I Was Created Like This - Episode 65

Queen Of Hearts

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Hayfah slowly pulled her hand out of Adyan's hold and fixed her gaze on the marbled floor before she walked past him. Dad was seated on one of the chairs, and so was Mum-as they were staring at them with joyful eyes. This was the first time she was meeting Dad after she got married to Adyan, and to say she was nervous would be an understatement.

"Come and sit down, Hayfah-we've been waiting for you guys," Mom ushered her to the dining area, she squirmed and squated on the floor, not meeting their gazes.

"Good evening, Dad, how was your trip?" She greeted, fiddling with her long well sculptured fingers.

"Stand up please. Adyan, tell her to feel free with me, I'm also her father." And Adyan slowly lifted her up before he guided her to a chair, they all sat down and Dad answered her greetings.

"Don't you need something? Stop being shy please. Adyan, tell her we've never had a dull dining moment whenever you're around till today-she's making us feel as if she's being disturbed." Mom whined for the umpteenth time, looking at Hayfah with slightly puppy eyes. She was worried about the girl that has almost half of her heart, and even a gesture made by her worried her to life. 

"It's nothing, Ammi. I'm not being disturbed wallah, just..." she let the words trailed off, looking at Adyan that was beside her for help-she was so uncomfortable under the loving gazes of her inlaws.

"She doesn't talk much, that's why; Sorella," he came to her rescue, nudging her feet with his. She looked up and glared at him before darting her attention back her plate.

"Ohh really, what of how she was shouting? And she just glared at you; that isn't something an introvert would do. Is it us you don't want to be around with? We can go for a honeymoon and leave you two to rest, isn't it Baby?" Mom directed her question to Dad that was amusedly looking at his wife, his son, and the queen of hearts.

"Yes, Sweetheart. We can even go together, but different countries ofcourse." She leaned forward and he planted a soft peck on her cheek before she blushed and continued eating her food.

Hayfah looked at Adyan for help, to say she was embarrassed and would trade the world for the ground to dip her in would be an understatement. Like how in the world these people would be as mushy as this around this age? Love is truly magnificent, when it's for the sake of Allah.

"Dad, you're embarrassing my wife!" Adyan whined, almost chuckling at how Hayfah stiffened and couldn't move a finger after what she witnessed. He was used to it.

"Get used to it, Hayfah. I so much love my Ni'imatu-so Public Display of Affection is a must!" And he scooped a spoonful into Mom's mouth, smiling as she blowed him a kiss.

"Let's move back to our room," Hayfah hushed at Adyan, but he laughed that she had to look up to see if he was in his right senses.

"What? As he said, get used to it, Babeh. Or should I feed you also? A peck too would do." She shrugged him off and yawed her gaze from his side. What a family she got herself into, so carefree and jovial. They have love in each of their veins flowing.

"We're sorry, Hayfah. But that's how we are, Adyan didn't told you right? He taught us many things on being the romantic couple we are!" And that's how the most awkward dinning session Hayfah had in her life ended. They finished and walked into the living room, Hayfah wanted to sit down on the carpet but they all held her and made her sat on the sofa close to Adyan.

"My legs hurts, I think I'm jetlagged." Dad complained, stretching out his legs so he could see if there are some swollen parts.

"Can I call him Abba?" Hayfah whispered through Adyan's ears, her eyes fixed on the man next to the woman that gave birth to the love of her life.

"Hayfah's Abba, she want to tell you something." Instead of him to answer her question, he made it into a sentence, so she could know he's her Abba already.

"Yes, Hayfah. What do you want to say?" Dad looked away from his leg and fixed his attention on her-his heart melting at the word Adyan addressed him.

"I was thinking that if we could massage the legs a little, they'll hurt less. I've done that for my Abba when he was alive, and he loved it so much." She was trying so hard to sound normal not the breaking sound of her heart.

"I'm your Abba also, and I love it already. So let's start." They all smiled widely at her and she felt tears filling the brink of her eyes-which she flinched back.

"I'll do the massage also." Adyan declared and they walked together and sat under the sofa Dad was seating on. He stretched the legs to them and they began massaging them.

"Adyan yours hurt, and Hayfah's is soothing!" Dad exclaimed, trying to get his leg out of Adyan's hold.

"I've never did it, Abba. Sorella, tell him not to take his leg away, or I'm going to make my wife stop doing it also." He looked at Mom with pouted lips, flashing her a beseeching look.

"Let her teach him now, or he'll take his Queen Of Hearts away." Mom laughed at the triumphant chuckle Adyan did.

"I rest my case, teach him how to do it, Hayfah."

She taught him how to do the massage until he was good at it, but not just good as her. It was getting late already, Mom and Dad bid them goodnight before they left to their various rooms-Adyan and Hayfah walked to theirs, laughing at something they watched on the TV. 

"I'm soo tired, Adyan-I'll take my bathe first!" She half shouted and ran towards the bathroom, but got halted as he grisped her wrist.

"You bathe first in the morning, then it's my turn now!" He argued, drawing her backwards with a smirk playing on his lips.

"I told you I'm tired and sleepy right? So you just have to let me first!" She argued back, holding a determined expression on her face. 

