I Was Created Like This - Episode 63

Lips Or Dimples?

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Everything was settled. Even an ounce of pain wasn't expected in her life anymore. She has even the things she've never prayed for. The true love she've always wished for, was right before her-even more than what true love could entail. The family she've lived to yearn for their love, she've finally got herself a true love from another family. She now has a brother; Taheer . Two mothers; Ammi and Maami, and a sister; Rayhan. Life would never be the same.

She kept looking at them as if they were new creatures, as they all feed Rayhan and laugh at a joke she said. They were having their breakfast in their room. Mom, Maami, Rayhan, Adyan and her. The village poeple were so generous that they tried getting them a sweet potato but Mom said they'd like the beans cake and pap-which made all of them happy.

"Hayfah, why aren't you eating well? C'mon my dear, you have to eat well please-we're heading back to Abuja today," Mom said with a loving smile playing on her lips, as she added more of the beans cake on Hayfah and Adyan's plate. They were eating on the same plate-after so much protestions from Hayfah, saying she wouldn't eat with him but Rayhan.

"Ammi, I'm full. You all can eat please, Rayhan-we have something to gist about." She have never been this happy and genuine in her life

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. Everything she do is an act of pure genuineness, she was really happy.

"No! Adyan, you're a bad husband. Make her eat more nah, can't you see she's still sick?" Mom disagreed and eyed Adyan, flashing him a look that screamed 'You aren't doing your job well.'

"Hayfah, eat please, else; you want Sorella to dice me up and spice me so you could eat," he hushed through Hayfah's ears, only audible for her.

"That wouldn't been more lovely, and I would never be hungry again!" And she chuckled at the sound he made, emanating he was disappointed in her.

"Really, Ammi-I'm full. Maami isn't this how I usually eat? I can't add more to my stomach." She fluttered her eyes innocently at Mom and placed her hand on her stomach, shaking her head sideways, showing that she couldn't add more to it.

"Yes, Ni'imah, she usually eat small. But that bad habit has to change, you're married now, and we don't want a skinny bride." Maami came to her rescue, she smiled and wandered in thoughts. How could she explain to them that she would never eat something more than half a plate? Because that's what she was used to eating since she was a kid. She was jolted out of her reverie by Adyan's hand on hers that was placed on her stomach.

"I need to check more, Maami. If she didn't eat well, how could the stomach be able to take my babies?" He directed the question to her.

She felt her blood rising up to her throat, blocking any passage of air or circulation of blood. She looked at Mom's and Maami's dilated eyes, even Rayhan's, and jerked upright. She swiftly yanked off her veil from the bed and ran out of the room.

"Rayhan, come let's have a tour!" That's all she said and ran out of the compound, her veil flaring up in the air, and that's when she remembered her head tie was still in the room-she had to drape the veil from her veil and wrap it around her whole body.

There was a neem tree just some feets away from the entrace of the house, she panted and sat down under its shade; her hands on her chest. Adyan could kill somebody one day with his mouth that doesn't have a filter. How could he say that? Even if they were alone, just how could he? And to add more salt to the wound, infront of Maami and Mom? What a husband she has!

"Such a beautiful shy fulani bride." She heard his voice just some inches away from her neck, this got her more frightened.

"Adyan! When did you come here?" She screamed and almost stood up when he made her sat back.

"When you were busy thinking of our babies." And he winked, leaning onto the bark.

She sat upright and looked at him, doing all it takes to suppress her blush and made her goosebumps invisible. "This reminds me, Adyan. What were thinking? Ya Allah! What had I gotten myself into? How could you do that? Aren't you shy of Maami and Ammi? Umh?!" And she smacked his nape softly with a smirk playing on her lips, she'll use this way and made the atmosphere less awkward.

"Ouch, that hurts, Hayfah! You're an abusive wife in just a day of our marriage. Stop it please!" He was trying to stop her from smacking everywhere she got her hand on, on his body-they were soft smacks, but he want her to atleast stop, so he could take a glimpse of her face, as she was laughing hysterically now.

"Catch me if you can, Habibi!" And she landed a soft, long, and lingering peck on his left cheek before she pinched his nose and stood up before he could regain back his composure.

