My only addiction - Episode 9

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Arya's POV
I couldn't hide my smile after he called me beautiful....I lifted my eyes from his chest and found him looking at me....

I don't know if I will ever get used to his attractiveness....We were lost into each other's eyes until I turned my head to break the contact...It was electrifying...

When we got into the room I felt like I was inside a football field...I thought my brother was obsessed, it seems Amy was worse....

"Welcome to my solitude your royal Highness..." He placed me down carefully....

"I thought my brother was a football holic but I think you are worse Amy..."

There was a ball, jersey, shoes and some trophies and awards in a display case...The floor was green and looked like a football field...The wall Infront of me was a huge image showing a scene of a football game....

Everything screamed football in this room..The wall arts, throw pillows, curtains, football goal bed...Damn I have never seen anybody who loves football like this man...

I looked at Amy starstruck but he was busy texting on his phone...
"Who are you Amy???" I slapped his arm....
"What???" He looked at me all confused, slipping his phone in his pocket....

"I am asking who are you???This is crazy...You and my brother can be best of friends when he sees this room...I should definitely take photos and show him...." I said excitedly....

I still couldn't believe....This is another level of obsession...

"There is nothing serious...I am just a guy who loves football more than his life.." He explained in a bored tone like it wasn't a big deal...
"What do you do????" I asked...

Ethan's POV
It was cute to see Arya starstruck on seeing my solitude room....It was like seeing a little girl looking around Disneyland ..

"What do you do Amy????"
"I am a foot....." I almost blew it up...
"I am a manager who is obsessed with football..." I smiled like I hadn't lied...

But there was some truth in it...Jordan wanted me to be a manager in his company and I loved football...

"Then why are you not a footballer????" She slumped herself on the soccer bean bag...
"This thing one can't sit on it when drunk...It's so uncomfortable..." She complained, shaking her tiny ass on it...

"Shall we play now????" I sat on a rug beside her...
"You haven't answered my question Amy..."
"I don't want to talk about it..." I faked a sad face...The truth is I didn't want to be trapped in my web of lies....

Liars don't talk much...
"It's okay....But if you want to talk I am here...." She winked and continued shaking her ass....

I switched on the TV and handed her her Xbox 360 controller...After showing her the basics we were ready to start the game....

I thought she was amateur but she was pretty good at it...
"Amy I won...."
"What???" I couldn't believe my eyes...
She begun dancing and making faces at me,"Mr nobody has ever beaten me at FIFA..."

"But I thought you hated Football..." I cried out still on shock...
"I have a brother who always forced me to play FIFA with him so in the process I had to become a Pro to always put him in his place..." She boasted...

"One more game and then we can see who is the best in FIFA...That was just luck Arya...."I pointed two fingers from her eyes into mine...

We played again and she won....
"Is it still luck Amy???"She wiggled her eyebrows...
"How are you so good???"
"I love playing FIFA but I can't watch a football match....." She shrugged...

" You weird and I love it...Come think of it, can you stay till the weekend???We can spend the whole weekend competing against each other...I have never met a girl so good in FIFA..."

"Your wish is my command...Be prepared to lose...Do you want we go again????"
"Yeah sure..." I could hide the excitement on my face...

All the girls I have been with hate FIFA and they always say it's a boys' game...Then what do we have here???The first girl, no the first person to ever beat me on FIFA...You are a friend for keeps Arya...

"So Arya how is it without your parents, it must be so hard???"

Instead of answering, she pinches my cheek...
"Are you trying to distract Amy???"
"No, I just want to converse..." I nudged her hand away....

After she won for the third time, she placed her controller down and looked at me...
"Can we lie down on your football goal bed???My ass kinda hurts..."

I helped her stand up and we both lied on the bed, our heads facing each other....
I couldn't stop admiring her..

"I would do anything to bring them back..I miss them but my brother Nick has always made sure he was there for me when he needed to be...He is a football coach and so obsessed with football as well...There was a time he wore jerseys everyday that I had to hide them..." Her face glowed as she talked about her brother...

"I really wanna meet him..."
"I will introduce the both of you someday..Trust me he will like you..."

"So how is my solitude room???"
"I love it....It's so beautiful....For a football fanholic I give you a hundred stars..."

I couldn't tame my laughter...You can never get bored with this girl...

"A hundred stars???I thought they give five max..."
"Hundred stars is my thing..." She chuckled...

"Are you always this jovial and crazy???" I asked...
"I try to make myself as happy as I can..."

"Do you think having such room is crazy???"I whispered..
"No, it might look crazy at first but it will always remind of that love you have for football....If I had an empty room I would also stuff it with everything queen B related because I adore her..."

My friends and Ivy always thought I was crazy to have this room and she ever  suggested I make it a gym...To her it was childish...

"You know my friends think this room is childish..That only teenage boys should do this.."