"This is called cheating, Hayfah," he whined, looking at how she was flashing him an innocent smile, fluttering her eyelashes.

"Sharing is caring, Dear husband." She chuckled and pecked his lips slightly.

"Okay then, perform ablution before coming out then, we have to pray. Also, I love you." He cupped her face and pecked her forehead, feeling as she melted in his warmth.

"Haven't we prayed Isha? Then pray for what?" She asked innocently, not wanting to believe what her heart had been whispering to her.

"Aren't you the Queen Of Hearts? Then you should know what's going to happen in your kingdom." He pushed her into the bathroom without waiting for her to answer him back, grinning widely.

"Don't let me come out and meet you in this room! Bring out my night dress also! And I repeat myself; out!" She yelled from the bathroom.

"Okay, Rania. And you're talking in the toilet huh? Let one genie come and slap those lusciously dangerous lips of yours!" He threatened, moving to the closet with a chuckle as he heard her shreaked.

"Adyan you frightened me!"

"Keep your mouth shut and bath, else you want me in there in a second!" And she kept shut like a crying child's soul taken out of his body. He laughed, the name suits her; Queen Of Hearts. Rania; the Queen.

He took out the pyjamas and layed them on the bed and sat down beside them, he took out his phone and dailed Kassim's number, it's been long since they talked.

"Hey little bro! You've forgotten about your brother huh?" Kassim's voice chirped in, smiling widely. He had missed his brother so much.

"It's been long, Kassim-being a married man wouldn't let my thoughts wander around the bachelors around!" And they laughed at the same time.

"The whole universe wouldn't rest in peace, since Adyan got married to the Queen Of Hearts, that's what Mom calls her right?" Kassim inquired with a thrilled voice, he couldn't wait to meet the Queen Of Hearts. She's surely the Queen, for she captured the hearts of his family, and him also, without even knowing her.

"Yes, she's my Queen. Rania." And they kept talking until the door creaked ajar and Adyan excused himself and fixed his gaze on the angel walking out of the bathroom with a purple towel wrapped around her frame.

"Adyan!" She screamed and tried walking back into the bathroom but he was so quick in holding her wrist.

"Hold on there, why are you freaked out? Aren't I your husband?" She couldn't tell he was referring to her, because he had his eyes all over her body that she shivered under his scorching gaze.

"Adyan, please. Didn't I told you to be out?" She questioned with a quivering voice, fiddling with her fingers. The gaze was so scorching that she felt like melting. 

"And the Rania is nervous. Let me bathe quickly, lay two praying mats for us, we'll pray when I'm out." He pecked her wet forehead, took his pyjamas and walked inside the bathroom, leaving her stiffened in sentiment.

"This isn't fair!" She yelled at him, heaving a sigh, as she felt her veins and arteries coming back to life. 

"What isn't fair?" He yelled back.

"A genie behind you!" And she felt his roaring laughter before it died down. How could she tell him what she was thinking? There's no way.

She applied a lotion on her body, put on her pyjamas and lay the prayer mats before she sat on the vanity table and began combing her hair-it had tangled already. She was engrossed in packing it into a bun when Adyan walked out of the bathroom with his pyjamas on-looking sensational.

"That's my work, Rania. Let me help." He took a hold of the hair and combed it backwards before he packed it into a pony tail.

They stared at each other through the mirror and smiled. "My beautiful husband." She mouthed. "My handsome Rania." He mouthed back, and hugged her from behind-eyes entwined.

"Let's pray." He said. She nodded and stood up without asking for enunciation. 

She put on her hijab and stood behind him, and he started the Iqamah, together-they prayed to Allah. She heard how voice sounded melodious as he read out the verses of Qur'an, so sweet and serene. They prayed two nawafils and sat down saying the azkhars. Adyan turned and faced her, she ducked her head down and kept fiddling with her fingers.

He smiled, placing his right hand on her head, slowly reciting the supplication meant for a groom "allaahumma innee as'aluka khayrahaa, wa khayra maa jabaltahaa 'alayh, wa a'oodhu bika min sharrihaa, wa sharri maa jabaltahaa 'alayh......O Allah, I ask You for the goodness within her and the goodness that you have made her inclined towards, and I seek refuge with You from the evil within her and the evil that you have made her inclined towards."

He finished and slowly pulled her to his body. Hayfah didn't bulge, as she rested her head on his chest-her heart beating silently and erratically. 

"Hayfah?" He called out, peeping down to her face.

"Yes, Adyan?" She answered, her face radiant.

"Would you mind having children with me?" He asked out of the blue moon, taking her off guard, she've never expected that question from him.

"Yes, sure. I've never trusted myself like I've trust you, Adyan. I love you, I really do. And I wouldn't mind having thousands of children with you." This was the most utmost truth in her heart, she've trusted Adyan more than she've ever trust herself.

"I love you more, Hayfah-I don't have the words to use." He soft with a soft and tender voice, peeling her off his body and held her shoulders.

"Can I?" He asked, intensely staring at her dangerously luscious lips.

She felt her blood rising up to her throat, and silently-she nodded her head before he coalesced their lips into a sluggish sync. 

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