Haze - Episode 10

Haze: Divided

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Titi strolled slowly into her office.

It’s been over 15 hours since she discovered the secret about her shameful paternity.

She sank into a sofa and heaved a deep sigh. After everything that happened on Sunday, her usual self would have packed up and moved  to Kike’s house but she couldn’t.

Her aunt  empathised with Morayo and it irked her terribly.

Apparently, her mother was the victim now. And everything she’d made her own daughter go through should be forgotten and forgiven.

Titi huffed . Who in this world could she trust to always have her back?

It seemed like everyone had a secret. She wondered if Brenda knew who Charles really was and maybe Yinka too…

The mere thought of it increased her heart rate.

She tapped her left foot nervously on the marbled floor and wondered if she could continue work with Merchant holdings.

Amidst her troubled thoughts she suddenly felt her phone vibrate. It was a reminder.

Today, they’d be announcing the news of the successful  merger to the board. Titi  felt a bittersweet satisfaction about this moment. She also felt nervous because she knew she’d definitely see Yinka.

She shrugged and stood up.” The show must go on.”

For now, she’d celebrate her small victories and deal with her loses later.


The first person she saw was Morayo.

She was seated at the far end of the conference room and she looked magnificent.

 Titi thought to herself, power suits her , not motherhood.

She found a seat near Kike and sat  down without sparing her as much as a glance.

 so, what’s the plan? You won’t talk to me forever?”, Kike whispered.

Titi kept a straight face, “That’s what you get for fraternizing with the enemy”

Kike paused

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. Titi raise her brows and gave her a side glance, “I thought as much. You have nothing to  say to me”

“All these anger is being directed at the wrong person, if you think for…”

Morayo cleared her throat , “Good afternoon everyone. May I have your attention please”

The room became eerily quiet.

Everyone fixed their gaze on Morayo. They all acknowledged her power and even those who despised her, still respected her.

They had no choice.

As far as Africa was concerned, Morayo Merchant’s word was law in any Financial industry. And any bad word from her about a person or organization meant being blacklisted across all platforms.

It wasn’t like she was a god or anything. She just knew her onions more than anyone in her sphere of influence.

She also had street cred; a foundation of integrity founded by her grand parents and richly built upon by her own mother.

“Thank you all for being present here today. You see, everytime we make commendable achievements in this industry, I believe it ought to be acknowledged and celebrated. As we all know, my daughter was recently made the head of Finance for Merchant holdings and in just a matter of weeks she’s been able to achieve something worthy of praise. Today, I’d Like to announce to you that Merchant holdings has successfully Merged with GrowIt Agricultural firm. “

Everyone gave a loud round of applause. Yinka smiled at Titi and saluted .

Morayo continued, “Titilayo dear please stand up”.

Motivated by a tight pinch from Kike, TIti jumped up grudgingly . The entire room applauded her.

Titi went to further to explain the interest rate and benefits of the merger to the board. Morayo looked at her as she spoke and felt a feeling of pride rise up in her.

Mama London raised her well, she thought to herself.

We’ll be celebrating this at the Merchant villa this weekend. My sister, Kke will keep you abreast of all the details involved. This meeting is over.”

Mike waited till everyone had left the room, “Mo’ , which villa?”

Morayo sighed, “My place. It feels like the right thing to do”

“Mo’ are you sure it’s …”

Titi laughed derisively “wow . So, you’ve confessed your little secret and now you’re free right?”

“Titilayo…”, Kike cautioned firmly.

“What aunty Kike? So throwing a  partyi that haunted house is supposed to do what? Absolve the guilt of being a bad mother?”

Morayo: Titi, I know you’re hurting and you probably hate me right now but there’s a bigger issue to solve. I need you to tell me what you know about Charles.

Titi huffed, ” I don’t have anything to say to you. Both of you”.

She picked up her file case and walked out on them.On her way to her office, she saw Yinka standing in front of her door. The minute he sensed her presence, he looked up.

They  boths staring at each other for seconds.

Yinka cleared his throat, “errm. Congratulations on the merger. You worked really hard”

Bemused, Titi raised her brows and laughed, “oh well Yinka? Thank you.”

She swiped her access card on her door and  walked into her office. Yinka followed.

Titi slapped her files on the table and sighed. She was still really perturbed by everything happening with her mom. The last thing he needed was Yinka breathing down on her space. Still, she tried to conceal her irritation.

“If you don’t mind, we could go out for dinner…to celebrate”, Yinka suggested.

“I don’t have time for that . Go with your fiancee”, Titi replied in sharp tone.

Yinka stood, taken aback by her hostility.”Oh. Okay, I guess i’ll take my leave now. You must be really busy”

Titi snapped “As you can see.”

Yinka turned immediately and walked out of her office. Titi bit back and lips in regret. She wanted to run after him to apologize but she immediately dismissed the idea.

Maybe her mother was right…She had to stop chasing after things that weren’t hers.

Her methods might have been wrong but the goal was all the same.

It was high time she got Yinka off her Mind.


Brenda had spent the most part of the morning celebrating. But now, she felt really weak. Everything Bimbo recounted sent shivers down her spine.

“In fact , I am tired of everything. It’s like the mere presence of me irritates him. I was just about to call my mum to tell her about it”, Bimbo sniffled tears. Brenda put her hands over Bimbo’s shoulders.

“Oh no dear. Your mum doesn’t need to know anything about this. Yinka is my son. Don’t worry, go on with the wedding preparations. I’ll handle Yinka myself”

“I am so sure it’s because of that Merchant girl. I don’t even know where she fell from. She’s ruining everything ” Bimbo whined.

“Bimbo, believe me. No one can take you place. Just be calm”

A million thoughts raced through Brenda’s mind. The most important part of her goal had been achieved. In a few weeks She would have succeeded in totally ruining the Merchants and their legacy. As she rubbed Bimbo’s hands soothingly, she played the image that had kept her going for years. It was the image of the only man she’d ever wanted.

It was the image of Dele Ademoyi.

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