckled my seatbelt.
"You know I can do that...."
"You are welcomed...." He shut the door and jogged to the driver's side...

"I can't wait for you to experience what I have in store...." He looked more excited than I was.

"Okay Mr Raina, let's do this...."

There was a comfortable silence as he drove to wherever the fuck he was taking me...
"Do you like the song???" It was Reason by Rudeboy..
"Yeah...I can listen to practically anything..."


"You are among the top five hottest eligible bachelor's in the country, I don't understand why you are not dating????"

"Dear Arya, dating entails alot of things. It's just not about smiling for the camera and looking good. There is commitment, loyalty and faithfulness in question..."

Wow!!!!Ethan should probably take some lessons from him.

"So you have never dated????" What's with it with my curiosity.
"I have. Her name was Amber...." I noticed his face stiffened after saying her name...

"What happened????"

"We are here, let's not talk about gold diggers.." There was a warning in the edge of his voice.

I hadn't realised we had arrived until he slammed the door on his way out.. I guess I must have pricked a sensitive nerve..

I looked around and realised we were at Sakwa's marine park from the bold looking at me...

I got out of the car and walked to where Malcolm was standing..
"I am sorry I didn't mean to upset you..."

"It's okay..." He briefly smiled and began walking towards what seemed like a shop...

I followed closely behind him like a loyal puppy hoping this tense weird moment would soon pass.

"Do you prefer a white or a pink towel???Girls prefer pink..."
"White is fine by me..."
"Go with the lady, you need to change into a swim suit or a bikini. Whatever you see fit..."

"Okay..." I beamed and followed the sales girl.

I chose to settle for a black bikini...I guess I am to grown to be wearing swim suits...

I packed my lacy panties and bra in a small bag I bought and walked back to Malcolm.
"Set????"He asked and I nodded wordlessly.
"Let's go..." He took my hand in his and walked me out of the shop..

We walked like 200 yards in the ocean ankle deep to get to the boat. The water was crystal clear hence I could see several fishes of different kind and sizes...

"This is adorable...." I said excitedly...
"And you haven't seen the exciting part yet Arya..." He winked at me.

Our our way to the sandbar, I got a lot of glimpse into the ocean. It was amazing but I didn't love the seeing the beauty of the ocean without getting wet..

"Enjoying yourself Mrs Almasi????"
"Yes but I want to get wet...."
"Patience Mrs Almasi...." Malcolm smiled and pulled me closer to him. For the first time his closeness didn't bother me..

"I am sorry about earlier. I just hate talking about her..." He said the last statement between closed teeth.
"And I will never discuss about her again..." I pressed a kiss on his cheek. We were both surprised with what I had done..

Control yourself Arya....

The sandbar was like a tiny island in the open sea...I was amused to watch the whales swim by..
"Malcolm look at them. They are so adorable..." I said with delight novelty..
"I am happy to see you smile...You look so beautiful Arya..."
"Thank you for this. I am having fun..."

I loved the feeling of being surrounded with endless water..
"The next thing we are going to do is my favourite. You will love it. Ps. You are getting wet..."

From there we headed into  the warm water of the ocean to explore the snorkeling area. My heart was fluttering with fear and excitement, I have never done snorkeling before..

"Are you okay????" Malcolm confirmed after noticing my face was shouting fear.
"I have never done this before..."
"I will be right beside you...." He assured, cupping my face...
"Okay..." I could feel the breeze comforting me...

I peeled the t-shirt and the pair of shorts off my body and was left only with the bikini.
"Arya do you want to turn me on??? Because I can feel getting hard already just looking at that sexy body.."

I looked away shyly and returned my gaze to him the moment he got out of his jeans and T-shirt. I had to force myself to turn away from the seductive sight of the half -naked handsome man Infront of me. Well defined abs and really firm arms...

"You don't look so bad yourself..."
"Are you biting your bottom lip???" F*ck!!!!I hadn't realised I was doing that.
"I am just nervous...."

"Or is it this fine ass man driving you crazy????" He teased.
"I have a boyfriend...." I replied hastily.
"Who is a jearkass..."

