My only addiction - Episode 40

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Arya's POV
I underestimated this man.
Does he expect me to jump up and down in joy because he wants me to be his girlfriend???
What difference will it make??? He will still be putting on those silly glasses and the cap.

I turned around to have a good look at him clapping my hands when I found him down on one knee.
"Wow!!!! Is this a new stunt???"

"What stunt???? I am f*cking proposing..."

"What difference will it make???? You will still put on that cap and those silly glasses. Why are you trying so hard for nothing???" I snapped at him and slapped the box of ring from his hand.

"That's disrespectful Arya..." He thundered, standing up.
"You know what's disrespectful, a guy taking advantage of your feelings. A guy rubbing it in on your face of how much he adores his girlfriend...A confused guy who doesn't even know if he wants Arya or Ivy..." I yelled and pushed him back but he didn't even move.

Just looking at him, I could imagine her filthy hands on him yesterday and so help me heavens I am gonna kill somebody.

"What about me???" He yelled back with a tear-eyed stare.
"You are selfish..." I started slapping his chest so hard.
"You don't think about what I feel. You think about yourself..." I picked the box that was lying lazily under the bed and threw it on his chest.

"It's means nothing. I want you to need me back. I want you to hold me like you hold her. I am tired of being the other woman..." I sank on the floor surrendering to the overwhelming pain that I couldn't contain, "Why can't you need me back????" My hands had covered my face and tears were dripping between my fingers.

"Ethan it's hurts so much that I can't be seen with you in public. That we can't drive in your own car. That I can publicly declare my love for you, all because of your f*cking damn appearances and stupid fame..It's so draining, very draining and I don't think I have the strength in me to overcome it...At times I just want to strangle you, kill you but how can I do that while I can't live without you..."

"I am sorry..." I felt his arms on my shoulders and pushed him back that he fell on his sorry ass.

"I am sick and tired of hearing that word..." I sat on the carpet and pulled my legs to my chest.
" I am always tired of all this," He knelt Infront of me," I am also tired of hurting you.."

There was a slight shake of his hands as he placed them on my knees," Since I was 8, all I heard was be like Troy. Why can't you study like Troy??? A Marcias should only play football as a hobby. Learn something from Troy. Every chance my dad got he would always rub it in my face how amazing Troy was. I wanted to be a footballer as long as I remember and when I broke the news to my dad he grounded me for two months thinking I would change my mind but it was all in vain..."

He had dropped his gaze, staring at my knees.
" I remember that night like it was yesterday. The day he locked me out since I had come home at midnight from practice. It broke my heart that my dad didn't support my dreams but I vowed I would prove him wrong. I would show him that I can still be successful like Troy by playing football. Football is my life and that's why I am so careful with what I do. I can't do something that will tarnish my name or question my reputation that's why I am very discreet with lots of things. I am always scared to be on the bad side of the public because I would prove my dad right that I can't do anything without him.."

"Yesterday I was watching your every move Arya. I remember you dancing with Troy, walking downstairs laughing with Hope. Every now and then I would secretly stare at my beautiful date who had some few bachelor's praising her . When you walked out of the party I followed you. I opened the door and you didn't even hear me. You were lost in thoughts soaked in tears. It broke me to see you like that, I felt a slash on my chest seeing you broken and devastated. Ivy has always been there as my advisor, my confidant, my friend and she never let anything go wrong for me. She always fixes every wrong in my life, she is a perfectionist. Trust me it took more than guts to leave her because I am on the edge of losing alot of things.
Yesterday, there were few reporters in the party and I wasn't ready to make you the topic of the town. That's the only reason I was with Ivy the whole night so as I don't place you on the limelight or in a spot that you would be forced to answer awkward embarassingly questions. The last thing I would want is to hurt you Arya...I want you and not Ivy. Only you and that's why I left her..."

"I understand...." I whispered gaining his attention.

He was going through alot and I was only thinking about myself. He had a father to prove wrong and that must be hard for him. He left the only girl who assured everything was perfect in his life just for me, that should count for something right???

I should be understanding with him and give it time. I wouldn't want to ruin his reputation or put him at a tight spot. I am patient and I will wait as long as it takes for everything to fall in place.

I lifted my head and looked at him. Fear and sadness were evident in his eyes.

"I will wait until everything falls into place, I won't pressure you.."

"I promise I won't hurt you ever again Arya. I will stop picking Ivy's calls or replying her messages. I will just focus on you.."

I moved closer to him ensuring there was no inch between us and wrapped my arms around him..
"Yes Ethan, I will be your girlfriend..."
"Thanks Arya..."

He pulled back, cupped my face heat rising from my stomach to my chest as his lips were closing in.

"I almost lost my mind on the thought of losing you..." He breathed, brushing my lips with his.
I was on the edge of forgetting how to breath.
"I have never seen you that mad..." His tongue devled into my mouth and I accepted kissing him passionately.

He lifted me up still kissing , carrying me bridal style and I wrapped my arms around his neck enjoying how perfect it feels.