"Addah Hayfah, let's go to the river, Larai took me there yesterday!" They entwined their hands and ran off together in a speed, their laughter echoing through the wind.

Adyan leaned more onto the bark of the tree and has his eyes fixed on a laughing Hayfah, she was looking down on Rayhan and would throw her head backwards in hysterics. He had never seen her this happy before in his life. He just have to say, Alhamdulillah.

They ran quite a distance and slumped on the ground to get back their breaths. "Addah Hayfah, I didn't see A coming after us. He might get lost!" Rayhan stated and they started looking around worriedly.

They were on the ground, with their hands supporting them as they lean on them. Hayfah turned her face to the left side and had her lips landing on his soft lips. She bulged out her eyes and they got up together with Rayhan.

"You scared me, Adyan!" She stated, trying to steady her heavy breaths.

"I'm still not sparing you, you have to pay for that." Before she could even bulge, Adyan took both her hands in his left one and started tickling her stomach with his right.

She began laughing and trying to get out of his hold but couldn't. He held her so tight like she've never been held before. "Adyan, o..h my..god..st..op..please," her words were coming out in hiccups and hysteria. Jumping from one place to another, laughing that tears started spilling out of her eyes.

"Adyan...I ..can't...breath.." from how she see things, he wasn't ready to let her go until she apologised. So, she threw herself on his body, and he let go of her hands-which she used in wrapping them tightly around him-breathing out heavily.

Slowly, he began wrapping his hands around her body until she was secured into his arms. He looked over her head and found her hair revealed out, the veil was now dangling on her left shoulder, half of it was on the ground. He felt how her warmth was slowly seeping into his body and calming his nerves, this was the first time he hugged her-not a sitting down hug-a real hug that he could feel the all of her_and it was...worth the wait.

"Oh my god! I'll have this picture enlarged, and I'll place it beside my bed. And I'll always stare at A and my Addah before sleeping everyday," Rayhan squealed from where she stood_lifting up Adyan's phone more, so she could capture more of the moments.

Hayfah reluctantly broke their hug. For it was the best form of placation she've ever received. It calmed her down to the bits. It refreshed her soul and a set her heart ablaze. It was everything she could ever ask for.

Their hands naturally entwined, they looked at each other at the same time and smiled before looking at Rayhan that squealed again. "You guys are the best couple out there, you need to see how love was written all over your family. Like Northern Hibiscus would've said in the caption 'Where are the Awwwwn family? Let's do our thing.' This is more than wow. I love you both!" She ran to them and flung her hands on them, and they knelt down at the same time, Adyan engulfing them into his embrace.

"We love more than you love us!" They said at the same time and laughed together with Rayhan.

"The river is a bit far from here, let's get there before Maami start calling us. We need to leave today, I can't miss school again." She said and ran off, they followed her laughing at how she would stop and take the picture of the green grasses and cows, chickens and sheeps before she'll scuttle off. She took Adyan's phone from his pocket that was close to falling on the ground when he was tickling Hayfah-and now made it looked like it was hers.

"She's a lively child you know? I love her cuteness!" Adyan said and looked at Hayfah that has her eyes fixed on Rayhan's retreating back before she heaved a sigh and looked at him; their orbs merging.

"Do you know what? She's the first person I've ever told your name to. She's like my bestfriend, she understand when I had a dream of you and always wake up glum. She knew me so well." Hayfah smiled and rested her head on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder-kissed her head before he spoke.

"She was there for me throughout those days also. It was a luck, she's our bestfriend." They kept talking about random things until they were at the river-and met Rayhan already snapping pictures of it-the cows that were drinking water from afar, their rearers and all the captivating sights of a fulani village.

"I'm so tired, Rayhan. This place isn't a bit far as you make it sound. It's faaaarrr!" Hayfah whined and slumped down on the ground, with Adyan following her steps and Rayhan laughed before she walked towards them with a smile on her lips.