Before I could say something mean to cover my bruised ego, the coach walked towards us.
"Are you ready Mr Raina???"
"Yes, let's do this..."

We put on our face mask and snorkel ready to swim with the dolphins..
My eyes were sparkling with joy, our pulse beating in a  rapid rhythm as we jumped into the warm water.

It was an amazing opportunity to observe the underwater life in a natural setting.I felt as if my mask was God's own television screen as I watched nature around me.

There were hundreds of beautiful coral reefs which left me awestruck and dazzled by their vibrant colours. I was even lucky to see a sea turtle and a guitarfish..

Malcolm held my hand in a static state  and we watched the movement of fishes as they swam across us. It was like a school of different kind of fish travelling in their own groups.

It felt amazing drifting lazily, watching sea life below. Below here, I was stress free....Too bad we couldn't swim with the dolphins...

As we returned back to the beach, I couldn't stop talking about it and Malcolm just looked at me with amusement in his eyes like I was saying the most intelligent thing in the world.
"I am glad you had fun. Too bad, you didn't swim with the dolphins..."
"Are you kidding me??? I had more than fun..." I threw my arms around him and hugged him. I don't know how this day would have been like of I didn't bump into him.

"We should pass over my place, take a quick shower and then I can drive you back to your hotel..." He suggested and I nodded in agreement.
I was sad thou, I wasn't ready to face Ethan yet.

As we walked towards the car still wrapped in my towel, Malcolm flashed me a mischievous smile.
"Why are you smiling like that???"

He abruptly sweeped down, clasped me around my thighs and lifted me up. Before I know it, I am over his shoulder.

"Put me down..." I screamed only for him to clasp his arm firmly around my thighs.

People were staring, could this be more humiliating???
He slowly placed me on the passenger's seat, tucking his lips not to laugh.

I feel like punching him on the face but I just can't be mad at this man.
"That was embarassing..."
"That's what makes it fun..."

When he swung open the door to his villa, we were greeted with an attractive woman who looked more like Malcolm's female version. She was wearing a white croptop and black shorts.

"Guys, come quick. Malcolm has finally brought a girl home..." She screamed excitedly and my jaw fell on the floor. I was wrapped in a towel and Malcolm didn't care to tell me he wasn't alone.

I looked at Malcolm seeking an explanation but he seemed too embarassed, his face flushed and pale.
"I can't believe it. My Malcolm is dating again..." An old woman who seemed to be in her early sixties hugged me so tight that I couldn't breath.

Just looking at her, I could tell she must have been a beautiful young woman. She must really take care of herself..
"You are so beautiful.."
"May you two always be together..." She clasped her hands together.

They think we are dating...Sweet heavens.

"Come, I will show you Malcolm's embarassing photos..." She snaked her arm over my shoulder and walked me in.
"Granny, I think we should freshen up first..." Malcolm jogged Infront of us,"Arya is so tired and cold. We are just from snorkeling.."

"So it's true..You have brought a girl home..". A handsome young boy commented not lifting his face from his phone.
"Can you at least say hey????" Malcolm replied dryly.
"I have an Instagram emergency. Maybe later.." He turned around and left.
"That's Samson my little brother and the girl with the black shorts Hannah my little sister."

"Where are your bags???" Granny asked.
"She is here with her family. Please stop bothering her with silly questions, we are going to freshen up.." Malcolm said in almost a loud voice and wrapped his arm on my waist.

We headed up to the never ending stairs and walked into the second room to the left.
"I am sorry about my family. There are just dramatic sometimes.."
"Your dad is way worse..." I chuckled, remembering the incident in his office the day of the interview.
His room was warm and simple. I loved it.
"Don't even remind me...Can we just act like a couple today or else my granny would drive me insane.."
"It's doesn't seem I have a choice...And why didn't you tell me your family was here???"
"You wouldn't have come."
"You can shower first.."
"Okay..." I didn't want us arguing...

Just when I was putting on my t-shirt, Malcolm arrogantly walked out of the bathroom with the towel lazily wrapped around his waist. Just one stupid move and it would pool into the floor.