He slowly placed me on the bed with a soft bounce and slipped the t-shirt over my head. He also took off his t-shirt and boxer and threw them on the floor.

He claimed my mouth again, hungry and intense until my knees gave in, his hands running every inch of me.


"You are so beautiful Arya, you just make me feels this beautiful emotions I have never felt before..The way you give yourself to me, the sincerity in your tone when you say you love me, how patient and understanding you are with me. I would be a fool to let you go..." He stated and then we made love.

He whispered after our moment of passion and intimacy,"We should have some rest before we leave in the afternoon..."

"What do you mean leave???" I tried to lift my head from his chest only to be pulled closer that we were chest to chest.

"We are going for a vacation pretty doll. We need some alone time before we tell the world about us..."

"And when were you going to tell me this???"

"After you have cooled down and you were ready to listen and let me explain..."

"But I don't have any clothes???" I cried out.
"We can always go for shopping..." He shrugged.

We lied in silence for some minutes. Me wrapped up in his arms was overwhelming that I couldn't stop smiling.

He didn't respond. I lifted my head only to see him sleeping peacefully.
I raked my fingers through his messy hair and earned a small smile from him.

"I am so drained...Let's get some rest, shall we????"
" Okay..."

I fell asleep the moment I shut my eyes, inhaling his scent. I love how he smells after s*x...

"Pretty doll????" Ethan whispered into my ear, dragging me from my beauty sleep.
"What???" I yawned
"Someone is waiting for you in the living room."
"Who cares...." I rolled my eyes and turned the other side.

"I don't think it's a good idea if they found you naked.."
"I hope it's not Ivy..." I sneered when the possibility that it might be her steals all the sleep I had and I jump out of bed.

"I swear if it's her, I am gonna drown her in the bathtub. Hope said she would help me with the body. Can't she just leave my man alone..." I yelled at Ethan who was just looking at my naked self lustfully. I am sure he want even listening to me.

"Did you hear what I said???" I snapped my fingers at his face.
"You are so damn s*xy when n*ked..." He bit his bottom lip.
"Quit joking around. Who is in the living room???" I asked after slapping his arm.

"It's Jackie with some of your stuffs. I called her and told her to pack some things for you..." He replied dryly and went back to looking at me with lust and admiration.

"Okay..." I quickly wore the t-shirt and the pair of Ethan's boxers that were lying on the floor.
"What do you have in there, if I am wearing your boxers???"
"I grabbed clean ones from the closet after having a shower..."

I hadn't noticed he looked clean and fresh and smelt divine. He was wearing a pair rugged blue faded jeans, a baseball vest and black desert boots... He looked so handsome especially with his hair so messy... Why is this man so perfect???

I walked into the living room and found Jackie groaning as she changed the channels with the remote swiftly.
"There is nothing good to watch..."
"Hey Jackie????"
"Short woman," She beamed and walked to where I was.
"I am glad to see you..." I stuttered as events from yesterday played in slow motion in my head.

"What's wrong???" She asked in a worrying tone.
"Yesterday's party was a mess, Ivy was there and I didn't get to spend time with Ethan. I don't wanna lose him, I don't want him to go back to her. I will die..." I choked between sobs as Jackie pulled me in for a tight hug.

"That's why you two need alone time so as you figure out what you guys want. He just broke up with her, he is as clueless as he can be. You two should figure yourself out during this vacation and then if it doesn't work out I will be here for you to help you pull through. Don't let it get to you..."

"Thanks Jackie. You always know the right words to tell me. So what will you tell Nick if he asks for me???"

"You are away for a field trip. Don't worry I got you covered..." She pulled back and smiled at Ethan who I could feel was behind me.
"I will get going guys before Andrew burns the whole shop down. Take care and have fun. And please no phones..." She kissed me on the cheek, hugged Ethan and I and left..

"Pretty doll, jump into the shower. We need to get going soon..."
"Where are we going???" I couldn't hide my excitement....
"Where it all began...."

What does he f*cking mean??? Where it all began...We met in a lousy club.

When Ethan turned on the music player on, it was like liquid adrenaline had been injected right into my blood stream that made me tingle. I couldn't stop moving my body side to side, shaking my hips as my hands flew in the air.

I wanted to let lose.
" Cause if you like it then you should have put a ring on it. If you like it then you should've put a ring on it. Don't be mad once you see that he wants it. If you like it then you should've put a ring..." I sang, waving my left hand on Ethan's face not caring he was driving.

"Are you trying to say something Mrs Marcias????"

"I am just singing Mr Almasi..."

"If I can remember right, someone slapped a box with a ring inside from my hand."

"It's a song Mr Almasi. Did the shoe fit???" I asked in a voice full of sarcasm since I was aware of what I was doing.

I was indirectly telling him he should very soon make it known am his before someone sweeps me off my feet.

"I think we should listen to another song, Mrs Marcias because that shoe is so tight. "

He changed the song to tears in the ocean by Jay Sean and I couldn't stop screaming in a excitement.
"Damn!!!!This song is a whole mood..."

