My only addiction - Episode 50

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Ethan's POV
"I won't do that Arya!!!!"
"Do you have any other idea Ethan Marcias?????"

Her plan was unacceptable on multiple levels..How could she think of telling me to get back with Ivy...

"You know I don't understand you Arya, you can't stand me talking to her and now you want me to go back to that witch. How can I even look into her eyes after knowing what she did???She almost ruined me!!!!" I roared and rose from the sofa.

"Ethan????" She followed suit and stood Infront of me.
"No Arya, I will not do that..."

"Can you listen to me first please and with an open mind????" She requested softly...
"Its non negotiable..."

She took a breath, her shoulders rising and then she  let it out slowly, straightening.
"I think we need a drink before I talk reason into your head.."

She dragged me to the bar area, got two glasses from the shelf and splashed whisky in them, three fingers each..
"Drink up!!!" She ordered, sliding the glass to me.
"I won't change my mind..." I gulped down the whole content and slapped the glass on the counter.

"Love???" She turned me around so as I could face her and wrapped her hands around my arms," Ivy holds the key to your freedom. I am not telling you to get back to her and be all lovey Davie. She has made it clear that the only way she will make it slide is if you two get back together..."
"But I don't want to, it's you I love..." I was now acting childishly but I didn't care.
"Can you let me finish????" Arya said in a commanding tone between closed teeth...

I didn't like this idea even one bit...
"So after she has believed you two are dating, we will look for anything to hold against her since you know nothing about her..Which is surprisingly weird since she knows everything about you..." She rolled her eyes at me..

"I don't think she has any skeletons inside her closet..."
"You give her more credit than she deserves Ethan Marcias and that's your biggest problem..." She sent me a glare worse than a full blast laser that warned me to be careful with the words I say next..

"What if we don't find something????"
"Everyone has secrets Ethan. And my instincts tells me she has...So your work is to make her happy and pay  the private investigator's fees..."

"What if we don't find anything??? I shall be stuck with her forever.."
"Ethan Marcias,  can you calm down or do you have any other idea to go about this???"

"But it's a bad idea Arya. I don't want to stay away from you..." I stiffened under her grip.
"And I am looking out for you. Your career and brand are at stake here," She held a finger up at me," I don't want to see what you have worked for so hard go down the drain Love..."

"There is always another way.."
"Which way??? Your useless manager and Lawyer can't even come up with a plan. For a moment, I wish it was the selfish Ethan here next to me..."

"But he is no longer here..Arya, you claim you love me whereas you are sending me in the arms of another woman??? What kind of love is this???When finally I want to be with you, you don't want to be with me."

"Love is pain, love is sacrifice, love is patient and love is selfless." She gulped down the rest of the drink and slapped the glass on the counter,"This is for your own good. The sooner you understand that, the better..." She turned around and walked from the living room.

I took a deep breath, opened my eyes and straightened my spine before giving Erastus a call.
"Your girl is a genius Ethan, how comes we didn't think of that????"
"Are you crazy???I thought you would agree with me that's it's a bad idea..."

"No, it's an awesome idea..You two getting back together will calm the storm and she wouldn't see it coming when we slap her with her skeletons on her face..Damn, I am already liking this girl of yours..."

"What if she doesn't have any dirty skeletons in her closet???"
" I can bet on my life she has. We just need  a smart way of finding them. Should I call a private investigator friend of mine??? He does a good job...We will have results in a week.."

"I guess so...I hope for the sake of you two this plan works because I can't stand that woman for even a second..."
"Don't worry with your girl's brains and mine we will figure this thing out. Please tell her I owe her lunch, she is incredible..."
"Erastus back off, before I break your nose..."

"Chill bro!!!!I was joking. Remember if Jack finds out Ivy had something to do with this, he will never stop rubbing in your face that he told you so..."

For a second, I thought about Arya's idea to kill Melanie and burying her. Right now I feel like doing that to Ivy for ruining my love life, why can't she just let me be happy.

Earlier that evening..
After spending the whole afternoon in bed with Arya, it was finally time to face Ivy and get to the bottom of this madness..

"It took you long enough!!!" She flung the door open and walked to the sofa
"I will make it quick..." I slammed the door closed and stood behind the sofa.

"What do you want to say Ethan???That you are getting married soon and I should wish you all the best.." She slumped on the sofa and began putting scopes of ice-cream in her mouth.

"No, I want to know if you are involved with this Melanie's madness. Because apart from Jack you are the only person that knew..."

"Did you think I would have let you be happy without me???This is only the beginning. You should only be with me.." The sharp tone clued me into the fact that she was not joking...
"How could you????"

"And you how could you????" She rose from the sofa and walked to where I was standing,"You just said you needed a break and the next thing I see is a picture of intertwined hands with a ring on it???"

"Who the f*cking is she because I am going to burn her alive??? Ethan Marcias you are only mine, mine alone..." She yelled, tears dripping from her eyes.

"Dare to even touch a strand of hair on her head and I will bring you down. You mess with her, you mess with me..." I yelled back at her at her and She shrunk back against the wall as I advanced to her.

" I can't believe you would scope so low. I thought we always got each other's back, you wouldn't have this thing you call a career if It wasn't for my mom's connections. Do you know the damage you have caused into my life????"

Disappointment, disgust and anger welled up inside me...
"I rather see you ruined than with another girl. After all we have been through, I am the one supposed to be having that ring on my finger not that slut..."

"Ivy????" I roared, raising my hand to hit her but stopped midway.
"You can hit me as much as you want but the only way this will go away is if we get back together...I am the master planner and Melanie is just a pawn in this game...Just say sorry and post it in your Instagram that we are back together and it will go away like it never even happened..."