"Amy normal is boring...Live life as you want to live...People will always find fault in everything you do...I also sleep with Manu...."

"Is Manu not a boy???" I scowled at her but she begun laughing...
"Manu is my teddy bear fool..."

A look of relief washed over me...Since I have found a friend who loves FIFA like I do, I am never letting her go...

"Will you be my friend Arya???I need a crazy female friend in my life who we can play FIFA all night long..."

"As long as you go easy on her at times then she will be....This girl doesn't take brutal honesty well at times..."

I felt a little sad for been mean to her....

"Is it about earlier???I am sorry....I don't like men who step on girl's self respect..."
"It's okay...we are now friends and friends always forgive each other..."

I felt like my emotions were all over...I had the urge to show and tell her everything about myself....I felt so comfortable around her...

I didn't have to fake smile or act okay, I just had to be me in the name of Amy....

"Amy can you tell me more about your football likes???"
"But you hate football...."
"My brother bores me with football lectures almost everyday of my life ..I am used to it..."

I begun talking about Harrar Hotspur been my favourite football team in Kenya,  Ethan Marcias been the best footballer in the country and the upcoming season when I noticed she was yawning and very sleepy...

"I think that's all for today Arya, you should go to bed...."
"I am sorry Amy, i am just tired..The arguments and the wine worn me out..." She yawned...
"I will also go to bed..."

We both walked from the room and I switched off the lights...She turned to go to her room when I grabbed her hand...

"I don't trust you Arya, you will sleep with me in my room..."
"What???"Her eyes and mouth widened with surprise...

"You still hurting and you might do something stupid..."I dragged her into my room before she could say anything....

"I can't believe today am sleeping like royalty..."
"Don't worry we will create a pillow fort between us..." I assured her...

"Whatever Amy, let me just lie my tiny body on this amazing bed..." She took of the boxer and savoured into the duvet...I wasn't surprised, she is weird..
"I hope you don't mind,I don't sleep with an inner wear...Honeyjar has to breath..."
"I don't mind..." I shook my head...

I created the pillow fort and even before I could tell her goodnight she was asleep...She slept peacefully and weirdly I loved her soft snores...

I just smiled like a fool looking at her.I felt a special connection between us..

She finds happiness in the little things,something I have never been able to do....Pascal really lost a rare gem.

A/N How many would wish I write bloody fog book two as I work on only addiction???? You are my readers and I will do as you wish

. .

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    Loveth Dennis
    Hmn!! this story is massive
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    Pamela cube
    Yay finally the continuation of Bloody fog.....but finish this one first dearie!
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    Adeoti Akindele
    This story is really interesting and amazing!!! Ethan and Arya will be good together sha, I love their personality. Weldone Fideh
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    Please continue with this for the sake of us who hasn't read bloody frog one. Thanks
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    Zoey Whyte
    Please finish this story first, I enjoy reading your stories...keep it up
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    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Please we don't want any distractions at the moment, kindly finish with this then we can visit bloody fog please, we can't be waiting for episodes whiles you're busy writing Hahaha...nice one dear
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Pamela okay dear
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    @Benedicta your wish is my command dear
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Omobola okay....I will just focus on this
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Zoey your wish is my command
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    Okorie Glory
    Finish This One First Before You Continue Bloody Fog
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    Esther Mensah
    Pls complete this one first I cant wait for update
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    Plz finish this 1 first oooo.
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    How I love this story ? ?
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    joan kk
    Fideh lets first finish this though i cant wait to read the continuation of Bloody Fog
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Joan KK your wish is my command
  • Adekanmbi Aderonke picture
    Adekanmbi Aderonke
    Kudos darling Fideh Mwangi... Ethan has really taken after his mother... Completed Attitude meets Arrogance few weeks ago and it's like this very story is a continuation of Attitude meets Arrogance. Go girl... M loving this more Only scared for Ivy now cos this two are cool together as they are both weird
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Aderonke dear yeah it's a continuation of attitude meets arrogance....I am glad you loving it dear
  • Nkinzi jane picture
    Nkinzi jane
    Oh my,,fideh u know i have been patiently and impatiently waiting for blood fog,,,,n btw this addiction is really n truly a nice one,everything is perfect and how is it a continuation of attitude meets arrogance (ohh my best novel on ebony),,u r so gifted indeed
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Nkinzi thanks's a love story of Jordan and Ciara's son Ethan
  • Sue Nyaga picture
    Sue Nyaga
    U r an amazing writing....u .never disappoint!!!Attitude meets arrogance reloaded
  • Sue Nyaga picture
    Sue Nyaga
    U r an amazing writing....u .never disappoint!!!Attitude meets arrogance reloaded
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Sue Nyaga thanks dear
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    I am afraid ivy will get hurt. And i don't want that
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    Wished I had a friend like Arya
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