"I know right...I dedicate each and every word to you my Arya..."

"You have never said you love me..." I said with eyes full of sadness.
"That's why I am dedicating the song to you..." He said dryly.

"Jay Sean doesn't remember the girl's name but you do. Her name is Ivy Alvaro jerkass..."

"Who is Ivy, is she a baker??? Because I only know of Arya Almasi my baker. Have you met her??? She is so pretty..."

I tried to pretend but it was too late. A smile had creeped on my lips...

"I dropped a tear in the ocean. When they find it, that's when I will stop loving you..." He took my hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it. I could feel shivers down my spine..

Even a tiny bit of kiss caused a massive reaction in my body.
"Thanks Ethan..."
He winked at me and continued to focus on the road when my stomach grumbled so loud that I was embarrassed.
"Someone must be really hungry...There is an eatery near by.."
"Okay..." I rubbed my stomach embarassingly...

When we pulled over outside the eatery, I handed him his silly glasses.
"Silly man, you need these. We don't want people recognising you..."
"What would I do without you????"

I was surprised that he intertwined our hands as we got into the eatery.
"Pretty doll, their beef burgers and fries are to die for. I think we should have that and a glass of a cold mango juice. What do you think???"

"Anything is fine Mr Almasi...."

As soon as the waiter placed the plate of fries and beef burger on the table, I dug in...I only looked up to take a sip from the glass of mango juice.

"It seems you were hungry, my pretty doll..."
I nodded wordlessly and took a very large bit from the burger. He was right, this thing is fucking delicious.

"Please forgive me for what I plan to do..." He warned...

I swallowed the rest of my words when he stood up and began to address the crowd.
"Guys, I just need a minute of your time to appreciate my girlfriend. She just accepted to be my girlfriend this morning and God knows how happy that made me feel. Arya Almasi, thank you for being my girlfriend. I want the whole world to know you mean the world to me. No, you are my world..."

As the people cheered and clapped, I was breathless and unprepared for this. He reached out his hand and I took it...

" I promise never to hurt you again. I don't know any damn Ivy Alvaro and if I do, she is history. I am focused on the present, in the present where I want Arya to be part of..." He kissed me slowly and very passionately that blood boiled under my skin.

I felt so weak on my knees that I wrapped my arms around his neck for support..
"I love you Ethan..." I whispered the moment he broke the kiss..
"Thank you Arya..." He wrapped his arms around me and I melted into them...

I don't care if he didn't say he loved me too because I believe very soon he will say the three words to me. Who cares if this love is one sided???It makes me happy.

"I didn't know you could be so sweet..." I teased him, the moment we got back into the car.

"And romantic too Mrs Marcias. I can't wait for the day I will stop wearing this silly glasses and cap. I can't wait for the world to know you are mine..."

"That's so sweet but about been romantic. You have a long way to go. You went on one knee in your bedroom, who does that??? Dude, creativity is essential..." I mocked him for earlier only for him to stick his tongue out at me..

It was childish but I was happy that he was letting lose with me..
He began telling me about his silly childhood memories and I was sure by the time we get to where I had no idea we were going I wouldn't have any ribs...

I loved the carefree spirit...That was a positive step in our relationship...

I don't know how I fell asleep probably leaving him talking to himself...
"Pretty doll, we are here..." He softly shook me but I pretended not to hear...

He carefully took me into his arms and carried me bridal style...
"Mercy, take our things to our room. I am taking her to rest, she must be tired..." I heard him say.

"Who is tired??? I just wanted a free ride..." I winked at him and he just laughed shaking his head.
"You manipulative little thing..."

The living room was comfortably furnished with a piano, comfortable sofas and a fire place..It was homely and I love it...

"Where Is this place????"
"Our Villa...It's where my parents came when dad found out mom was pregnant with me..."

This is what he meant, where it all began. I palm slapped my forehead in my mind, laughing foolishly at myself...

"Sir Ethan, everything is set. Food is ready, should I set the table????" Mercy asked.
"Mercy, this is Arya my girlfriend..." Ethan introduced us.

"Hey Mercy, nice to meet you..." I beamed, shaking her hand.
"You are so pretty...Welcome.."
"Thank you..."

"Mercy, we will take it from here...You can go home.." Ethan interrupted what seemed like a little reunion between us.

"Where is our room??? I need to freshen up..."
"Where do you think you going???" He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"This is gonna be the best week of my life..."He pressed his face into the crook of my neck and as always it felt home so relaxing.

He seemed happy and that made me happy...

A/N Hello smile squad..Another update, this week. I am so glad I could put a smile on your faces..Blessed weekend, have safe fun. As usual full chapter on wattpad. My only addiction by fidehmwangi.
Ps. I am glad there is an improvement in Ethan's and Arya's relationship. What are your thoughts???I heard your plea and I will start updating frequently. Your wish is my command.

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    Ethan should grow up
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    Ethan should just make up his mind i donot want him to keep hurting Arya
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