"I don't recognise you anymore.I really wish I never meet you, you are so selfish and heartless.."
"Thanks for the compliment Ethan, so when am I getting  my man back???"

"You can get another man with a snap, why don't you just let me go??? I love another woman more than life itself and I would rather die than not be by her side..."

"Too bad I am never letting you go because you are mine Ethan Marcias..."

I wrapped my hands around her arms and looked at her disgustingly,"One day you are gonna pay for this. And for that Melanie for the sake of us two may I never see her face..."
"Why would you see it??? She is somewhere around the world, looking after her sick father..Poor girl, she thinks I am going to pay for a father medical bills..." She didn't even sound apologetic..

"How disgusting I am to even look at you??? Why do that to her, she is only seventeen...."

"And that's the price she pays for s*ducing you to bed..Every choice has its consequences and that new flame better watch out, she might be next..." She flashed me a mocked smile before she began to laugh....

"Don't you dare touch her!!!!" I thundered, shaking her so vigorously that my hands began to hurt..
Even though I shook her vigorously, she couldn't stop laughing and it irritated me...

"I hate you Ivy Alvaro..." I pushed aside and she fell on the floor with a thud.
"You are only mine Ethan Marcias...."
"In your dreams crazy woman..."

"You will come back to me begging trust me after I tell Melanie to leak your  conversations of the day you sent her the money..."

"I don't f*cking care..." I curled my nose like I was disgusted before slamming the door on my way out....

I wish I hadn't opened up to Ivy about the crucial things that we bothering me..It was like I was under a truth spell.

Now I am paying for that...I never knew she would use my secrets against me..

After gulping three more glasses of whisky down my throat, I followed Arya to the bedroom. She had sat on the edge on the bed, her arms wrapped tightly legs which were against chest so lost in thoughts... I sat beside her and pulled her to my lap.
"Arya???" She didn't respond.
"Arya???I will do it.." My eyelids sank closed.

"You hurt me earlier..." She whispered.
"I am sorry if I said some pretty harsh words..."

"It's not like I don't love you Ethan, it's just that I can't think of another way..I am ready to wait for you as we solve this madness..." She cupped my neck.

"And I am ready to go back to her for you. I  am doing it for you and when we find something against her, I want you to be the one to slap it on her face for pulling your love away from you..." She leaned closer and pressed her forehead against mine..

"Do you think that a good idea???I may end up pushing her down the balcony.."

"We will do our own burying, nobody will ever find the body..."
"What are we waiting for??? Let's order a shovel online..."

"Or maybe we should just throw the body to the dogs..."
"That's not a bad plan...Sokomoko dogs are always hungry..."

A laugh spilled from my lips. Even in the midst of a storm she made me smile. I fucking love this woman...

"I still can't believe you would let me get back together with that witch. She is so heartless..."
"Just be grateful I am calm because if not, the police would be collecting a dead body from her apartment tomorrow morning..."

"I won't lie Love that it doesn't hurt, it does but I care about your career and I won't let some selfish desperate bitch take that from you..." She added.

A warm contentment settled in my chest as I pressed a kiss on her forehead," I love you Arya and nobody is gonna take you from me..."
"I love you too Ethan.."

"What are we going to do about Melanie's sick dad Ethan????"
"He is none of our business...It serves her right..."

"How can you say that???" She stood from her lap, her eyes glossy with tears.
"She ruined my life.."
"She was desperate Ethan..if I were you, I would look for her and help her in any way I can so that in future she doesn't use another madness against me..

"You should stop being so nice..." I immediately grimaced..
"And you should thank God that am nice or I would have walked away and never looked at you the moment you called me Ivy after we had sex.."

I sucked breath after breath processing her words.

"Arya???" I tried to reach for her hand but she stepped back, tears dripping from her eyes.
"What difference is there between you and Ivy then???"
"I don't blackmail people and I don't force people to be with me when they dont love me."

"I am looking for that Melanie and helping her where I can because unlike some people I know how it feels to lose a father.."

"I don't understand you Arya, yesterday you wanted to kill and bury her.."

"That was before I found out she did this because your witch of a girlfriend lied she would pay her father's hospital bill..."

"Then how is it my problem If she is stupid enough to be fooled???" I spat angry. I didn't like that we were having this conversation with Arya...She shouldn't have mercy on her, she almost ruined me. She deserves everything that's happening to her.

"If you were wise yourself..You would have left that dick in your pants and waited for your girlfriend to come back or  jerked it off in the bathroom. You are the genesis of these problems Ethan Marcias..."  She spoke through her teeth with a forced restraint..

"How d...."
"Don't go all mad at me Ethan, only God knows what other scary secrets you are hiding from me. I think I should sleep in the other room tonight before I am tempted to suffocate you with a pillow in your sleep..."

She turned around and slammed the door on her way out...

I slapped my palms against the glass wall and hang my head between them, letting the water pour over me and wash away the guilt and regret am feeling...

I felt guilty that I didn't want to help Melanie with her father and also regretted sliding inside her that night. If only I had put that d*ck in my pants that day, we wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be forced to get back with the girl I have learned to hate more than the devil himself..

I regret drinking that night and almost killing that boy, I regret sleeping with Sophie, I regret disowning my father, I regret meeting Ivy...If only I could go back in time and make things right.

I always ruin everything..But one thing I won't ruin is the relationship I have with Arya. She is my life and without her I am incomplete. It doesn't matter if I have to put up with Ivy for a few days to have Arya forever, for her I can move the sun...

And to prove she means everything to me, I will tell her everything...I am changing for the better and its all because of her. I am in that happy place in my life that I never knew existed. And if helping Melanie's father makes her happy, I am willing to put the hate I feel for her aside.



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  • Abena Asima picture
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