"You're just being lazy, Addah. But it isn't as far as you exaggerated it. And I'm sure you wanted it to be more than this far, so you could chat endlessly with A! Isn't it?" The girl was so incorrigible. She knew how to make a damp atmosphere lively, and when to make it awkward that one couldn't even lift a finger.

Hayfah smiled and looked at Adyan with puppy eyes "I told you, she knew me so well!" And she pouted before she quickly stood up and walked to the edge of the river, dipping her legs in it. She closed her eyes and inhaled the air deeply-savouring how the river was softly and slowly massaging her feets.

"You like water this much?" She heard his voice, startling her a bit.

She opened her eyes and saw him sitted beside her-a very close proximity that made her shuddered-his legs dipped into the river also, and that made her laughed.

"Adyan, aren't you a married man? Get your legs out there and act all matured please!" She was laughing seriously and looking from his legs to his amused face.

He was looking at how her eyes were flicked with happiness-the glint plastered there permanently-and how her expression was lively and beautiful. Her lips that were curving out the words together with the laughter at the same time, in the most alluring way he wouldn't have ever imagine. And the dimples. They curve with an exquisite perfection, diving softly into her cheeks and beautifying her face even more-making the lips look alluring than they were already are.

"Do you know you're exquisitely and graciously beautiful? You're a damsel, Hayfah. I don't know what to love more; your lips or dimples?" He spoke with a tone of endearment, looking at her straight in the eyes-his expression was so hard to decipher.

Hayfah smiled alluringly, and he got more confused. What would he love more? Lips or Dimples? "I don't know, but I actually love my dimples more. Because even if I'm in pain, I can curve a factitious smile and they would dive and make it look so real. So, Dimples!" And she smiled more perfectly than before, her white dentition sparkling like pearls. He almost thought she did that intentionally.

"I love your lips more. They have the soft and unique words in them. They beautify your face without even talking nor smiling. And without them moving, the Dimples couldn't be shown. So, Lips." He argued, scrutinizing her face-almost drooling.

She scrunched up her face, and that made him swooned outwardly.

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. "They're all on my face, and I love my Dimples more!"

"But you're now my wife; that makes them my possession-so I love your lips more, Hayfah!"

"No! My dimples are more beautiful!"

"Your lips are more captivating!"

"No! My dimples are more attractive."

"Your lips are alluring. Believe it or not! They beautify your face more!"

"No, my dimples!"

"Yes, your lips!"

"My dimples!"

"Your lips!"

"My..." her words were made guttural as she felt his lips merged with hers. She first stilled, feeling as the river became an iceberg, the wind became like flames-lashing her skin pores, even her body doesn't feel like hers. The sync was slow, until she finally gave in and they had their first kiss under the soft morning sun, legs dipped into the river-and a cool wind blowing their skins-and the only thing they have in common is; The Goosebumps.


"My fulani bride wouldn't talk to me again. Just admit Babe, you're shy!" They've been having this conversations since on their way back from the river, and she've been denying it but couldn't look at his eyes.

"Adyan, leave me alone-Ammi and Maami are coming out any minute from now. Behave yourself!" She warned and looked away from where he stood with a smirk and smile on his lips-intensely staring at her.

They were set and ready to embark on their journey, Maami and Mom went to say their goodbyes to the women of the house-and Hayfah and Adyan were being eyed by hundred eyes of the villagers encirling their car.

"Smile atleast, so these people could see the bride smiling to her husband-you don't want them to hate you, do you?" She heard his voice right before her ears, and the next things was pores straightened-finally; Goosebumps.

"Move away from me, I'm not talking to you until we arrive in Abuja."

"Let's get going, Adyan. Why did she looked disturb?" Mom asked, and their replies came at the same time.

"It's noth..." but he beat her at it.

"It's because I..." and she cut him off.

"Hey! I'm soo going to kill you, Adyan!" She whispered enigmatically, audible for only him. Their eyes met, and she regretted ever looking his way. He melted her with just a look.

"Just the right time, Babeh! Energy for the trip reloaded." He winked and entered the driver's seat.

Hayfah turned with sweaty hands and found Maami and Mom already in the car, smiling at them through the window. She wished for the ground to dip her in. She's so going to kill Adyan!

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