I couldn't stop staring at him....For a moment I was tempted to run my hand all over that wet chest.. You gonna make me sin Malcolm.
"Malcolm, I think you should put on a t-shirt..." My voice was strained
"Do you like what you see???" He walked so close to me and I couldn't move. I just took deep breaths.
"Don't worry I won't touch you..." He leaned so close that our noses brushed.
"Just get ready Malcolm..." I stammered with my eyes tightly shut.

He caressed my cheeks and I almost fell at his mercy..I was vulnerable right now and he was a handsome temptation.
"Please don't..." I bit my bottom lip so hard that I am sure it was bleeding.

"Don't open your eyes, I am naked and need to get dressed..."

I nodded wordlessly, shaking all sort of dirty thoughts from my mind as I felt him stepping away..

I stood there, trembling my eyes shut waiting for    him to get dressed.
"I am done. You can open your eyes..."

I slowly opened my eyes and found him smiling naughtily at me. I don't know what was coming over me. I guess he is getting to me because I am hurting.

Before he could say anything, I was out of the door running downstairs when I almost bumped into Mr Raina.
"Arya Almasi, what a surprise???" He greeted me with a warm hug.
"I knew you two would get along. Come, lunch is ready..." He draped his arm over my shoulder and led me to the dining room.

"How is Nick doing???He is a very hardworking man.."
"He is good sir..."
"C'mon call me dad..."

This is getting weirder by the minute. The moment I slid into my chair, the smell of various kinds of meat and vegetables dishes all together make my stomach growl..

"Darling, you couldn't wait for me..." Malcolm said in a sad tone, sitting beside me.
"I was hungry darling..."

What was Malcolm trying to do????
"You two are so adorable..."Granny stuttered, tears dripping from her eyes.
"Granny, don't scare her...Sweet heavens.."Malcolm rolled his eyes at her.
"I am just happy for you grandson..."

After a while Malcolm's sister and brother joined us.
"Sweet heavens, you guys are trending on twitter..." Malcolm's little brother shouted.

"What???" I asked shockingly.
"Yes.. The newest couple in town. Malcolm Raina and Arya Almasi are seen getting cosy in Sakwa. Is Malcolm finally over Amber Risa???"

I could feel my heart constricting in my chest just imagining what's running in Ethan's mind right now. He must be going crazy with the mere thought of Malcolm and I been cosy..

I have really crossed the limits..
"Are you okay???" Malcolm whispered to me.
"My boyfriend will kill me..."
"Do you guys want to have a look???" Malcolm s little brother asked and we both shook our heads in disagreement..

"Dear, why are you not eating???" Granny asked and that when I realised I have just been playing with my fork. I was thinking about Ethan, I know he is worried sick and mad at the same time. Only God knows  what he will so after he sees me.
"She is on diet....That figure just doesn't happen.." Malcolm came to my rescue.
"I was to comment on that sexy body..." His sister smiled at me.

After lunch, we moved to the living room and Mr Raina began narrating to me embarassing stories of Malcolm when he was young. Malcolm could once in a while rub the back of his neck embarassingly and that made me laugh.

The atmosphere simply made me happy, I felt at home. The Rainas were so sweet and friendly.

I was more grateful that Malcolm kept me close at his side. Unlike Ethan who forgot I was his date, the moment we stepped into the Marcias' Mansion.
"So when did you two start dating???" Malcolm's sister asked the question I was waiting for.
"He asked me out the moment I stepped into his office for an interview..." I replied dryly.

"Malcolm you couldn't let her slip away, could you???" Mr Raina began teasing him.
"For once dad, you got it right. I am grateful..." He pressed a soft kiss on my forehead, taking me by surprise..

"You are so sweet darling...." I flashed him a forced smile.

After we were done, Malcolm and I decided to take a walk on the beach..
"I am sorry about the article..."
"It's okay.. I am just thinking about him. I know he is mad and worried out of his wit.

"If he trusts you, there is nothing to be worried about..."
"He is so paranoid and immature at times..Ironically he had told me to stay away from you.." I chuckled at the last statement.

"Whoa!!!I hope I am not a threat..."
"Should you be a threat???"

"I see what you are trying to do Mrs Almasi...Very cunning indeed.."

"I really had fun today. Thank you for the amazing experience..."
"Anytime Mrs Almasi...."

Finally what I was fearing the most happened. It was time for Malcolm to take me back home. Back to him who I know has probably exploded out of anger.

"So which hotel are you staying in???" He asked the moment we drove out of the Raina's villa.
"Take me to the Marcias' villa..."

"The Marcias????Don't tell me you are dating Troy Marcias because definitely is not that player Ethan. He is more into models..."

Damn Malcolm you pricking a sensitive nerve and I am almost losing it.
"Can you just drive with your mouth shut???'
"Did I say something wrong???"
"You just talk too much at times..."

There was a weird silence between us as Malcolm decided to focus on the road. When we drove into the Marcias' villa, Ethan was seated by the stairs at the front door with his hands on his head.

"Look what is happening.

Read " Innocent Obsession " by the same author ( Fideh Mwangi )

. So you are the reason Ethan and Ivy broke up. You never seize to surprise me..." I could sense mockery in his voice.

"I can't deal with you..." I climbed out of the car and called out to Ethan.

His expression on his face was ferocious when he lifted his head up. Arya you are good as dead.

He ran towards me and wrapped his arms around me. He hugged me tighter this time as if I would disappear in a moment notice.

"I am glad you are okay baby, you had me worried.."
There was something different with him. He just called me baby and he was weirdly not mad..
"Where have you been???Your phone was off..." He asked worriedly the second he pulled back.

"The battery died..." I stammered.

"I am sorry to interrupt you guys but Arya I will head back..." Malcolm stated arrogantly.

"I guess you two know each other...." I mumbled apologetically.
"Nice to see you Malcolm. Thanks for bringing my girl home..." Ethan said calmly, pulling me close to him that my head was on his chest and his arm wrapped across my back.
"Next time just don't let her walk down the streets crying. It's not a good picture..." Malcolm flashed him a small, cool smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

"I guess that's not your business Malcolm..." O could sense disgust in Ethan's voice as he said his name.
"Be glad it's my business or right now a stranger would be comforting her.. If you can't make her happy, let her go..."

Their conversation had began to make me so uncomfortable.
"Bye Mrs Almasi, see you soon ..." Malcolm saluted me and slid back into his car.

After he had driven out of the gates, Ethan walked me to the house. Strangely he seemed calm.

A/N The moment between Malcolm and Ethan was slightly weird..Ps. A full chapter 41 is available on wattpad. I am glad i can update frequently.

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  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    This just rendered me speechless.....but I think it would have been better if she was dating Malcolm he seems less complicated......kisses Fideh!
  • Racheal Rakel Namz picture
    Racheal Rakel Namz
    happy here two... can't wait for Arya to fall for Malcolm ?
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Pamela hugs your way darling
  • Callmie Adeomo picture
    Callmie Adeomo
    Oya let's go there
  • Joycelyn Juliet picture
    Joycelyn Juliet
    can't wait for Arya and Malcolm to be together, kudos fideh
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    i think that Malcolm guy is following her up and down,i dont like him and it will not be good if Arya jumping around it will look like she is kind of a lose girl i still think things will work out btween ethan and Arya,Arya should just get hold of her self and give herself a little respect and degnity,i dont want her dating that Malcolm cos i think there is something fishing abt him
  • Angela David picture
    Angela David
    Ghen ghen
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    I want Arya to teach Ethan a lesson but I don't want them to brak up pirced rose on my mind
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Abena nothing like that will happen
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Ethan need to bcom jealous so he can appreciate her
  • Esther Lamsing picture
    Esther Lamsing
    Am loving this write up the more....Ethan grow up! Love you fideh
  • Amma picture
    Malcolm is really bold sha!!!!
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Joycelyn I won't disappoint team Malcolm
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Oke he is just a man in love
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Estger love you too
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Ayomide Good point
  • Uthman Danfodio picture
    Uthman Danfodio
    This stubborn arya girl, must she find fault in anything ethane did. Does it mean been in love you won't be able to pick ex girl call return her text. Then am ready to remain single for the rest of life on this earth
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